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'M^*' ?;v 



i* >^" 


^ . 




HINGHAM, MA 02043-2997 



Digitized by tine Internet Arciiive 

in 2012 witii funding from 

Federally funded with LSTA funds through the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners 

Tabic of Contents 


Table of Contents 


Letter to the Class 


A Day in the Life 


junior Prom 


Where's the Harborman 






Senior Portraits 


Senior Class 


Senior Candids 


The Best of Times 


The Worst of Times 








Funny Looks 


Fall Sports 


Boys' Cross Country 


Girls' Cross Country 


Field Hockey 




Football Cheerleaders 




Boys' Soccer 


Girls' Soccer 


Winter Sports 


Boys' Basketball 


Girls' Basketball 








Boys' Winter Track 


Girls' Winter Track 




Clubs & Achvihes 




Amnesty Internahonal 







Biology Club 
Book Club 


Chess Club 




Dance Team 


Drama Club 




Golden Key Society 


History Club 
Improv Troupe 
Intergenerational Club 
Language Clubs 
Les Miserables 


Math Team 


Model UN 


National Honor Society 




Oceanography Club 
Outer Limits 




Senior Video 


Senior Class Officers 


Snowboarding Club 
Student Council 








Volunteer Club 










junior Class - 2004 


Sophomore Class - 2005 


Freshman Class - 2006 


Faculty Candids 


Faculty Portraits 






Thank Yous 


Friends Pages & Ads 


;;,■ if -fJiu. A. t»*-^ 

Hingham Public Libraiy, Hingham, MA 



Lass o1 

The years we Have spent iogi 
Brought many storms that we did 
Through the thick and the thin, 
We've looked to our kin, 
And landed as soft as a feather. 


Did you ever think that you would see 
The day that we part? 
We'll try to be smart 
And reraemher eternally. 

Hingham HigK School 17 Union Street Hingham, MA 02043 (781) 749-1560 

wc wish years could move faster, 
are many skills that we did master, 
look archaic, 
this jnosiac 


As our ships from, this harbor set sail 

Our voyage is pound to entail 

New worlds to. explore 

And one thing's for sure: 

Blue skies and fair winds will prevail. 


Wishing you the smoothest sailing, 
The Yearbook Staff 

6:00 AM: ► 
Time to 
wake up! 
It may not 
be light 
out yet, 
but the 
tardy bell 
waits for 

▲ Looks like Lincoln was 
lucky enough to get a spot in 

▲ 7:15 AM: Missed a spot m close 
again? 1 guess it's another brisk walk 
through freshly-cut grass for you! 

g 7:20 AM: First class of the 
day! Let the learning begin! 

9:07 AM: Its C - Period, and 

already Ben is cutting into 
his emergency nourishment. 


^ 8:15AM: 
Time for 
chorus ! 
take out... 

Justin fits 
in some 

A 9:59 AM: Time for D -Period! Emily is busily at work. 

▲ 10:50 AM: Fmally, the 
Do senior hallway privileges best class of the day - LUNCH ! 
k. include being late to class? Time to dig in! 


A Kligkt in New YoA^ 

We're ready to paaaaaaty!!! 

Marcy, Sonya, Laura, and Becky ^ 
give us sparkling, pre-prom smiles. 

Ben's a rebel, but Emily 
loves him hat and all. 




A 'Is that alright, is that 
o.k.? " Sullee thinks it is! 

Matt's lucky night, a hot chick 
and an A in English! ▼ 

A No Justin, you're scaring us! 

< The Pretty 
Pink Prom 
pause to 
pose for a 
picture ! 

Ellen, Molly ► 
and Kim know 
that the only 

accessory they 
need is a smile! 

We know who to call 
when Sullee's out of town! 












„rf»— -^ 

■ "^■- -^ 

W^' -.— ^-H^B 


i ^ ^ ^ 

^^^^ 1 

I^V ^HH^H 


1 ^ 

< The Pmk 
Krista, & 

Alicia's ► 
at the 
One for 

one for 
the ring 
finger. . . 

"Jimmies or Sprmkles? " Haleigh s 
job at IMona's is all about decisions ▼ 






that the 




yet! ► 


Aisle five 

Allison and 
Craig restock 
the deodorant 
never a dull 


Bring ' em ► 
home some 
Brigham^s ! 

What ► 
waste of a 
good knife! 
honey, you 

cuttin' my 
bagel with 

hmes at 


? X S M i 6) N 

A What can 
Life is my 

■^ 1 like boys 
that wear 
and Fitch. 



^ i. 

Jason Michael Alcarez 

Always live by these three words: Enjoy 
the Ride. I enjoyed the ride and will 
continue to enjoy the ride in the years 
to come, Thanks to my Family, Mom, 
Dad, Joey Lauren, MW, NH, OS, MS, 
= MC,COP,LK, ER Its been a great 
it,Broc,Cruisinwith the girls, shoot in 
backseat, Switzy-HO,Camoe MV,my 
house, woods, the hill, prom, summer 

Brendan Michael Aucoin 

" We M ake ALivmgBy WhatWe G e t , We 
HaloPartiesZ1 1 PWoodsTraylorsSummer 
02Stowe01 E)ispatchGDLiveHockeyGames 
FriendsEspAT-YouAretheBest!-] Will 
Never 4get theGoodTimesWeHad 
Remember9/11/01USA4everRlP PW 
ButRatherToBecomcAManofValue "- 

Eric B aide on 


Life is like a mic; once present you 
gotta use it. Its like a game you don't 
want to lose it-LATEB CURVE WORD 
CURVE-KS EL The blacker the berry 
the sweeter the Juice-2PAC Don't let 
looks fool you Lm nice on the inside 

Cynthia Balunas 

Cyn Angel 

Thank you Katrina for being there, 
Tharix to my friends Cris,ErinB,Amy 
Heather(Bob), Sam, Mark, Fred,Rachel, 
Tarin,Ashleigh,Tory,DanyelH .Amanda, 
Chasity.DanieUe AmandaD ,Fnendly ' sStaff 
)oeR,AlayiTa Talia, Brian, Erin for the 
late nights. "If years down the road we 
lookback, what will we see?" 1 love you 
Mom Bernadette Boucher Balunas 3- 
28-95 R. LP Luv ya All! 

Peter Beauregard 

Pete Pedro 

Living it up, Had fun with soccer, 
wrestling, track. Enjoyed chilUn with 

friends "Miss a beat, you lose a 

rhythm and nothing falls into place 
only miss by a fraction slipped a little 
off your pace" 
"Do it right here and now." 

— VanHalen 

Nina Justine Beckhardt 

Neen Beena 

ALieYou'veGotTo Rise Above "-Mayer. 
Today) AmWholAmBecauseOfThe 
MelnReturn. TomorrowlWillStill 
Sisters. MattYouAreMyShining 
BeaconAlways.Mom+Dad-YourLove + 
Happy, + CarryOn. 

Timothy Bittrolff 

"The ultimate measure of a man is not 
where he stands in moments of 
comfort and convenience, but where 
he stands at times of challenge and 

B . Tyler Blair 

"The longer 1 live the more 1 realize the 
impact of attitude on life. It is more 
important than the past, failures or' 
successes. The remarkable thing is we 
have a choice every day regarding the 
attitude we will embrace for that day. 
We cannot change our past. The only 
thing we can do is play on the one 
string we have , and that is our attitude . " 


SaraK Catherine Barnes Benjamin Bastianelli 

As we go on, we reTnember all the 
tmes we spent together, and as our 
ives change from whatever, we will 
till be friends forever " Thank you to 
U my family and friends, we have so 
lany good memories to look back 
n. Mom, Dad and Laura, Thanks for 
II your love and support. Caitlin, 
.rista. Smelly, Shnyder, Ashley Good 
uck Girls 143 Always and forever. 


4 years of high school finally over and 
it was a long ride , much more time to 
wrench now. 1 would like to thank my 
mom and dad for helping and 
supporting me m everything 1 do. 1 
would also like to thank all my friends 
for being there for lae JG, MM, BM, 
EO, BH, and anyone else 1 may have 
forgotten. High School had good hmes. 
Its tiTTie to move on. Luv U jG thanks, 

Robert William Battista 


To the world, you might be one person, 
but to one person you might be the 
world. Singing with the chorus in 
Prague and Phili, Singing in symphony 
hall with the state chorus, fall 
musicals, Jammin in my basement, 
the kissing booth at Nantasket, the Two- 
Toned Toyota, Great memories great 
friends. Keep smilin. 

HaleigK Frances Baxter 


The Road of Life is Rocky, you may 
stumble too- BM to my girlies- 
OLD BBC MC-Yougot what 1 need SA- 
you're like my sis summer 0001 PITS 
Stephs house ENDO BB-FLITU 
Softball sistas-RK Andy- Thanx for the 
memories- 143 To my mom and dad 
Thank you Georgette, Breanne, Ashley 
Thanks 4 being there Logan & Ramsey 
1 Love You. 

Will Borger 


tis one of the blessings of friends that 
ou can afford to be stupid with them- 
;alph Waldo Emerson Rootinit 1/4 
'ointThe 1 sland Franks Toms The Table 
)iesLite "Nizzy Boning "Destroyers 
boch Switchoffs 3'sAcharm Lemme 
jet A Rip! Good Old Days Sms Nap 
A/here Are You Going Chippa Alhances 
mNY02 The Beach Thanks Mom Dad 
)an MY BOYS! The Best of Times. 

Mallory Marie Brady 


"If you dissect yourself 1 guarantee your 
friends are in there . " Thanx to my girls 
for keepin' it real when no-one else 
would. Sarah & Steph, Wentworth, 
bathrooms, summer ' 02-TRI-BLB-EZ- 
Brenda, morning rt.OMl GAD- 
PA LIE 's.Ralph,Beanas-thanx 
eskimo,dad and all my family 4 
UR Luv & Support. Rich&Andrew, I Luv 
ya' 11. Paul, You have my heart- 1 LOVE 

Matthew Gene Brooks 

Brooxie Matty-B Tupelo Honey 

"Being at variance with itself is in 
agreement with itself " 


Thanks to all for all the good times: JD 
Kid, Cox, Chapman, Nicky, Noodles, 
Links, Ells, Kippy-D, Meeko, Rach, MB, 
GS, KL, ES, KG, S-crew, Orch, APTP, 

Matthew E. J. Bromllard 

Patrick Matt-Man Matty-B Foggy 

"Twenty years from now you will be 
more disappointed by the things you 
didn't do than by the ones you did do. 
So throw off the bowlines. Sail away 
from the safe harbour Catch the trade 
winds in your sails. 

Explore. Dream. Discover.' 
The barge/rain/socks! Male prostitute: 


Brianna Brown 

Bri Nannas Breezy Brib 

"Anyone who says sunshine brings 
happiness has never danced in the 
rain" The 4TTHB GP AS, lllneverforget: 
white naaximas+ dynarides, 
Dooorangos, FEET!, padidle, country 
music + Bob, girlz night, Dunkins, 
Futoou, Chevy8-02kv, the gazebo, 
Easter's, stupid girlz. High school wuz 
offda hook! 1 lOvEuAlL! Thanx 
MomDadGoEmy Cruise with me 
baby! Gwenith. 

TkoTTias Buckley 

ENJOY LIFE while you still have it. 

Jonathan P. Bulman 


You never leave a place or person you 
love, part of them you take wath you 
leaving a piece of yourself behind. ACK 
MN IRE Aruba Crew Skimg NH ME 
VT STP LT Pittsburgh ChiUm w/ my 
boys. Thank you mom dad fam friends 
and God for your support 1 truly 
appreciate it. Here's to goodbyes never 
spoken. Here's to friendships never 
broken. Lata Hingham. 

Marcus Burden 

1 will make you tap out. 

Jennifer Caulfield 


It's funny how 4 years can seem like 4 
seconds, that something 1 thought 
would last forever went by too fast. JG 
AS MP JR SH JN & everyone 1 forgot, 
thanks for the memories. GGD' 02 
KC'02 FISH Summer '02 in the dungeon 
(LOL AS) COD and LB I love U guys. 
Friends 4ever. Dad & Mom thanks for 
everything. CG, JG, Sam and Sarah 1 
love all of you. It's been fun. 

Steve CavanaugH 


"Never settle for anything less than your 
best. " Time flies so make it worthwhile. 
Thanx to all the peanut mobiles for 
keepin me cruisin through the good 
times. Fun times at harbor. Home- 
coming' 01 Thanx to all my friends for 
great hme. Erica, thanx for being there 
1 love you.Big Mikey, you're awesome 
always there to help me .Mom and Dad 
1 finally made it, I love you. 

Christopher Chan 

Chris Chan Man 

1 want to give thanks to all my friends 
and family for all they've done for me 
these last four years. We had some 
great memories that I'll never forget. 
Vienna & Prague, Philly, Montreal, all 
the fun at BLl. '1 took the one less 
traveled by, and that has made all the 
difference." - Robert Frost 

Megan W. Chapin 

Meg Chaps 

"Keeping my mind in the present, eyes 
on the future, and heart in the past" 
1 1 crew: tax season 01 , -Nov! 1-311 A1 
concerts. BEARS.. itwas us! Nicknames, 
MKL tyco videocam, "It never 
happened" LP summers- FH '99-02 
#28. PragueOI, WIP '91-00. The SF's: 
fight club champs, BW scare, 
Incredible man! We had a fun four 
years, 03. Good luck Anna (Snarfle)! 


Brenda Connors 

High School is a short battle in a long 
/var ' Morn, Dad, Cole 1 have to love 
/ou. Neverforget Puff Girls, Mai, Sarah, 
Stcph. Jen 1 could not have done it 
/vithout you. All my Boys Play on CPC 
let life be a party. 

Caroline A. Corbett 

Doubles CC Corbes Corbett 

"If you are going through hell, keep 
going. "WC Thanx Mom Dad&Tim 
couldn't have done it w/o u! Thanx to 
all my friends for being my energy; 
SSCLWMHBHCTSP. Luv ya lotsmiss 
yatons! Canadian summers, Random 
drives , summer nights , ski team , sailing 
team.BayStates. Good Luck to 
Everyone; It's been fun! Live life to its 
fullest! Muah. 

Benjamin Cox 


1 will remember 6 for 3 night, EB, 
TQM's win/loss ratio > 1, cold 
condihoning, the CBC glade, crusader 
hoarding, freshman/sophomore 
springtrack and good times with 
Preston, Neil, Daly, Emily, tri season 
runners, Holden, Bulworth and 
TeamHelper. "1 have to believe that my 
actions still have meaning even if 1 
don't remember them. 

Alexandra Cragm 

Alex Al 

"We grew up way too fast and now 
there s nothing to believe- reruns all 
become our History' Goo Goo Dolls. 
Shout out to all my friends I loveyou 
I'll miss you! Good luck! Don't forget 
the times, Tliank you Mr. Donovan! 1 
love you Mom and Dad! Tliank \ou 
for never giving up on me. H.H.S Class 
of 2003! 

Paul J. Cunniff 

"Life is the game that must be played. 
This truth at least, Good Friends, We 
Know;So live and laugh nor be 
dismayed." To my boys. It's been fun. 
Never forget the Point, summers at 
Urchin's, Frank's, Tom's, and all the 
good times. Good Luck Everyone. ND 
]H JO AS DD GT MP AD AM Friends 

Laura Kristine D'Amico 

L Wawa Lulu 

time s + laugh, butlneverknewldlook® 
the good times + cry*6pak*lluv!DFITL 
Loveyou. Bl,uvebeengood2me-aTtYs/ 
Stuffit""BOS'01BP + SG/BLlASG/ 
ries.Nowljustwantalife !D)- 
MyChica! Mygirls ~ liveitupinCollege ! 
H erestothenextstep ! MyFamily ! I mOut . 

Garret Charles Daigler 


THNKS M & D*We sailed from the 
port of indecision young&wild w/ oh 
so much to learn days turn into years 
as we try to fool our fears but to the 
port of indecision 1 returned ]B. 

John Daly 

"When Ule gives you h'mons, make 
lemonade, then throw the lemonade 
into the face of the person who gave 
you the lemons until lhe\'give \'ou the 
oranges ihat you asked for m ihe lirsi 
place! " 

-Bill McNeil (Phil Hartman) 


j on D eM ontigny 


Sometimes in your life you will go on 
a journey. It will be the longest journey 
you have ever taken. It is the journey to 
find yourself. 1 finally made it. 
Thankyou Mom and Dad for being here 
for me. Thankyou Jen, Kristin, and 
Grammie. I love you all so much. 
Becca 1 love you and thankyou for 
helping me out. Dave nice stop! RB 
DG BB SC Good Luck! 2003. 

Katharine Marie DelMinno 

"Would you not like to be sitting on top 
of the world with your legs hanging 
freer' Girls Soccer 01 + 02 *LAX state 
champs 2001 * To all of my friends- 
Thank you so much, you guys are 
amazing. Us been fun- LP Woods girls 
nights Dispatch Incubus DMB 
concerts. "Turns out not where but who 
you're with that really matters." Tl - 
We're finished! 

Tracy Whiton Devine 

"The most beautiful discovery that true 
friends can make is that they can grow 
separately without growing apart" 
ACKC wkend, luau. La's basement. 
Boos 18th, GOGO Gadget, FH, FLA, 
SrTrip. MWilz, MMac, Em, Gait, Hilm 
KTP, Boo, Col, La, Zoid, Marc, Back. 
Rat Pack: 1 LUV U GUYS! Mum, Dad, 
Erin, Kerry, Thank you, 1 love you all 
so much! Good Luck 03. 

Nicholas DeVito 

Nick Devit 

"Never let the fear of striking out get in 
your way "BR To all my boys-we made 
it, Thanks for the memories-BP AD 
Sullee MP JS Gino Pj = pure 
ContAllTheTime Never4get Andrew's, 
Nevvyrs'02, MESum'Ol , Pomt&Wagon, 
DDChopsuey Destroyer, Shoutoutsto 
Prolton,Creed&L12 Pats SBchamps 02 
unstopable, Soxgms, Their time will 
come Thanks to the Fam-Mom&Dad, 

Kimbcrly Dunlap 


"Amazing how we all want this life a 
little more every day" To all my 
girls&boys-thanks for the best years of 
my life-more to come! WZR Inc 3eb 
Trey Mayer Spain02 Bdays ski trips 
Vegas-HPD Keep it up NYE 4/20 5/5 
Good Luck to everyone-Love you! 

"Don't ever let life pass you by. " 

Elizabeth Dunne 


Hi and lots of love to all my friends- 
thanks, it's been REAL! Mom + Dad- 
thanks too! and good luck Michael! 
now for the memories- ZERF! , village, 
sophl-IC,jC<3,lax season, 11-11, B's 
(waa!), JRafiki(MC + KM), 31 1 , so many 
more and so many more to come! sr- 
trip-here we come!!! 

"In this bright future you can't forget 
your past... " 

-Bob Marley 

David Brian Dupras 


To accomplish Great things we must 
dream as well as act-1 will neva forget 
HHS LAX-State champs 01 02 #2-to 
My friends Andy Kdog Vicks Schutz 
Carberry Kenny Nate Willis Jay Swo 
PJ Will Jake BeefMegSchmitty Haleigh 
Sam Chica Julie Kirsten Melissa>143 
Hill Pit Dump Whomp Jays "Vicks Jr 
Prom Island Harbor Pimpin Volvo MJ 
BcatlT Sumof02 Thanx 2 my family. 

Kaitlyn Christina DuRoss 

Deuce DuRoss Fumbles<— Mr. B 

1 knew Id look back @ the bad hmes + 
laugh, but 1 never knew 1 d look back @ 
the good times + cry* LDSGKMBPMP ; 
*6Pack*CC-FFL.BcJm!boys DH TL ND 
Stuff-It, Matty 's,Hopas2.meep-goose/ 
Ralph/HNoH20-CW-braids. Thanks 
F*U,BL,V+MT.D + CPFunTimes.Girlsjust 
want to have fun Dad + AJ,143 
u2rtheBEST.Bri-liveitup.Mom + 
Vicl43. Peace OUT HHS! 1 rule. 


Joshua Robert Diorio 


'TTiere's only now there's only here, 
^ive in to love or live in fear" "Come 
/vhatmay " "'Glory Days "; HHS Drama: 
-estie, Les Miz, NYC; Track & Field; 
<ids Cab = best Summers ever; To ALL 
ny friends: It's been a blastA 1 will 
\ever forget any of you! Don't lose 
ouch... Mom&Dad: Thanks for 
everything! Amanda&James U 
:omplete me...l luv u all! HHS was 
^reat, Good Luck. 

Kendall Doble 


"What lies behind us and what lies 
before us are small matters compared 
to what lies within us. " —Emerson. 
Good hmes w/ buds, Summer and the 
easy living. Ski team and HHS sailing 
TY Erin Thanks to all the friends NC, 
DA, D + E + M + K Best of Luck to 
Everyone. REM All you need is Love - 

Francis L. Driscoll 

Celebrate we will for life is short but 
sweet for certain DMB Dance as if no 
one s watching sing as if no one is 
listening and live everyday as if it was 
your last. Here's to all the nights 
Hing+Sci the point the island Beirut 1 / 
4 *Hole TT, MK, WB, MM, )K, SM, 
GD, RH, KC Keep it light. 

John Driscoll 

Time goes by so fast, people go in and 
out of your life. You must never miss 
the opportunity to tell these people 
howmuch they mean to you. ~ Cheers 
To all my friends: BM TB )M MC MT 
EC CM... It's been a blast! Hockey- 
Super 8, State Champs, Panthers?' 
Summer of '02 Ell never forget it! 

Laura Dykes 

London LouLou 

"True friends see through the hurt in 
your eyes when everyone else is fooled 
by your smile " Summer 02-2much fun ! 
Pinch.suby! SLCMMRCCHRRG BFs 4E 
143-1 get it! cya in UK! JBKEHSSGSD 
Thx 4 stickin by! Stowe'ol.Java 
softball,skiteam. )ay&Murph 1 11 never 
forget ya! Thx mum,dad,S&M-couldn't 
ave done it w/o ya! WOW, this sure 
has been an experience! Thx 

Vera Vanessa Dyment 


"Will 1 ever get to where Em going? If 1 
do, will 1 know I'm there? If the wind 
blew me in the right direction yeah 
would 1 even care? I would" ~ Incubus 
Thanx to all my friends for the fun 
3I1,WTour&more 9-19-01 yeahKt! 
BBoyd LookALikes zerf HB-Ridmg 
Dad&Monique "LuvUGuys Thanx 
Nana ~ Luv U Forever GL'03. 

Kimiko Cristen Ebata 


'" Our journey together has only begun. 
In the horizon I see a rising sun. The 
beams embrace me and I am at peace. 
A peace you have given me, a peace 
that is free. " Thank you to all of my 
friends, I wouldn't be the person I am 
today without you guys. Hunnaslet 
the memories live on. Mom Dad Rob 
& Ty" Thanx for helping me follow 
my dreams. 

'God Bless~ 

David Andrew Ells 


"Blessed is the man, who having 
iTothing to say, abstains from gi\'ing 
wordy evidence ol the fact.' 

- George Eliot 


Alison Bonner Eusden 

All Eus 

"In three words 1 can sum up everything 
I've learned in life: it goes on" Thanks 
to Elizabeth Alison Katy Meghan Kraig 
Jess Melaina Joanna julie + Emily + 
Christina (sketchy times at CVS) 
Higgins Tina+Tyler my Tyler Mom and 
Dad and last but not least Mrs. Krall 
Lifes little rude awakening #457: 
Nobody really cares what your GPA 

Michael Anthony Fay 11 

MichaelAnthony Fay Mia 

ThatActuallyCarcdAndHelped Through 
TheYearsAndPulUpWithMe ! ONEluvRaach 
"MyProuets "' MAWishEveryoneBestLuck . 



The worst is over, You can have the 
best of me TSE; Thanks to all my 
friends for making it memorable. 
Brendan you stuck by me my whole 
life, thanks; You cant stay mad at 
somebody who makes you laugh 
~Eeno; Good times at soccer, wrestling 
and Lax. 1 would've been lost without 
them; Thanks to the Class of 2003 
Good luck out there! No Regrets! 

Stephen James Fiascone 


And as we wind on down the road 
Our shadows taller than our souls 
There walks a lady we all know 
Who shines white light and wants to 

How everything still turns to gold 
And if you listen very hard 
The tune will come to you at last 
When all are one and one is all 
To be a rock and not to roll. 

Timothy Galvin 


Hmgham Baseball MMMKNY. 
Freshmen Football m the dark. "Hmm 
must be a gopher."' "RUN! Watch out 
for the gas tank! "- random European 
guy. No fumbles. "You're either 
bringing the team together or you're 
pulling it apart." Hockey Team 00-03. 
DIV 1 State Champs 01 . DIV 1 A 02. 

Kristen Marie Garrity 

"Time you enjoy wasting, was not 
wasted." -John Lennon 
Hunnas, thanks for all the fun times! 
OBVIOUSLY symbolism mah C safari 
adventures reddie qual-qual Mims 
Puops visits Enrique sique prada YNIA 
tennis rummy so...? ANNIES, not 
BUNNY® mmm...yeah. Thanks Mom, 
Dad, Kevin, Brendan "Ob-La-Di Ob- 
La-Da life goes on, ahh, LaLa how the 
life goes on " —Beatles 

Maureen Elizabeth Gassert 

Reenie Tree 

Let us tenderly and kindly cherish, 
therefore, the means of knowledge. Let 
us dare to read, think, speak and write. 
-John Adams. It's really a wonder that 
1 haven't dropped all of my ideals, 
because they seem so absurd and 
impossible to carry out. Yet, 1 keep 
them; because in spite of everything 1 
still believe people are really good at 
heart. -Anne Frank 

Caitlin Gay 

"Success is failure turned inside out" 
We all had so much fun together girls, 
w/ cheerleading, dances, rallies, and' 
all the summers together. We have so 
many memories and 1 love you all! 
Sarah, Ashley, Krista, Jenn, Jenn, and 
Jessica! Good luck Girls! 143 1 love 
you mom, dad, and all of my brothers, 
sisters, and nephews. Thanx for all of i 
your help! 


James M. Foley Jr. 

1 Don't take life seriously because you 

can't come out of it alive. 

You Tniss 100% of the shots you never 
[ take. 

Douglas French 


'It's not the years in your life that count. 
It's the life in your years. " 

—Abraham Lincoln 

Rachel Gabriel 

"You become a champion by fighting 
one more round. When things are 
tough, you fight one more round " 
"Laughter is the shortest distance 
between two people " To my family and 
friends 1 love you all! Thanks for 
everything. "The test of pleasures is 
the memory it leaves behind" MAKE 

David Galambos 


Thanks Mom, Dad, Adam, and Sieve. 
1 love you guys. Demo, Mato, Stef, 
Becca we all had some good tunes. 
Mato you gotta hang ten forever Deb 
we II have some good times. See \ou 
guys later at the harbor. 

Sonya Genel 

Sony Bones Sonyabonya 

BritDgp,CCFL02,1luvUall! "Dont 
yourfriends" Cruised ~DMB~Mattys~ 
StuffifLDBPBOSOl "Slineys-LDBUA- 
thankyou!B + L-youbeengoodforme. 
Girlsjustwannahavefun~ 1 mOut. 

GregR. Genovese 


"Happiness isn't something you 
experience, it's something you 
remember." state champs road to 
nastingham superS Zahnersurchrun 
Dassouri's Frank's Padg's. "We can't 
always assure the future of our triends, 
we have a better chance of assuring 
our future if we remember who our 
friends are. " BP,ND,MP,JS,)H,jM,GD, 
MM,BS,PJ, Pure cont all the time. 

Melaina L. Genovese 

Softball, art, and hanging with friends 
and family! 

Live your life to the fullest, it doesn't 
last forever. After High School and 
College the time flies by. 

Katherine Elizabeth Georges 


"Wheneveryou f ind yourself on the side 
oi the majority, it is time to reform (or 
pause and reflect). '-M. Twain. There 
are many people Id like to thank lor 
helping me these past 4 years, 
especially junior year, but l"m only 
given 35 1 blocks, so THANK YOLl ALL 
from the bottom ofmy heart. You ktiou 
who you are. Peace atul love always. 


Jennifer Rose Giacchetti 

]enn Giasmelly JennEbug 

"Fate only takes u so far it's up 2 u 2 
make it happen" 143 KG Dan + Carla 
EC + 1 'S 1 4G0T so many good times 
JR Prom danceclubs campin Han. 
Bball wkend sped parties caramel JO 
Minivan chcerleadin thongsong 
Lazortagin ntswimmin KG MR StaiTgs 
oops 1 did it again sweet! 6 softball 
cosmcbowlml 43 MY Fam "GIRLS JUST 

James Grant 

Grant Sugar-bear 

The difference between me and a pizza 
boy, is a pizza boy wouldn't eat a 16 
year-old pizza. No bouts adout it. Till 
you can't see anymore. 1 PWN 
JOO!!!in I 4M 4 1337 H4X0r! Kim U 

j onatKan Michael H ab el S e an Ade H agan 


"Hold on to 16 as long as you can, 
changes come around real soon, make 
us women and men." JCM. LNECKS 
GD JM GP BP MK BZ RH, 1 couldn't 
imagine my life wo you, 1 11 never forget 
u guys. Point, Scancape, Posse, 
MKbarn, BPhull, B-RUT, SU1, 
NewYrs02, Gdroads, Brown, HKYgms, 
DHgrad, JHbase, SmrBBQs, DMB. 
Donuts; Thanks boys for everything its 
been a blast. Thank you Mom Dad 


Mom, Dad, Ross-Thanx for all th' 
Support! KC Thanx For Th' Laughs 
c&Love Shared. Hey To Th' Group/Th' 
Trackies >FP Meet, 2am Frisbee, Track 
Workouts, WE Runs, SSP Meet in a 
Wetsuit,WH Wres, Match/"Best move 
eva", Kneeboarding bcCalz, GO 

Emily Jayne Hamrock 

"Please don't drive me home, blame 
us cause we are who we are"JVFight 
Club, did you shave Ivory? friday 
restaurant circuit: Hezz, Meg, Emiluv, 
Cluv, Sue - they should ban it. Feshe, 
eyetouchvirgin, Mr.Jonesw/my drones: 
LMAC, Kati, Joshue, Eliz, Ian, Ben, 
Dashboard , Newsies, Empire, bucks, 
peace "'So come dance this silence 
down through the morning." It's 
happening again. . . 

Patrick H andrahan 


N e ver waste a night for a morning Steel 
Reserves and Limon Drop FBombs on 
the Wolfman You gotta fight for your 
right to Party. -Beastie Boys 

Jessica Hanson 

Susanna H ardy 

Susie Dirtball Hardy 

"Life's one big Jam, fimk if up with all 
the groove you got" Mom Dad 
Mike + Ben:l love you guys; All my 
friends:Love you too,youknowwho 
youare! STPLT for life; BandTrip = good 
times; SEA, neverstop recyling-trash 
picking rules; After all this is over meet 
me in Wompy! "Hepouredhissoulinto 
wasalanguageallhisown. . . "-6BA 


johnE. Hagerty 

Hags von 

By the time you know what to do, you 
ire already too old to do it" well boys it 
vas fun! Gino.Devat, Pinch, Pierre, 
boch.PJ, Dassori,HartTnann,SuUee, 
iquared. Good Times!! We are all 
taying together. Sullee and PJ you've 
ilways been there. Ta you have been 
ery good to me. Tooch and PJ good 
imes at umass free haircuts! Mom, 
Itank You. 

Maia Hajj 

1 hope to live the life I have imagined, 
to smell the scent of rain, breathe the 
sun, and let my spirit drink repose from 
the cool cisterns of the midnight air. 

Ashley Anne Haley 

People come into our lives and walk 
with us a mile, and then because of 
circumsances they only stay a while. 
They serve a need within the days that 
move so quickly by, and then they are 
gone beyond our reach, we often 
wonder why, God only knows the 
reason that we meet and share a smile, 
why people come into our lives and 
walk with us a mile. XOMD&K. 

N alKan J oseph H ammond 


"The mind is the limit. As long as the 
mind can envision the fact that you 
can do something, you can do it." 
CAPE,LK,CT,ER, tasket. ]S house, JOs, 
Hill, Pit, Woods, MV, Jr. Prom LAX 
#22 State Champs 01 , 02. Road Trips 
Thanks Mom + Dad + Amanda for 
everything. "Life is too short so love 
the one you've got. " 

Heather Harmon 

Carmen Harmon Hezz 

rhe journey in between what you once 
/vere and who you are now becoming 
LS where the dance of life really takes 
place. SF's, D1 Fight Club! Band 
Trip, track, dance parties, Chilis 
Nights, and all the fun movie nights. 
Thanks to all my fabulous friends for 
always making me smile— 1 love you 
guys . ] ust remember, wherever you go , 
make your presence known. 

Julia Hawkins 

"We all take different paths in life, but 
no matter where we go, we take a little 
of each other everywhere.' AC,JG, 
I will never forget any of you. You have 
made these past four years memorable. 
Good luck in the lives ahead of you. 
Alex, you will be my bf for life. Thank 
you Mom & Dad for everything you 
do for me . 

Richard Hawkins 


"Life... is like a grapefruit. It's orange 
and squishy, and has a (ew pips in it, 
and some people have half a one for 
breakfast." — Douglas Adams 

Wliat can 1 sayi" Its been an awesoine 
fouryears. My thanksgo to "The Girls" 
and Agent Silver especially. Wlielher 1 
know you from Drama, art, in class, 
or just in passing, you've helped make 
my life what it is today. Keep in toucli, 
and don't forget to have fun! 

Kayla Hcrmanson 


Stephanie Meren Hope 


"Memory is the diary that we all carry 
around with us" thanks to all my 
friends for the good times to LD BP 
MP For being there for me through all 
the years and the hard times too. 
Thanks to all my teachers that got me 
to this point in my life. Thanks to my 
family MOM, DAD, Sarah, and Greg. 
For your love and support. Thanks to 
Zack for your love and opening doors 
in my life. Had good hmes HHS but 1 
am out of here! 

Preston Horner 

John Hurley 

Tamara loanilli 


Yesterday brought the beginning, 
tomorrow brings the end, but 
somewhere in the middle we've 
become the best of friends. Thanks to 
all my friends-1'll miss you-we've had 
fun-summer' 02, workcamp'02. The 
crcw4E, SH Saturdays, dance parties, 
XC+track(D-Team). Love you Mom, 
Dad, Lou, Mike, KM-BFF'KD, Were 
finished! Good Luck 2003! 







^ - 


^ ^' 


.4* „>; 



> ^ 


Stephanie Jones 

"Never fear the distance between your 
dreams and reality." 
SarahMalloryKrissy-Together we've 
made it-TrueBF4Life. Boogs life is a 
highway TRI bottles cold! Summer 
Dad + fam thankyou - Your love gets me 
through everything. BuffChix-Best 
Mai back someday! Joe always plus 


It is good to know when times get tough 
1 have good friends to fall back on. 
Wrestlers, you were like a family to me 
for four years. We bit the bullet and 
worked hard to achieve what we did. 1 
am proud to have been on the team 
and will never forget your loyalty and 

Claire Karoff 

"The only people for me are the mad 
ones, the ones who are mad to live, 
mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous 
of everything at the same time, the 
ones who never yawn or say a 
commonplace thing, but burn, burn, 
burn like fabulous roman candles 
exploding like spiders across the stars' 
-Kerouac. Musicals, festie, late nights, 
the beach, laughter-it's been fun. SFs- 
Blair Witch-Chili's Tslights-Empire- 
everything-TheyShouldBanlt. No 

Joseph Kelly 


Four years of one big joke. Had some 
good times. Special thanks to 
Jumpmjoe Auto shop and C.C Litres. 


Jason Stone Itzkowitz 


lie biggest risk is not taking one at 
[1" Lots of good times, hangin with 
le dudes... Conbait, Mooch, Playing rec 
all, shootin pool,chiUin on weekends. 
Kewristband.Baithokineset, and 
iissions...nevcr forget the nastes, just 
ant to say thanks to all my teachers 
jve ya Mom.Dad.Lindsey, Raider- 
Kanks for always being there. Peace 
m outta here ! 

Fred Ives 

Now let's talk about post highschool, 
not college, post highschool. Auto shop 
01-03, no words could ever describe 
it. Joe, slam dunks-don't slip, it hurts. 
Sophomore cooking group. ..joke. Go 
home inyour Jettas. Paintballing, sorta 
but not really Bill, it was us! Football? 
My leg was black! 

Caitlin Mary Jeffries Benjamin Roche Johnston 

BJ Beej )eubba )innv lihnstoii 

"If you can't fly, run; if you can't run, 
walk; if you can't walk, crawl, but by 
all means keep moving! " Mom+Dad, 
1 luv u! Thx for everything! Kell, Court, 
& Carolyn, you are my best friends, 
luv you! Bri, Ellen, Laura, & 
Julia ~ Thanks for always being there! 
Ratpack.lLuvUGuys! ""BAHAMAS!" 
Friends, family, LTCrew, I'll miss uall! 
Good Luck 2003. 



Meredith Marie Kelly Matthew James Kiernan Michael M. Killion 

Deirdre Ann King 


iVe all take different paths in life but 
ot matter where we go we all take a 
ttle part of eachother! " To all my 
■iends y'all know who you are and 
aat 1 luv ya! Tharu for all the good 
imes: Dances, *bucks, walks in 
vompi, LPW, Friday bfast, NYEOl, 
vpril Vacas, Summer02, concerts, 
AX, ski team, and of course Wombat 
[ancin m the Topaz! Thanx to the Earn 

Yesterdays are over my shoulder, so 1 
can't look back for too long, there's 
just so much to see waiting in front of 
me and 1 know that 1 just can't go 
wrong-]B. Scapelastday'OO ackhcky 
games africasuidump brewer boles 
basegdwagonthept. NY02 JMDMB 
POSSE - Thx4the memories + longies- 
Never forget you boys- GD BP GP RH 
Grandma shull brown LAX 2X Foot-M 

1 would just like to thank everyone for 
your great help and guidance! To my 
Mom, Dad, Grandmother, Brother, 
best friends Mikey and Tommy, and to 
Mr Donovan, and Mr. UefferTian and 
to others. It's been great. Thanks. 

"Time goes on, nothing stays the same, 
yet in our hearts the memories 
remain.'- Unknown "Remember 
yesterday, live today, dream tomorrow." 

Llnknown "Be what you want, but 
always be you, " Good Luck to all my 
girls, I'll miss ya! Mom and Dad, 1 
couldn't have done it without you! 
Dave, Dev thanks for always being 
there. ]H 1 can't thank u enough (or 
everything, miss you. 


Sarah Ann King 

SAK Rah 

The most precious things in hfe can't 
be seen or even touched but felt with 
the heart. To my girls who always kept 
it real through laughter + tears, seems 
like the end but it's only the beginning; 
Mal + Steph 1 love ya. B-pong 
struggla's. 'omygahd" 3BRS, tri, 
3stooges4e. Kris 'Anotha' HsSWTHRT 
= SK. Mom + Dad, Joe, Jaq + Dan- 1 
luv+Thank u. CLASS 03 HAVE FUN @ 

Matthew Koelsch 


"A real leader faces the music, even 
when he doesn't like the tune." 
MnStOct9 8-Stowe00-BrdlyPrk 
FirewrkFiesta-LP Woods-Scit/Hing/ 
Marsh- Drisc Trayla-Destroyer- Hull 
7/4 FrknPRican- Drowling-Jello-Soccer 
-Tucker mans. Bring it'JPrmHeist* 
YNIA NSBeach JB Thankyou for being 
there-Volvo lives, a tooth recalls a 
memory. Mom, Dad, Carolyn thnx for 
your support. 

Jake Kopper 

It is indeed ironic that we spend our 
school days yearning to graduate and 
our remaining days waxing nostalgic 
about school days-Thanks ,KC,Mom, 
Dad,Pooch.WB,MM,)S,SM Night#l@ 
Twogs,Jecpski out ofgas@2AM,Lites, 
Island, Point,genios,RHNYE02,bently 
ditch, yeah Sandbar, Pretty funny, 
Rawkus, Missions, Alliances, Eggs, 
Taping,Drizzni2z,1 + time, LiL'GS- Went 
by fast... 

Krista Anne Kozlowski 


There s no quote that can accurately 
describe the way 1 feel about my 
friends + Family. Mom+Chip-Youwere 
always there for me ! D ad + Susie-Thank 
you for everything! A-Rob + RY-Your big 
sis loves u.To all my girls-Don t forget 
cheerleading,Dan + Carla, Elvis, 27 !JR 
Prom02 nite swimmin...JG JS EC AH 
Good Luck Class of 2003CarpeDiem. 

AUcia Morin Leahy 

Lish Lishy Malica 

"Enjoy yourself These are the good old 
days you're going to miss in the years 
ahead." Mom&Dad 1 couldn't have 
done it w/out your support! jack, Lizzy, 
& Julia Good Luck, 1 love you! To my 
pras KG, FT, KE, & JC- PRADA NEWS, 
orchestra sic! You guys are the best! 
My Chubba Ryan- Homecoming '02, 
All the memories! lLU-24 L + M WG! 

Monica Nicole Lee 

Moniy Camille Fee-lee 

'But I've never ever felt this sure, +now 
I know I've been dreaming, and your 
actions have inspired me so"- No 
doubt. Thanks to my family, the 11 
crew, & Greg, 1 love you. 1 U always 
remember the concerts, the dirty jokes, 
zcrf & frez, DOES the Brigs crew, Emily 
and our jokes nobody understood, and 
all the other good times. 

Mark Leeper 

Mark Leeper 

Never try to teach a pig to sing. You 
waste your time and you annoy the 
pig. - Mark Twain 

Colleen Elizabeth Lenhart 

"1f you keep on dancing you'll never 
grow old" RAT PACK 1 LUVYOU-soccer 
bball lax-STCHAMPS'01 -DWF 6AMPT. 
Lastday'OO StPatty's'OO DMB/JM CFO 
BL Gals "You say" KmgBilrica BETTY- 
Aloha ACK6 Snrkickoff'02 Jpuke 
Labasec-club PR/Turks Br/Vale cake- 
3M Jed Thanks for everything -you R 
the best! Mom,Dad,Ker & Patrick ILY- 
couldn't have done it with out you. 


Rachelle Maura Kulak 

Roachie Cammi DAB Rach Ones 

Amy Ellen Kulp 

Dinesh Kurian 


Robert LaPann 

Jew hopes begin as the sun rises and 
Id fears disappear with a fading 
loon. It's been a good ride: bonfires 
anada da hulk NY DAB $1 bill 15? 
,ug 00 WWF fire escape trees. To my 
omeslices 1 love you all so much you 
lade it worthwhile. SB-HB! 1 got 
lurried! asso! ]W 1 got mad love for 
ou. To my girls we tore it up! Rappin 
1 the G] ! Thank you Mom, Dad, and 

2003 is here ! Thanks to my family for 
all your love and support-Mom and 
Bryan 1 love you guys. Stacey-you've 
always been there for me-Luv ya! Kel, 
couldn't ask for a better friend. To my 
classmates-GoodLuck. "Go confidently 
in the direction of your dreams. Live 
the life you've imagined'-'The most 
wasted of all days is one without 

"A watched pot never boils but a 

watched microwave gives you cancer. ' 

-John Daly 

Alexis Linnea Lindquist 

t's finally over. Sorry I'm leaving 
ilison, I'll come back and visit you. 
D,JN,AS,KCJR,MG,-hopefully we'll 
eep in touch. "Start every day off with 
smile and get it over with" and 
Always forgive your enemies; nothing 
nnoys them so much," 

Kenneth Lipsett Emily KatKerine Losordo Kendra Diane Ludwig 

Ken Carlos Splash Brotha 

"The only problem with the book of life 
is the answers aren't m the back " What 
up to all my boys Gd Luck m the real 
world. F Per Auto, FrankD's, Traylor's. 
PtnReed's @ NYC, the Yukon boys, trips 
2the ER. LAX#24States, Traces Boys, 
greasy D, pits, GPjSER stay tight, 
Thanx 2 all the ones keepin my feet on 
the ground. Mom, Dad, Chris, Scott, 
Michelle never without a smile. Love 

Dad, Mom, Peter, Grandma, & 
Grandpa:Thanks for everything ILY, 
LCACTION MAPLE? JR: best Friends - 
7years LS:Miss Saigon, Ghosts! 
SL:Cupcakes! 8/23/02 EB:Curve?!You 
honk 1 wink. BM:Marshmallows! 
"Eating candycanes makes it feel like 
Christmas " France "02 Ski fast then go 
faster bwst EC: We love blue hills! 

As you embrace the here + now, dont 
be surprised if you. .(eel lucky. blessed 
w. a good mind.. to have friends who 
love vou for who you are . .living m such 
an interesting time(Wienne)You ve 
dreamed a thousand dreams, now 
wipe the sleep from your eyes (Guster) 
For all weve done and 1 /2 we \'e yet to 
see- Greg Hannah George Em Kim + 
of course Mom Dad & AJ-Love you! 



Sophie Luke-Hall 

"The distance between genius and 
insanity is naeasured only in success " 
Thank you to: All of tny friends-Luv ya, 
time to get maud up! My family-1 love 
you, and to Buddhism and Karma. 1 
will never forget: Thailand, little Apeetti, 
cupcake, garutpucca always! Pink 
Pandas, shady E Period with jess, 
raving with my Devin, and maison 

Hilary jane Lynch 

"Wherever you go, go with all your 
heart. " — Confiicius. Soccer, Bball, LAX- 
st champs 01 6A1V1 plthrmg ACK snr 
ko wknd&coed trips The Ratpck-1 luv 
u c-clb "U say" Larn slpovrs DHL 
BLgals MK's Lst Day '00 Hcky Gms 
Blrca King FrrBfast PR/Turks BRN/Yale 
DMB&JMayer pnt betty Aloha Nite 
Thanx Mom Dad Ry Kev Just, for 
evrythn ILY *NMB Class '03 

Robert MacCallum 


Live Life To The Fullest. Don't Sweat 
The Small Stuff. Good Things Come 
To Those Who Wait. Thank you Mom 
and Dad Doug Alex and James for 
Being There. To all my friends who 1 
wouldn t have made it without. To 
everyone else Good Luck in the future. 

Gwen MacDonald 


We made it! Thanx to Gram & the 
MacDonald clan43. Mrs. Boddie, I'll 
miss you. Bob, MM, AL, KM, JN, and 
Kimby, you've given me my most 
cherished memories. AFS, GYM 
slackers, Frosh English, grafix, good 
hmes. Dad I'm glad ur here for this! 
Scotland 4E! May all of our mistakes 
be written in the sand and every good 
deed be a wave to wash them out. 

Elizabeth Marcks 


"It's something unpredictable but in 
the end it's right, I hope you had the 
time of your life. " Thanks to all of my 
friends, you know who you are, we 
had a lot of fun together! Riding on the 
T Kayaking Track hurdle family WYC 
"iddle udda " LSC- bowling + camping. 
Thanks Mom Dad Wes and Sara, 1 
love you guys. Good luck class of 2003 
in the future . 

Leah Robin Marcus 

"1 am not afraid of tomorrow, for J 
have seen yesterday and I love today! " 
To my friends, doti't forget the good 
hmes, thanx for being there for me and 
ILYG! Remember: the crew, noodles, 
NewYearsOl, RBroc, mjokes, tubing- 
PM, dance parties, Blaoh!DT4E, 
GRGTFFI02! Mom+Dad + G = J love you! 
"1 keep thinking it's not goodbye, keep 
thinking it's hmc to fly. " 

Neil Markowitz Brian William Marsden, ji 

"Life should be more like TV. All of 
life's problems ought to be solved in 
30 minutes w/ simple homilies. We 
should all have powerful, high-paying 
jobs, & everyone should drive fancy 
cars . Women should always wear hght 
clothes, & men should always carry 
powerful handguns. Life overall should 
be more glamorous, thrill-packed & 
filled w/ applause." -Calvin 

"We didn't start the fire, we put it out." , 
Hockey 01 State Champs, 02 Super 
8, singing Billy Joel on the bus, never, 
forget it. Tennis at far, Billy Joel- 
Eltonjohn tour-2002, beat Duxbury. 
Thanks to the greatest teachers and 
coaches, good luck to all my friends 
and teammates. "1 11 let the racquet do 
the talking or see you on the ice." 



Molly MacDonald 

es 1 like pina coladas and gettin 
lught in the rain" RatPack-1 LUV U 
lyslOh mansunisum+myotker half. 
'24/99Lax'01-dave-hockey games 
:K-SNRKickoffweekend. CAPT'S 
EVILS falmouth'02-July4th FLA(La/ 
I olsta)CA(Ems)BrewHaHa! 
jid' sLynchie's, Molly's, 24' sking- 
llerica.La's sleepovers Genotsao 
m-Thanx,LuvURedWhiteBluc9.1 1 ,01 

Matthew Maloney 

Maloney Two Tojie Malone Bone 

1 wish I could say something classy 
and inspirational but it just isn't my 
style. Thank you: Neil, Paul, Cadigan, 
James, Bobby, Jeff, Jimmy, Leoper, 
Corey, Dave, Logan, and the Cross 
Country Team. 

Jeff A. Mancini 


Ashley Marie Manning 

Sometimes, in madness resides "Here's to goodbyes that are never 
genius. spoken, here's to friendships that are 

never broken" Thanks to all my friends, 
its been real: summa 02, K/\L in barn, 
HYCCrew-420Club movie nights. Ski 
Team-baystates-DB, N\T01, LM /\C 
"The fire", random nights, Sunday 
drives, late night talks, all the things 1 
didn't mention. Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Heather, u all! 

' enj amin Le ahy M arshall D aniel Aaron M atisis 

there's a light up ahead, well brother 
lon't know, but 1 got this fever burnin' 
my soul so let's take the good hmes 
• ^^^y S° ^^^ ^ ^^ meet you further on 
3 the road - Bruce Springsteen 
inerica; Love it or leave it! The 
eelers will always be better than the 

If you think you can't, you're right. If 
you think you can, you're right. 

Chris McDermott 


"Why don't they pass a constituhonal 
amendment prohibihng anybody from 
learning anything? If it works as well 
as prohibition did, in five years 
Americans would be the smartest 
race of people on earth. " 

-Will Rogers 

John Edward McDonald 111 


"Right now )'our memory is gelling 
longer while your life isgelting shorter - 
VH To my buds MK JH GD GP RH 
BP + 02s lllnever4getuguys PtheP99 
BrewrSkip MKsLaslDay WPt 
BZstairsl'2x AWgramp GDroadyW'agn 
BeachNt-MK BBQs ScansWeek 
GenosPass Spr8 DHgrad "Whatup 
lochness" Fishn JimBsmnt HLaloha 
ACK SawMiU GPlmkN't SUI H-Ygame 
CLilythx4memorys Fam-ThxlLY GL T\'. 


Joseph E. McDonald 


Remember the good times. 

Corey McDonougK 

"It is better to die on your feet than hve 
on your knees" -EmiUano Zapata 

1 lack the conviction to uphold anythitig 
1 write here for more than a day, and, 
as such, shall write nothing else at all. 



Danielle Justine McDonougK 

Dee Dee-Dee Dani 

1 love you Ma, Pap, and Chas! 1 thank 
those of you who have kept it real! 1 
guess this is where our lives begin. 
Make something of yourself! 1 know 1 
will! 1 had a fun hme while 1 was here ! 
Take care! 

MegKan Kathleen 

Innocent Meghan Megs 
"remember to always be yoursel 
unless you stink"-" another Tuesday 
night in sunnydale"w/C-ro"the earh 
bird may get the worm but the seconc 
mouse gets the cheese "dios mio ha; 
un hacna en mi cabeza"remember hal 
the people you know are belov 
average "mekm in the gekm syphili: 
RHPS spork frez/zerf the big four thi 
1 1 crew cnad gym slacker the agend< 

Mike McNulty 


"Changes are what make life 
interesting; overcoming them is what 
makes life meaningful" 01 State 
Champs geno'sOl sum.1/4alliances 
w/WABanJK, NY02. FD'SH + S, Toms, 
island point, great hmes. Destroyers + 
5min timetable, SM'snap, nizzybonin. 
The Crew: )K, WB, SM-TT, PC, GG, FD, 
MP, ND, and BC, jM, KC thanks for 
making the times so great. Thanks 
Mom, Dad and John. 


Lindsay Caroline Meek Jane Catherine Mellors 

"Challenges are what makes life 
intereshng, overcoming them is what 
makes life meaningful." To all my 
friends, thanks for all the memories: 
KAL, The Barn, New Years 01, Track, 
D-Team, "The fire," Boat Tinaes, 
Colossal B... Thank you Mom, Dad, 
Jack, GG&NP I Love You! "Life is not 
having and getting, but being and 

~Good Luck Class 03! 

Wayne Janiac(ta) 

Just remember, "The future belongs to 
those whoe believe in the beauty of their 
dreams. "-E. Roosevelt. Thanks for 
everthing, J,E,K,E,K,L: Mt. Sutton, 
Sailcsc, Volupt! Ittleudda, prol, much? 
Mouse! Night, Ohmy a! E,K + thetable- 
1 luv you guys! Thanks Mom, Dad, 
B,B,T tor everything. "Life isn t a matter 
of milestones but of moments!" Yeah 
Class 03! 

Scott Miller 

Miller Millah 

The real test of friendship is: can yo 
literally do nothing with the othe 
person? Can you enjoy together thos 
moments of life that are utterly simplt 
They are the moments people look bac 
on and number as their most sacre 
experiences. Thanks 2 my boys an 
mom, dad. My NAP- sorry guy 
tooches Dies lite Nizz)'bonm Nutt)i 


Conor McGratK 

f If a man does His best, what else is 

' lere? "-General George S. Patton 

' )h man Bait, Imagine that? 

? /looch! 

i .illy Joel at the Fleet 

■ ink and Ben(PoylVl), Fun times 

;' allin at the rec 

[' iuys at the Rock 

ovc you Mom 

jood luck guys and have fun. 

Andrew M elver 

Do What You Need to Do. 

William McKim 

"Baby don't cry 1 hope yougotya head 
up even when the road gets hard never 
give up "-Tupac Shakur Thanks to all 
my friends and family for helping me 

United we stand 9/1 1 

Amanda Marie McLaughUn 

Mandie Re 

"Every rose has its thorn."" Poison. 1 
never could have made it alone Thanks 
Mom Jackie C at MC Stef Matt. 
Softball girls 1 Love You. To my girls 
unforgettabble summer'Ol "Us funny 
now those memories they last like 
strawberry wine' NC MF BB SD RM 
LS Red EP AH AH BB JG TOP Kenny 1 
Love You 8/2005! 

Jennifer Lee Mitchell 


V friend is one who walks in when the 
est of the world walks out-WWinchell. 
o All My Girls, Uoveyou, we finally 
riade it! BC-friends 4eva! 1 "11 miss you 
;uys ! Mom+Dad- thanx for everything, 
couldntofdone it without you, JULS- 
jood luck hun! Matt-you're always 
here for me, 1 love you! Shoot for the 
noon, even if you miss you'll land 
imong the stars ! 

Meal j. Mitchell 

Paul Timothy Mitchell 

Caitlin Marie Monaco 


The boys in woodshop AP all the way, "Dance like no one is watching, 
To all the nice people on the T, Thanks Love like you'll never lose, 
to the fam for putting up with me. It Live like there's no tomorrow, 
seems like the end but its only the Laugh, smile, dream."" -BNL 

Mom, Dad, Michael, Chelsea, Zachary 
Peace out l"m off like a prom dress. and Gregg - Thanks so much for all 

your love and support. 

Best of Luck to the Class of 2003! 


Kraig Christopher M o ore Anthony WiUiana M orash 

The Columbian Kraig w/ a K Tony Tony Mo 

"Our greatest glory is not in never 
falling, but in rising every time we fall. " 
-Confucius. Hey to The Four and The 
Group. GdooF "Blah, Blah, Blah! " Zerf 
and Frez are awesome. Hey to JR (my 
accounting buddy) and to GM for the 
many rides. P2P was a blast. Thank 
you mom. Dad, and Kam for the love 
and support. 1 had a great time! 

To KG MT, Agent Silver, the Senior 
Girls.The Frosh+LM KR AT KD MB KE 
Jl BM RO-Thanks for everything- 
Drama-WSS,DY,Les Mis, NYC, KC- 
Scarlet Letter-42-EVD-Hockey-State 
Champs at the Fleet +1A-Quikava, 
getting lost, our songs, granma(KG)- 
NH,pool,Zeppelin(MT)-ToyWar, MBS 
quotes, Frosh pong studying- "In 
whatever time we have..." + "We all 
lead such elaborate lives..." 

Jason W. Morin 

Little Jay 

Some day you will tear apart this 
school's foundation and then you will 
find my true legacy. Thanks to: my 
mother my family the Boston punx and 
skins a rowdy bunch indeed, Neil, Sean 
(the most Irish man in America) 
Danny, Nick and all the others 1"ve 
shared a pint with. Mr. Heffernan for 
all the help, Dylan for just being 
yourself, and all who have fought 
beside me. 

WilUam R. Morin 


Thanks for everythingMom, Butch, Jay, 
Ash, Mr. Bill and Sandy. Thanks Mr. D 
and Mr. P for all your help. Thanks to 
all my boys for the good times. Late 
night bean- IE, Mooch. Good hmes at 
the bench-Emmott. Endless nights at 
the harbor-BB, DG. 

Sara, thanks for everything. 1 couldn't 
have done it without you. 1 love you. 

Justin Nestor 



alliteration of middle English fonnen 

from fonne dupe (Date 1772). 

1 : What provides amusement or 

enjoyment; specifically: Playful often 

boisterous action or speech; stresses 

excited and mischievous activity; May 

suggest hoaxing; arouses laughter; 

comical banter. 

-Webster's Dictionary 
4 billion years of fun... We should 
make the most of it. 


Jessica Nickerson 

Jess Jessy Lalafoo 

Sometimes it takes more courage to 
believe in someone than to fight and 
dismiss them so easily. Much love to 
my friends: Joe, Kaiti, Alison, Jenn, 
Joanna, Alexis, Gwen, Melaina, 
Christy, Kraig. Good luck in everything 
you do! 

Boris ISIikitin 

Blaire Marie O'Neil : 


"Everyone is just a stranger but that's^ 
the danger in going my own way 1 guess ; 
it's the price 1 have to pay stilli 
everything happens for a reason is no 
reason to ask yourself if you're living it 
right" John Mayer S.S-BFF! Thanks to 
my friends for the great memoriesA 
laughs! KM LD VD KR EP ML MM CS 
GS MC Zerf/frez-Goodtimes! You 
wanna live?-KM + EP Thanx M + D + 
Taylor. ' 

Nicholas Mucci 

Mooch Nick 

Zanada '99-00 DS Dad James JS Fishm 
iandy Neck DS BP Dad Backyard 
ootball KO SC MW TB MC Brown 
Settle fights-Soccer "It is not the size of 
he dog in the fight, it is the size of the 
ight in the dog" MT Papa G's Cracker 
!'s-BA PB TB SS DM CP Thanks to 
ny family for all the support Rec bball 
Be you do what you do. " -Garth Brooks 

Kristin Elizabeth Mulligan KatelynD. Murphy 

Mulligan Mulli Katie 

"Wash out this tired notion that the 
best is yet to come and while you're 
dancing on the ground don't think of 
when you're gone " to my best friends: 
thanx 4 the support, love, fun. Never 
forget the crew, driving around, the 
volv, fh, b'ball,sh sats-T!, dances, 
Boston Mom and Dad, 1 could not be 
what am or will become w/o you. 
Scan, Kath- luv u guys. 

'You should make amends with you. If 
only for better health. But if you really 
want to live, why not try and make 
yourself? Make yourself "-Incubus To 
the crew-Do Want, 11/11, ZERF, & Tyco. 
Concerts-A:1 , 311, Warped, Hoob, 
Avalon Incubus shows VD, sour patch 
times, Lupos, & handing out CDs. 
Thanks M + D&fam. 

Lauren Elizabeth Murphy 


"We're not here for a long time, we're 
here foragoodhme ' RatPacklloveyou! 
Soccer, b-ball, LAX~ StchampsOl 
6AMpt 3Mteers DBH Ack" SnrKowknd 
'6'um HL,CL,BP,]M.MK CClub my 
basement King"Birca Hing/Hull 
"YOU SAY" Betty BLgals point 
DMB~)MBahamas03?BEN~ V.T.T.H. 
ILUM TooMA "Budding a Mystery.' 
Mom, Dad, Jessie, Conor~ Thanx 4 
being there. 1 love you. 

Kiernan O'Neil 


Make friends not enemies and you 
vill always have eyes in the back of 
'our head." DD RV SC SC ES AS GP 
slH JA MS DS Good times boys, Swiiz 
A, TThe hill, all the fun we had, going 
o miss them. "1 don't want to get to 
he end of my life and find that 1 have 
ust lived the length of it. 1 want to have 
ived the width of it as well. "Autoshop 
3oys w/JJ Fun times. 

Lyndsie Kathleen Olsson 

Zoid (Obv) 

M + D: Thx forgiving me everything 1 
have + for always being there. U done 
goodputhngup w/me + my occasional 
mood swings etc. Erik thx for leading 
the way + showin me how it goes. 
Sorry to any teachers/adm 1 gave a 
hardtime to + for breaking the record 
for most parking violations. RATPACK: 
U know who u are Ack sr wkend labase 
DMB Captdevding - heerides hang in 
there kTPSb@co/sther- half lax st 
champs 01 HINGHAMWAT? + 9114E 

Justin Osborne 

Thanks to all my friends and family 
who helped me get out of this place. 

jared Overlee 

"1 live for the nights 1 11 never remember 
with the friends 1 11 never forget' JKSM 
in PA, FD's, TTs, Jos, the table, crazy 
summer, diesels and ronas, hey all, 
Hockey GDs after champ, JHs after 8, 
Lacrosse br from Ipsivich, 2 time state 
champs. Thanks mom, dad, Kiersten, 
Geoff and Craig, Good old days, went 
by so fast. 


Scott Robinson Owen 


"To educate a person's mind and not 
their morals is to educate a menace to 
societyTR We've Had some great 
times.thank you NBREGBRFBHHNPN 
KJERBPSMMAGWWand everyone else 
"The little things, theres nothing bigger " 
"Duty honor country: those three 
hallowed words reverently dictate what 
you want to be, what you can be, and 
what you will be. " DM 

Matthew Joseph Paget 

Padge Pierre Teddy 

"Do not go where the path may lead, 
go instead where there is no path & 
leave aTRAlL" "Emerson Thanks Mom 
Dad Andrew John Brendan & 
GPADBPMK&MO~ Hockey/Lax 
UrchinrunNewYearsOl Adstrip 'OOC " 
RLboys "The harder you fall the higher 
you bounce." 

Gregory Steven Palladino 

Beef Dino 

It doesn't matter how many times 
you've been knocked down, the only 
thing that counts is how many times 
you got back up again. Lax State 
Champs '01, '02 Winchester'02 The 
Pit, Hill The 4TT, The Yukon Boys, 
ASNHKL Explorer, NHDD, NH, MS, 
DS, KG, MW, ]A, HB, BB. Always 
there— KL, ER Thanks to my family: 
MOM DAD Dan Nicole Thanks for 
everything guys . 

Emily Janine Panetsos 

Emily Chloe 

"Blink and you miss a beat, keep one 
of your eyes open at all times" 
-Incubus. To the 11 crew (plus Gdoof 
and the Columbian)We have had some 
great times-Zerf/frez(Greg-my frez 
buddy), concerts(meeting hoob has 
been fun KM & VD).Monica-to our 
inside jokes that nol understands, the 
four's escapades(my Gdawg,C-Ro,and 
it's been fun! 

Rebecca jean Powers 

Becky Beck 

True friends are never forgotten they 
live within your heart sixpack + RatPack 
1 luvu, DMB, ohmansumsum, matty's, 
Lynch's, hockeygames, King-Billerica, 
CAKE, capfnDevils, OH BL U treated 
me well, 7/4/01, GdLuck JE 9/13/02, 
SH-, Gdluck Brotha, Thanks Mom, 
Dad, Mitch, Tam, twisty, 1 love you 
guys. Hey Marcey we made it! Now 
lets show them whats up! Gdluck 03. 

Benjamin Christopher Prime 

Ben Prime 

"Accept the challenges, so that you may 
feel the exhilaration of victory. " Africa 
LM J + G, Lax2x, Hock Games, j-Dies, 
0lyndy,Hing/Hull,9/1 1 ,Turkhill.W- 
uwBWMElLY"TTiere ain't nothin' bout 
you that don't do somethin' for me " M 
D P K T A ) W Z L-I Love You All. 

James Quadros 

Jumbo Jimmy 

"Each of us has a weapon now, even if 
the hme comes to use them again. It'll 
never be an easy choice, but to keep 
moving forward, no matter how far, 
run for all you're worth. RUN!" 
(BATTLE ROYALE) 1 can run about 
fifty feet, draw your own conclusions. 

Rosemarie Qualtieri 


"To accomplish great things WE MUSI 
NOT ONLY ACT, but also dream no1 
only plan but also believe "-AF. It has 
been an excihng road so far, we can 
now look ahead to bigger and bettei 
things. Thanks to my friends & family 
Mom, Dad, & AJ 1 Love You, and I 
know 1 could not have accomphshec 
this w/o your support through th( 
years. Good Luck Class of 2003. 





r'ou'll Have bad times but they will wake 
/ou up to the good things you were not 
jaying attention to. Thanks boys we 
nade it.Lnecks MK JH )M RH BP GD. 
jQod times bad times we have had 
lur Share. LAXrepeat0102.FootFishin 
slewHampshire4amwalkshonie APMk 
sodaPuckgamesGHillDonuts = uncool 
Beans Thanks Mom and Dad. 

Kathleen Hayes Perry 

Katy KTP 2-4 

Warm in the sun, refresh m the breeze, 
glow in the stars, blossotninthe trees.- 
M + KM Bball Lax-DWF,StChamps 
KING cake 3M DMB Lbsmnt Ack 
Chuck jP Betty Tanktunz USAY! 
Mwbeach C- Meg, we had fun, thanks 
for everything. Mom&Dad, thank you 
for your love and patience. Good luck 

* SlowNsteDwinstherace * 

Christine Pizzelli 

Christy Crash Phantom W.G. 

Scott Avitabile, Annie Parker, Linda 
McCarthy, Lucifer, Santa, and the 
Easter Bunny too. Johnny Knoxville, 
chronic times skateboard bruises, 
water and fire. Just wanted to say thanx 
to the things I'll remember and the 
people that're special. Because that s 
what matters before too long like the 
tune of a song and the words when it's 

Marcey Lee Powers 


I always knew Id look back al the bad 
hmes and laugh but, I never knew Id 
look back at the good times and cry. 
6pack + Ratpack I love u, Hopas, cake, 
CFO, LAST DAY '00, St. Pattys '00, 24, 
king, BiUerica, BETTY, "You say", Ack, 
FFI, MP House'OI , Point, BigV. Thanks 
for everything Matt IVVNFY,Dad, Mom, 
Mitch, Tam,Kristy,Donnie, and Fam, 
Lov ya Beck We did it! 

Alexander Hammond 
Rams dell 

"Goodfriendswehave, ohgood friends 
I we have lost along the way in this great 
future, you can't forget your past so 
dry your tears and say" -Marley 

Alison Rand 

It's not my world, I grant, but 1 made 
it. It's not my ranch, lean oak, buzzard 
crow. Not my fryers, mixmasters, well- 
garden. And now it is down the road & 
I made it. It's not your rackety car but 
you drive it. It's not your 4-door top- 
speed, white-wall tires. Not our state, 
not even, I guess, our nation. But now 
it's down the road, and we re in it. 

Emily Chandler Randall 

" Waihng for the time when I can finally 
say, that this has all been wonderful 
but now I'm on my way" Thanks Morn, 
Dad, Julia, Eric, Fran, and all my 
friends: Sailing team- New England 
Women's Champs '02!, Ski Team, HYC 
420 mc. Band Trips, NYC'OO. 01, 
HD'02,Trey'02, SF's. 

Sail Fast, Live Slow" 

Lincoln Edward Ford 

"Do not suffer life to stagnate; it will 
grow muddy for want of motion 
Commit yourself again to the current 
of the world " -Samuel Johnson. 
Tlianks to my friends and family it has 
been a great four years. I will always 
remember the great times we had with 
Cross Country, the orchestra trips, 
work camp, and of course the history 


Joanna June Ray 

Be glad of life because it gives you a 
chance to love and to work and to play 
and to look up at the stars- HVD wow 
guys can you believe we tnade it! jN- 
PR Drives, Mcdce fry fights KM-Big 
Boston Lunches ]F-Hey kid it's been 
fun ALjCGMRM-Good times love you 
all! Celebrate we will, cu2 life is short 
but sweet for certain-DMB Definately 

Adam Charles Read-Brown 


1 am still not sure whether 1 am awake 
or sleeping. If 1 am awake, so be it. If) 
am asleep, this has been a very strange 
dream. To all my friends. Agent Silver, 
The Drama Club, XC, Sempre Taintare 
and orchestra; I say to you this: 

Glade Ricart 


Yeah soccer and wrestling! Papa G's, 
Dauf!, Crunch time!, Simpsons 
discussions, tons of food at meets, 
good times on weekends and after 
dances, bus rides to and from meets/ 
games, "Mental-toughness!", "Best 
move evah!', "nickname from Carl 
Benbow" "You don't understand!" It's 
been fun you guys Good luck to all. 
We are outa' here! 

Logan E. Riley 

Julia Rangel Rola 

Thank you Mom Dad Dr. Burtner 
Rotary Jennifer & Uncle Cleidson for 
all your support & making it possible 
for me to be here. I couldn't forget 
Marquinnos my entire family and my 
best friends from Brazil, who were 
always there for me. Lll never forget 
my American friends who helped ine 
thru the year. 1 love you all! College! 
It's too good to be true! 

Emma Ross 

Emu Ems Emaguy 

My best friends are sisters fate forgot 
to give me - RatPack - lluvUguys 
SrKickOfflVKnd-ACKDMB99-01 Luau 
YNIA Betty GW SnowblOO Brewhas 
HCKYGMS-Blrica(King)C2 LrnsBsmnt 
FL Beachdays Toms Chili Point Olds 
SrTrip MyBoys-KLGP TheBagCrew/ 
HYCgirls. GL-LA]EKM StatechmpsOl 
ACL3X Lax&SocrThx Ma &Pa MoMo- 
Mybestfriend! "IshallMissThese 
Things WhenltAllRollsBy." DM 

Kristina Jayne Ross 


"Lm off on a rocketship prepared for 
something new, 1 m off on a rocketship 
ecstatic with the view, 1 am scared of 
things upcoming, It's all or nothing 
over there." Always remember: The 
crew, zerf 11/11, All the good times, 
and all the laughs. Thanks for 
everything Mom, Dad, Jenn, and DJ. 

Colin Ryan 


"Always do right- this will gratify some 
and astonish the rest. "-Mark Twain 
"Leaves are falling all around. It's time 
1 was on my way. Thanks to you, I'm 
much obliged for such a pleasant stay. 
But now it's time for me to go. The 
autumn TTioon lights my way. "-Led 
Zepplin Thank you to God, Mom and 
Dad and my friends. Go CROSS 


Jillian Hart Rocco 


^Jothing is as real as a dream. TTie 
'vorld can change around you, but 
/our dream will not. Responsibilities 
leed not erase it. Duties need not 
jbscure it. Because the dream is within 
/ou, no one can take it away. * Cruisin 
\erosmith BCrew LCAction munchies * 
;D BM AG-1 hope you still feel small 
/vhen you stand beside the ocean. 

Kclley Ann Roche 

"Don't cry because it's over, but smile 
because it happened. " Thanks to all 
my friends, I will never forget the good 
old days-summer02,KAL (and barn), 
ski team, NYEOl , Sunday drives, dance 
parties,WV,boat,D&RS02,RYK and all 
the others4E. Thanks Mom, Dad, JR, 
Chris, Bri- Love You! "I'm only this far 
and only tomorrow leads my way." 
Good Luck Class '03! 

Silas Rogers 

Sci-fi Sitard Si PsyGuy Killer 

"Moisture is the essence of wetness, 
and wetness is the essence of beauty " 

Hannah Rogers-Ganter 

"You never lose by loving. You always 
lose by holding back " Thanks to my 
family for giving me all the support & 
love in the world! 1 will never (orget the 
times we have shared together! :parties, 
concerts, topaz, FDC, woods, dances, 
beaches, ski trips, VVOMBATfdance), 
LatelSlights&FunTimes I lurve you all! 
"Be the change you want to see in this 

Andrew Sanderson 


You must be the change you wish to 
;ee in the world" -Ghandi. ""Not 
everything that can be counted counts, 
md not everything that counts can be 
rounted " - Einshen Thanks Mom Dad 
Ferrence Liz and Matthew "If 
everything seems under control, you're 
aot going fast enough " -Mario Andreth 
Good Luck Class of 2003. 

Michael Schmitt 

"You get what you put into life, and 
everyone gets what they deserve" 
THANKS to my parents and everyone 
who helped me get through high school; 
AR SW COP LK jC JG Junior Prom The 
pit The Hill 9-11 we will never forget. 

Peter Shaw 

"Only two things are infinite, the 
universe and human stupidity, and I'm 
not sure about the former." -Albert 
Einstein. "Look around and choose 
your ground. For long you live and high 
you fly and smiles you 11 give and tears 
you'll cry. And all you touch and all 
you see Is all your life will ever be." 
-Rose Waters, Pink Floyd 

Samuel Bennet Sinclair 

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't 

stop and look around every once and 

awhile, you could miss it.' 

Ferns Bueller 


Marta Singer 


"The road goes on forever and the party 
never ends'- Robert Earl Keen "]f Ufe 
gives you lemons, make lemonade" 
"Never eat the last cookie! " "Drive in, 
drive out"- Dave Matthews "Free 
Fallen "-Tom Petty "TTie time of your life "- 
GreenDay "That's Ufe, so you just have 
to live with it! " "The horse girl" "Where ' s 
Tattie?" Thanks Mama, Bob, S.P. Chi, 

Jennifer Lisa Snyder 


ARE" Congratulations to all the people 
who graduated seniors"2003" I Luvthe 
cheerleaders yah away games the 
people 1 owe my life 2! jG EC SB CG 
Where ever we may go let us shll be 
friends Thank you Dad and Linda. 

Katelyn Marie Souther 

"But friendship is precious, not only in 
the shade, but in the sunshine of life; 
and thanks to a benevolent 
arrangement of things, the greater part 
of life is sunshine." MAPLE? MISS 
SAIGON! France'02 CURVE? 7/15 
HB,EL,EB: "True friends walk in when 
the rest of the world walks out. " Thanks 
for everything! Love you guys! Fam: 
Thanks for all you've done-Love You! 

Andrew John Sowyrda 


"How vain is it to sit down and write 
when you have not stood up to live?", 
HDT 2daboyz we had some great 
times LAXstatechamps'Ol, 02sweet 
mealaRHNyrs '02R1'00MWNH Cape 
'02 MV '01, 02 NH BP GP Africa'OO 
BPMK Canada'99, 00 NM Point/HiU/ 
Pit Franks Jays'02 Brut Thanks 2 my 
family 1 will always love you "If you're 
not living on the edge you're taking up 
2 much room" 03We made it. 

Rosemarie Stigliani Ian Coleman Stoker-Long Ethan Marc Stone 

Jeremiah John Sulhvan 

It's been great. Thank you everybody. 
Maybe 1 didn't love quite every minute 
but 1 loved enough of them. It's all 
thanks to you, every one of you. NK, 
GK, Mom, Dad, and Soph especially. 
But really everyone who ever smiled at 
me in the hall or said hi back, it's you 
that made these four years great. 
Remember me because I 11 never forget 

"Speak what you think today in words 
as hard as cannon-balls and tomorrow 
speak what tomorrow thinks in hard 
words again, though it contradicts 
everything you said today. " -Emerson 
"If 1 am not for myself, who will be for 
me? If 1 am only of myself what am 1? 
If not now, when?" -Hillel 

"Our lives arc better left to chance 1 
Could've missed the pain but I'd have 
to miss the dance" *Lax Champs'Ol 
02* Pats at Devats-lsland point-Beirut 
4th'02 Maine NewYear'02 ]M'02"1s it 
raining?" yea Geno Thanks boys-ND 
BS BP GG AD MP PI KL-S to the u- 
fresh-yup Thanks MOM DAD L K P 
Love you guys knapster Fling02 Jenn 
the one + only Thanks boys. 


Andrew Robert Spirito 

Andy Piinman Spirit Andres 

\ ship in a Harbor is safe, but that is 
ot what a ship is built for. " Thanks to 
II my friends: Duppy Beef Nutty Will 
ike ?] Stone Gcno Schmitt KDOGG 
M Schutz Vickers Cranberry Urch 
ennworth Swo Willis 4TT's Alcarez 
Aeg Nate and to Haleigh-1 love you! 
pecial thanks to my brother AJ, my 
Tom, and my dad. 

Christina Faith Stanley 

C-Ro S.O.S. 

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is 
just to love and be loved in return" 
ZERF and The Group. The fearsome 
four Tuesdays with Megs, Camp with 
Emily,escapades with Gretchen. Rocky 
Horror, Garment District, Boston and 
sketchy men. Scituaie withTW "When 
in the real world am 1 ever going to 
need Chemistry or History or Math or 
the English language?" 

Gretchen Elisabeth Stelzer 

G Stelz 

"'I regret only my silence but not my 
speech"-Me,TheBig4,E Dawg,Megs, 
trashcan,psychicrevelations, Bertuccis, 
RubbahScrapahs,The Crew 6/7... 
Thank you Mom-Dad, K&Eca-even 
though we "re always fighting 1 still love 
you! Girls-You're awesome-just can't 
belive we made it this far and managed 
to keep most of our sanity!143. 

Doug Stewart 


"Hingham football 00-03 the good the 
bad and the ugly. 1 would like to thank 
my friends TG, AR, VUV, PM, GZ, FI, 
GP, BM, )K, MC, )M. All the good times 
off Roading w/ GZ&TG, Football 
Dinners, Fishing, Baseball, Jumping 

Robert W. Sullivan 11 Erin Marie Sylvester 

Bobby Sull-ee S to the U 

If you love something let it go if it 
omes back to you it's yours if it doesnt 
t never was "-DMX To my parents sorry 
he ryde was so ruff but ] did it and 
vere moving on MY BOYS ND ]S PC 
H MP GG BP AD MF MT Hold me 
iown my grandparents 1 love you 
hanks to my boo, Candice, you made 
everything easy 1 love you baby Fm 
mally outta here HOLLA! ! ! ! 

May the past be a pleasant memory, 
the future filled with delight and 
mystery, your now a glorious moment 
that fills your life with deep 
contentment. Thanks Mom, Dad, and 
Blair for supporting me and believing 
in me. Kip 1 will always remember the 
great times we've had, 1 couldnt ask 
for anything more. AMKEKGJCET you 
guys are hunnas 4E. 

Nicholas Tantillo 

Nicky T Tazmanian Tantillo 

Life is a Struggle 
Thanks to those people who have 
helped me down this spirally path, I 
could not have done it without you, 
lots of love to all those who stood by 
me in tough times, from this school 1 
have learned a lot about people that 
are fake and people that are real. These 
were the toughest years and the best. 
Love ya Mom. 

Michael G. ThibauU 

Mike Thibault 

To Mom Dad Adam Ariel TMBM AT 
EC MK ER - Keep right on till the end 
of the road" Hockey, street hockey. NYC. 
TM - Pool Carlin Chapelle Zeppelin 
FALL" - Beastie Boys 


Anna Francesca Tomasulo 

"Life is not to fear, life is to enjoy "3eb 
Mom, Dad, Joe, & Sam, 1 love you. 
Thank you for all the love & support. 
Thanks to my teachers + thankyou to 
all my friends & families for the 
memories 1 will keep w/ me forever; 
Spain02, FDC, Greenday XC track 
Swissies "How will u know if u never 
try?"B "'We must have dreams & never 
give up on our dreams. "- Jim Rohn 

Neil Michael Traft 

Traftation Harry 

"TTiere's never enough time to do all 
the nothing you want. " 


Thomas Traylor 


When you do the common things in 
life in an uncommon way, you will 
command the atten tion of the world - 
GWC To the gang: Vegas9-12-00 
LPWBudgettableFrankSUBIKES D- 
MAN ST 1/4KBGxllespieRootin 
Seasonedwarrior-Sum03 Special 
thanks to the boys to the rents to all 
those who helped me on the way! 
Good Luck Mary. 

Kenneth Brian Trenholm 

Ken Kenny K-Z 

Let me see those "crazy eyes," 
"Everything's so blurry and everyone's 
so fake and everybody's empty and 
everything is so messed up 
preoccupied without you 1 cannot live 
at all my whole world surrounds you 1 
stumble then 1 crawl " -Blurry Leah 
suma '02 was unreal. 1 am Late night. 
Cruisin the bird. Party hoppin and 
dubbin "Word" Earn, friends, thanx, 
Leah 1 luv u. 

David Michael Wanberg 

Dave Wanburgler 

Thank you mom and dad for all your 
help,] couldn't have done it without 
you! Now IS today, tomorrow is forever! 
In HS, everyone gets knocked down, it's 
whether or not you get back up! HHS 
is the best!MM,LR,NM,KT,JQ,JM, MB, 
GZ, JN, GM, PC^funnest and funniest 
place ever, we had great times! We 
made it 2003! Good Luck 03! 

Candice LynnWeatherby William Pennolk Wehner 

Candy Candy Girl 

'"As we go on, we remember all the 
times we had together. And as our lives 
change come whatever we will shll be 
friends forever"-VC 1 love u Jil & 
Jaqueline! Thanx Mom & John for all 
ur support, ] love you! Also to Cindy & 
Bob, 1 love uguys! " There's nothin' in 
this world 1 wouldn't do for you boy"- 
A&KW 1 love u so much Bobby thanx 
for everything! 

Molly Harkins Williams 

"Walk tall or baby don't walk at all" 
Thx for showing me the way: 
MomDadMLWG The Best Of Times 
with my RAT PACK: my twelve best 
friends- 1 Love You Guys: SnrKickoff 
WKend IslandGirls BLGals C^Club 
ChilisGrp ELA'01+'02 Laslpovers 
Bool8ThePT24KingDMB + )Myr Usay 
BeachDays SnrTrip-BagelBopCrew 
StuCo Chuba + Tennis Steve:Cape28- 
1 stLuv Who can say where the road 
goes-Best Wishes 03. 


Ellen Imelda Tuite 

Smellen Crocky Ween (TEl) 

■>o don't you sit upon the shoreline 
nd say you're satisfied, choose to 
lance the rapids and dare to dance 
\e tides." Family + friends-Thank 
ou!The hunnas-OBVIOUSLY, C- 
ircle, Ned, Safari AL-violin, CCD CJ- 
ixas, book Liz-best friends forever! 
C LM KS LK KM+Tl-MmnaMix PB- 
LnT Dad, Mom, Nora, Jane + Cookie- 
hanks foryour love and supportlGood 


Celestia Rose Vaickus 


'Oh poor baby, 1 feel nothing... Don't 
overestimate me, don't underestimate 
me, I'm never what you think 1 
am... There will always be a white rose 
in my heart. " 

Kristina Nicole Vulgaris 

Krissy Dinky 

Good friends are hard to find, harder 
to leave, arid impossible to lorget- 
BCBBSJMBSK-143 Girls FH99-02 
DPL-you made it all worth it 
87Chevy821 -BB More than toilet seats- 
KL Carrots-Y2K LastDayJrYr-Showa 
me girls Beth-like a sister-thank you 
for being thercBFF NMi GL)P Dad. 
Mom, Katrina. Alexandra-love you and 
thank you for everything Peace out. 

Michael Willis 


Sic one can go back and make a new 
eginning, but everyone can start here 
nd make a brand new end." Tlianks 
3 Mom, Dad, Amy, and Emma. JA 
S RV. 1 had fun. The pit, woods, hill, 
asket, J As house, harbor. 

Benjamin John Zahner 

Z-Tram Ben Psychopath 

"It's somhmes unpredictable but in the 
ends there's right 1 hope you have the 
time of you life!" ThanxM&D 4 
EverythingCoreyK ate Duke M all Luv 
youthnx4thmemoriesCancun02 Scans 
Olsons SyearplanThnxtomybudJH 
basement 24mcydsnotnormallat 

Greg Zofchak 


Cost of my truck: 7000; cost of door 
repair: 1000; cost of catching person 
responsible: priceless. For all the 
people 1 took offroadingyou know it s 
capabilihes. And on that rainy April 
day in wompy when 1 introduced 
pamtballmg to PC ]K ML and for the 
others 1 dragged in. And you guys know 
who you are. We must have played 
countless times, each time unique. 

Brian Zyrkowski 

"That rabbit's got a vicious streak a 
mile wide, it's a killer!' 




g ^ 

a m 



C I 







Tli« btsf of Times... 

-Alicia Leahy 



— ^Amy Kulp 

!^K. CqnnW u^^Tng a 

— Leah Marcus 


&9Qfyho(b/ sigDgJ the fci'Djo C3§g 
■Wg pi'toteJl It \A?i»§ llkg s hi^ 
Aw&lcm Itudies fi'TOily 
-Rachel Gabriel 


— Kimiko Ebata 


— ^EllenTuite 

the f^rofeSf i>k^aktnSf 


Hilary Lynch 

GfO f!0!^E!!! 

-Steve Fiascone 

M-P . 1=!!!*!^ S8 ^ fl!!!? » - 
=Molly Williams 

c »tti»g 

4 EVA 

( AP Theory I^osse ) 

—Matt Brooks 


sncf t\)e Vv/orst of 1 ines 

)pen air hallways with 
I Doming down and 



-Paul Clark 



—American Studies classes 

Going out to get my car and 
realizing it has been 


— Lyndsie Olsson 









—Gretchen Stelzer 

iaviit^ 04VC 

- 90% of the HHS population 


Kendra Ludwig 

Stink bomb: 

in the hallways. 

- Greg Paul 

Till!: oiJisiDii; WOULD iiiii:!) to sami 

Mli;, BUT Tllli; DOOKS MUlUl 



October 25, 2002 8:14 pm 

-Molly Williams 

(yearbook deadline # 1 ) 






A fun-filled time was had by all at the 2002 Homecoming festivities! 
The senior float, "Rock and Roll Randolph "was topped off with a little 
celebrity flair from our very own Sullee . A beautiful summer sun shone 
as our H arbormen and H arborwomen put up and even won some great 
battles in the sports arenas. Emerging from the homecoming court was 
an unexpected but exquisite royal pair with a beaming Queen Meg 
Crowley and towering King Nick DeVito. The action continued on well 
into the evening as an incredible volume of the student body appeared 
at the dance. From eight o'clock to eleven o'clock seniors basked in 
their first "senior" experience and their last ever Hingham 
Homecoming dance. Over the gleam of glittering dresses (or was it the 
glisten of the sweat on all those collared-shirt-clad chaps?) music 
bomped super-loud, dancers got their groove on and lasting memories 
shone even brighter. 

A Go Team! Katie, Monica, Emily, Liz, 
Krissy, and Vera cheer from the stands 

▼ Tracy, Caroline, Heather, Tammy, and Sullee have higli 
hopes of winning the football game this year! 

▲ Greg is Mr. Tough of Hingham High School 

T It was so much more than a 
three-legged race. 



and Meg pose regally as this A Kenny and his date raise the 

s Hornecoining King and Queen. roof at the Homecoming 


* 2002 * 

Homecoming Court: 

John Ferrante 

Becky Powers 

Bill McKim 

Molly Williams 

Ryan Cadigan 

Alicia Leaky 

Torn Trayler 

Dierdre King 

Heather shows 
that she is #1 at 
dancing. ► 

y John stays cool and casual ivhile the rest are sizzling. 

▼ )ohn and jason show their support for the Harbormen. 


orn< : M ,HO o I) o< [M.i 




Boys' Cross Country 

The biggest teatn of any year, 
and loads of new PRs (those are 
"personal records" for the non- 
runners out there) are proof of 
another successful Cross 
Country season. Captains 
Colin Ryan, Steve Fiascone, Nick 
Collins, and Ben Cox led the 
team to a 2-4 record. Rmming 
is life, but not all of it! What 
would cross country be without 
swimming at World's End, 
frisbee games, fight-club, and 
the jammin' countdown? The 
cross country team-sponsered 
Thanksgiving Day road race 
was as successful as in past years, with a 
high turnout despite the cold weather and 
unseasonal snow storm. Beloved outside 
of Hingham High as well, the team ran 
away with the 2nd place award for 
sportsmanship in their league in 2002 ! 

Steve urges himself onward and upward ► 
well ahead of the competition. 

▼ It's like OTie big happy family 
here at Cross Country! 

- •'^ ■; f 



Nick Collins 

Ben Cox 


Colin R\',m 

f "^fc 



h ^^^^ 

^ V \[^ 

N ■ 

V ^T/ 

Silas RogtTs 

AdaTTi ReadBrown 

I iiuoln Ralhnam 

Dave Ells 

Steve Fiascone 

Sean Hagan 

Ben Johnston 

Mall Maloiu'x 


Girls' Cross Country 

The sport, the thrills, the excitement, the 
hills. Blazing trails like never before, the 
girls' cross-country team and its captains 
have had fast times at Hingham High. 
League Champions as sophomores, this 
year's senior captains took over World's 
End and Planters Hill along with Siobhan 
Collins, Kimiko Ebata, Tammy loanilli, and 
Anna Tomasulo to end an all too speedy 
four years. A large underclassmen team 
contributed to the season's success. "You 
gotta want it to win it, " and the team 
wanted it bad. Holla out to Cross Country! 

•^ On your mark, get set, GO ! ! ! 

^Girls' Cross Country is an uphill battle. 

running a 



Anna ► 
while her 
to catch 


Nora Creahan 


Field Hockey 

what a fabulous season the 2002 Hingham 
Harborwomen Field Hockey team Had this year with 
captains Meg Crowley and Kristin Mulligan and 
coach, Ms. Gordon! The superior skill of seniors 
Meg Chapin, Jaqui Crowley, Tracy Devine, Leah 
Marcus, Marcey Powers, and Krissy Vulgaris 
distinguished the 2003 team as exceptionally 
competitive and forceful. Patriot League All Stars 
Kristin and Jaqui sparkled this season as they were 
elected to the Marniner All-Scholastic Team. 
Hingham had a stellar performance in their victory 
over the undefeated Hanover team.The girls made it 
as far as the Division Two state tourney where they 
lost in the first round to a tough opponent, East 
Bridgewater. Fun times with Nims in the woods at 
Duxbury, and props to "the rookies." Oh yeah, and 
don't be fooled by those cute red kilts, the team's 
2002 slogan commanded, "GET RUFF, GET TUFF! ! " 

Marcey looks lor the goal. A The st'tTiors wait anxiously to be put back m the game A 

he ball s m 
my court now! 

Hey! We said "^ 

line up in height order! 

Mrs. Gordon 
deftly instructs 
the team about 
the art of 



Leah Marcus 

Kristen Mulligan 

Marcey Powers 




This year's football team, with the great leadership of 
captains Matt Kiernan, Bill McKim, and Greg Paul as well 
as Coach Killenger, Coach Perkins, and Coach Langil, played 
well and made vast improvetnents as a whole . The guys 
played particularly well against Hanover and Scituate, their 
long-time Thanksgiving rivals. On an individual basis, 
players proved themselves to be very successful with Greg 
Paul and Steve Lyons as Patriot League All Stars, and Ben 
Marshall being the recipient of the Patriot League 
Sportsmanship Award. Their smglular, yet no doubt 
spectacular win was in their victory against Weston. Along 
wdth intense training, and those long practices reaching 
into the early evening hours, the season brought fun and 
memories (Ebbs in Quinn's basement, arm-wrestling and 
electric slides in the pep-rallies). 

Greg manages to stay open to receive the pass ► 

w Football: Kiiigof Hxnghatn stubbornly refuses to give up 
the pep rally the ball, completing their third down. ► 

I k \^ 

Greg Paul 


Matt Kiernan 


Ben Marshall 

Kenny Trenhobn 


A \kitt IS escorlod oil 
the field after 
sustaining an 
injury al 
\onetheU'ss, he 
makes a strong 
toniback and plays 
lor the rest of the 

Doug French 

Gary Twombly 


Football CKeerleading 

The 2002 Football CKeerleading squad had a 
"flippin " great season this year... literally! The 
girls took on various new stunts, took greater 
risks, thus bringing their skill level and abilities 
as a group and as individuals to soaring heights. 
Under the guidance of a new coach, Crishna 
Barbuto, and the smiling faces of captains Caitlin 
Gay and Jessica Soares, the girls made it all the 
way to the Patriot League Competition where they 
attempted to qualify for the state level. Seniors 
Sarah Barnes, Jennifer Giaccheth, Ashley Haley, 
KristaKozlowski, Alexis Lindquist, and Jennifer 
Snyder truly brought down the house and 
pumped up the crowd at our pep-rallies and football games . The team will 
have some lashng memories from 2002 , as such a huge emphasis was put 
on team-building and just plain hanging out, or should 1 say cosmic 
bowling? Thanks to all the girls for all the fun 
hmes andgoodluck to next year's squad! 

A Girrnne an "H"! 

Sarah Barns 

Katelyn Gay (Captain) 


Ashley Haley 

Krista Kozlowski 



The Golf Team finished another spectacular season this 
year, undefeated in their division for the fourth year in a 
row. They also finished 6th in 
the state tournament. Playing 
on the grassy hills of the South 
Shore Country Club the team 
had little difficulty beating 
rival Duxbury. Coached by 
the beloved Mr. Curran, at the 
heart of the team's success is 
the Foley/Collins brothers 
tandems. Underclassman 
Nick Fee also played an 
integral role on the squad. 
Despite occasional inclement 
weather, the team had an 
outstanding time . 
Tee-hme! ▲ 

Fore! Mike drives the 
ball like a Chevy. ▼ 

The Golf Team poses during their first ever winter golf game. A 

James ponders over ^ 
which club is best for 
icy conditions . 


Boys' Soccer 

Led by senior tri-captains Nick Mucci, Kiernan O Neil and 
Ben Prime, and Varsity coach Ken Carlin, the 2002 
Hingham Harbormen Boys' Soccer team estabUshed 
themselves as the team with the least amount of losses and 
most number of ties of any team in Hingham's history. 
Early in the season, the guys were successful in tying their 
long-hme rival, Duxbury, who went on to win the state 
championship . One thing that brought the team as far as 
the state tournament was definitely the togetherness: from 
pre-game feasts at Papa Gino's andBernie's to those classic "Daouf, " "Captain Crunch, " "DSDF," and 
"Tomato." The famed leading scorer, Ben Prime, and 
number two- ranked goalie in the Patriot League , Kiernan 
O'Neil, emerged victorious as Patriot League All Stars as 
well as Eastern Massachusetts All Stars. Wow - what a 
great season - nice hustle boys and let's hope next year's 
team can compare! 

A The boys get psyched up before a big game. 

T Rob sweats it out. 





A Brendan fends off the opponent to keep control of the ball. 

Up, up, and away! John defies gravity to get to the ball. ► 

y V 


Brendan Aucom 

Pete Beauregard 

John Ferrante 

Matt Koelsch 

Rob MacCallurri 


Dan Matisis 

Nick Mucci 


Ben Prune 

,\U'\ RiiinsdcU 


Girls' Soccer 

The 2002 Hingham Harborwomen 
Girls Soccer team blasted througk an 
absolutely spectacular season, joined 
for tlie first time by an assistant 
coach, head-coach Guy Enoch led an 
incredibly "driven " bunch of girls this 
past season, the 2002 team word 
being "DRIVE". The team's seniors, 
Beth Crenier, Katharine DeNinno, 
Colleen Lenhart, andlyndsie Olsson 
were true power players. With the 
undying devohon and pep rallied by 
the four senior captains, Rachel 
Gabriel, Hilary Lynch (goalie and 
League All Star), Lauren Murphy 
(League All Star), and Katy Perry, the 
team made it to the South Sectional 
Quarter Einals. U came down the 
intensely heated moments of a 
double overtime shoot- out, in which 
Hingham lost by one goal 
to Dedham. As tough as 
a loss always is, the girls 
never forgot the fun of 
"being one of the girls" 
and will always re = 
member to "Smile and 

Katy and Lauren ► 
race the ball. ▼ 

A Face paint and tie-dye means a girls soccer game is 
about to be won! 

▼ Hilary sprtnts to protect the goal 


\ "x 



Beth Crenier 

Katharine DeNinno 

Rachel Gabriel 


A Lyndsie flips for soccer as the 
rest of the girls take a breather. 

-4 Kathenne watches over the field. T Beth blocks the ball with her belly. 

Colleen races 
across the field. 


ii.. tiiillki <ii'^ 

f ' 

E^ ^ic? J 

I ?^ 














' , ' '•■^"^H 

jj li : ri..,-.-., 


Colleen Lenhart 

Hilary Lynch 

Lauren Murphy 

Lpidsie Olsson 

Kaly IVrr\ 




Bj^^HMpWiPiii^E f '^^^1 


MHHpIp ^^H 




Boy's Basketball 

The senior guys on the boys' basketball team have dribbled 
happily through their past four years at Hingham High. After 
the trauma of switching coaches, these "playahs " are happily 
under the instruction of Coach Rice. Throughout a very 
versatile season of ups and downs, captains Drew Sowyrda, 
NickDeVito, and Scott Miller have made their last a season to 
remember. In other words, it was a veritable slam dunk! 

Captain ► 
Nick DeVito 
the free- 
throw shot 
of the night 

Junior Jeff 
fights for the 
ball. "Who;s 
gonna get 
the ball!?" 
wanders the 
crowd in the 

Jeremy Weisberg 
looks for an open 
man to throw the 
ball in to . 

The team sits 

patiently, psyching 
themselves up and 
getting their game 
faces on. ▼ 

VVoah, ► 


looks on 
as the 

sails far 


•^ Who's open!'! VVlao's open!? 

Dribble, pass, shoot-it's all 
elementary for the boys' 
A basketball team 

A It is always an intense momenl as ihe 
basketball flies precariously close to the 
hoop. Will it go in? Will there be time tor 
a rebound? 

Nick DeVito 

Steve Miller 

Drew Souyrda 


Girls' Basketball 

Under head coach Dave Hickey, and assistant coach Megan Aucoin, 
Hingham's B-ball divas dunked their way through a fabulous season! Powered 
on by senior captains Hilary Lynch and Dierdre King, the team put up a great 

fight against their biggest competitors, 
Rockland and Duxbury. This year's team was 
of magnificent speed and height and definitely 
used it to their advantage. Senior girls never 
forget: Kristin Mulligan "worming" around the 
other team and making all her left shots. Amy 
Kulp wishing she were a point guard, Dierdre 
King squinting to see the number Dave is 
holding up, Hilary Lynch spending more time 
on the floor than on her feet, and Lauren 
Murphy absolutely tackling and annhiliating 
the other team. A spectacular season filled 
with such fond memories of arguments over 
"the warm-up mix," busrides of random 
coTTversahon, and those pasta dinners. 

A Dierdre 



^■^■» ;_J 

first looks 




for the 



L '^! 'f^ 



i tM 




she takes 



r 74 




^^ rHltfl 





)repares for 




a shot! 


^L ' 

1 wVHh 





Amy stays open, 
ready for the ball at 
any moment. ▼ 

A She shoots! 
T She scores! 

A Dribble it, Hilary! 

Time for a much- 
needed rest after a 
rigorous basketball 
practice. ► 





^A '""J 




Dierdre King 


Colleen LenKart 

Hilary Lynch 

Kris ten MulligaTi 

Lauren Murphy 

Kat\ Perrv 


clad in new warm up suits and sparkling new 
leotards, Hingham's gymnatics team tumbled, 
vaulted, and back walk-overed into a truly 
spectacular season! Coach Jayne Schlieff and 
senior captain Mallory Brady as well as junior 
captian Katie Donovan led the limber ladies to 
the All-League Meet, and major victories against 
Duxbury and Carver. With Mallory Brady and )il 
Rocco as the two lone seniors along with key team 
members Hope Rathnam, and Erin Leary the 
team proved to be very strong in floor and beam 
excercises. Things which made the 2002-2003 
season particularly memorable were: Scituate girls 
joining the team, obstacle courses, TGlFriday's, 
ice- cream, new warm-ups, canning, and home 
meets. The girls couldalso neverforget "GotHopei' 
We do," pushups!, the pit races, and back walk 
overs with one leg (hmmm...). 

Who need £»anana splits?! The ^ 
gymnastics team has all the 
splits you need?! 

▲ Raise the (parallel) 
bar on your life: 

-^ Mallory soars through 
the air with the greatest 
of ease, even without a 
flying trapeze! 


Mallory Brady 



This year HinghaTTi's phenomenalhockey team was powered on by senior captains 
Garret Daigler, Greg Genovese, and Jed McDonald as well as Coaches Garrett 
Reagan, Tony Messina, Frank Messina, Rick Schuwerk, and Andy Marhoffer. With 
a pack of superpower seniors, including Tim Galvin, Tom Buckley, Mike MclSlulty, 
John Driscoll, Tony Morash, Matt Paget, Mike Tliibault, and Brian Marsden, the 
team was backed by immense Tnuscle, effort, and victory. This was needed as they 
faced Tnajor competitors in their new division this year. While Hingham's passionate 

fans stirred up emotion in the stands, 
Hingham Hockey Harbormen fought 
against major competition from 
Catholic Memorial, Arlington, St. 
John's, and, of course... BC High. Fun 
times were had at team dinners, 
warpath, and that lovely New Years 
Day Practice ! The boys will never forget 
Mastingham Palace, nipped in the bud, 
get outta here Cad, The Crack, and 

5 ^ 


■^ Tim looks for an opening. 

J|l» ^^* ^m\ 

^ r 

A r 

Tom Buckley 

Tim Galvin 

Garret Daigler 

lohn Driscoll 

Greg Genovese 


led MacDonald 

Brian Marsden 

Mike McNulty 

Tony Mo rash 

lared Overk-e 


ski Team 

The traditionally strong Hingham High Ski Team had another great year in 
the 2002-2003 winter season! Led by captains CaroUne Corbett, Kip Doble, 
Matt Koelsch, and Kelley Roche, the team was supported by a large core of 

T^ enthusiastic seniors. Together, they took on 
l!J8! s^ich mountains as Blue Hills, Ragged 
Mountain, and competed towards the 
State Championship. Each with their own 
special GS suits, seniors sped in and out of 
gates, over icy patches and powdery snow, 
and towards victory. Members will never 
forget the last "fun" day at Ragged, as well 
as cheering each other on from the sutnmit 
of the mountain. 

A CaroUne, Coach Corbett 
and Erin prepare for a 
successful day. 

Ashley takes a moment out 
to give those knees a break, y 

Okay everyone, envision the 
mountain. You are the skier. Y 

A Waxed, tuned skis, and all his weight forward. Kip 
races by to get his 28:20. Every millisecond counts! 

▼ Steady there! Caroline keeps her balance, even 
over the slipped, iced-over race course. 

Tyler Blair 

Kip Doble 

Matt KoelscK 

Ashley Manning 

EiniU Randall 


Boys' Winter Track 

What do you get when you add icy outdoor practices, fast-paced competition, and 
a team, that will never give up? The Boys' Winter Track team! The boys have been on 
a roll for several years now with senior powerhouses that have carried the team. 
The captains, Brendan Aucoin, Ben Cox, Steve Fiascone, and Neil Markowitz, are 
very proud of their team and will never forget it. Neil and josh Diorio were named 
Patriot League All-Stars for the 2003 season. The relay team of Brendan, Josh, 
Sean Hagan, and Adam Traina went to the All-State competition. Good job 
Muchachos! Whether they were pacing themselves for the 8 laps of the two-mile, 
getting their timing down perfect for the relays, or gaining height on their high 
jumps with each practice, the winning combination of determination and relaxation 
reigned supreme! Along with bus rides and tasteful toga parties, the boys will 
never forget the comfort those big blue track mats in the cafeteria provided after 
a hard day of school. Outdoor or indoor, snow or ceiling, the Boys' Winter Track 
team, one of the largest teams in the school, can take on am thing! 

▲ There are three steps to 
winning each winter track meet: 
1) Ben, 2) Steve, and 3) Alex! 

A quick huddle before the 
start of the meet gives the 
boys a plan for the race. ► 

Brendan Aucoiii 

Tim Bittrolf 

Ben Cox 

josh Diorio 

Steve Fiascone 


Victory! The boys show oil iheir 
medals after the awards ceremony. 

Silas Rogers 

Doug French 

Sean Hagan 

Neil Markowitz 

^ flflPytfPr; 

Ben Marshall 



Girls' Winter Track 

Bravo, Girls! Led by senior captains Lindsay Meek and Anna 
Tornasulo and the under rigorous coaching of Ms. Kates, 
Hingham's Girls' Winter Track team practically flew off the 
starting blocks this year with a huge victory against 
Middleboro. Seniors Katharine DeNinno, Heather Harmon, 
Tammy loanilli, Elizabeth Marcks, and jane Mellors truly 
defined the 2003 team. Katharine DelSlinno, Lindsay Meek, 
AnnaTomasulo, and JocelynTraina, the unstoppable 4x4 relay 
team, qualified for the State Class C championship. Tammy 
and Lindsay are reminded not to attempt the high jump and 
Anna don't forget spandex! What a gem of a season jam- 
packed with dance parties on the bus. Winter Festival, Team 
Pentathalon, shoutouts to the EB boys, pasta dinners, and 
track sleepovers! 


What would we do without the blue mats 

^ The girls show their fighting ^ 
spirit in the relay race. 

Anna and Heather try to keep 
warm before braving the icy 
winds on their run outside . ▼ 


▲ Lindsay happily 
accepts her medal. 

Er, is this 
some kind 
of odd 

Neither snow, nor storm, nor wind and 
rain will slow these intrepid runners! ^ 

^ r 

A r 

Anna keeps 
warm outside 
and gets ready 
for a big meet. 

Eliziibeth Marcks 

Lindsay Meek 

jatii.' Xlc'Uois 


Ah, the joys of wrestling season... 

'tis the official season for 

Atkins. Well, all that shedding of 

poundage, pumping of iron, 

wearing of onsies (those alluring 

one-piece spandex getups), and 

three hour practicing really paid 

off for the boys of the 2002-2003 

season. Senior captains Greg 

Kahn, John Ferrante, and Glade 

Ricart, along with powerhouse 

seniors Paul Mitchell and Logan 

Riley and a strong band of 

underclassmen, had a magnificent 

victory over Whitman Hanson, a 

major competitor. Coaches Keith 

Durham, Mr. Caniff and Steve 

Berte kept the teatn strong as well. 

The team put m tremendous 

effort, hours, blood and sweat, but 

never tears... these guys are too 

tough for tears. They gave it their all as seen in their excellent 

performance in the Lowell Tournainent. Never forget 

"Narc", busrides from Middleboro, and until next year, 

"Take care now, bye bye then!" 

Greg brings his rival into submission. ▼ 




John outmaneuvers his opponent and tnoves into a pin. ▼ 



~ s 

" 1 



• *? 



















h r 


John Ferrante 


Greg Kahn 

Paul \htchell 

Glade Ricart 

Logan Rile) 


A Brennan Lincoln gets "a leg up " 
on the other uTestlers. 

Greg, John, and Logan proudly present their awards Irorn (he December lourtiaiiu' 

•^ HiTigham 
' waits for the 
signal to let 
loose and 
demolish the 
other team. 

Mitch Gianoni show s ihal 
wrestling realh pa\ soil ▼ 

Pat Sullivan crushes 
his way to victory, 
winning his way 
into the next rung 
of the tournament. 

Coach Canniff unleashes the ferocity within lo help 
psych up the boys on the team. ▼ 

clubs & 



/\ . r. 3 . Arrierican Field S 


The American Field Service 
Club experienced four exciting 
years that included cultural 
exchanges with Shaker 
Heights, Ohio, Hahopac, 
New York, and North 
Carolina. This year, the 
second-largest club at HHS, 
headed by Kendra Ludwig 
and Sophie Luke-Hall, 
organized a successful leai 
rake and holiday party to 
welcome foreign exchange 
students, as well as the 
beloved annual dance-a- 
thon. They also sent Lizzy 
McCourt and Rachel Gilbert 
on foreign exchanges. A.F.S. 
has created life-long friends 
in Hingham and all over the 

"^ That's right, 
we made it 
through the 
thick and the 
thm-the A.F.S. 

Rake away, ^ 
Annie Rosen! 

▼ Time out for a 
big, tasty, A.F.S. 
barbeque hug! 


▲ Meredith and the junior girls put on a fashionable pose. 
T Many smiles are encountered at an A.F.S. barbeque. 









▲ Kendra supervises the job lo its iullesl, 
making sure not one leaf will be lelt! 

T Each spring, A.F.S. students frotn Hingham exchange with those of another school. This 
past year, in May of 2002, Ms. Gillard led the club lo Mahopac High School in \t",\ >ork. 


Amnesty International 

Amnesty International, founded 
in 2002 by Stacy Epstein and 
Cheryl Flynn, focuses on 
protecting Human rights 
worldwide . This club has not only 
taken an active voice in 
petitioning against unjust 
imprisonment, but has also 
participated in events such as the 
annual Boston Amnesty 
Conference. Headed by Ms. Roth, 
the all-underclassmen members 
of Amnesty International truly 
strive to make a positive 
difference in the world 
surrounding them. 



Anti-Defaniation League 

j ingham High School's branch of the Anti-Defamation League is nationally 

rclaimed! The League, under the direction of Mr. Jewett and Mrs. Krall, really 
I ok off when this year's seniors were just Freshmen. The class of 2003 has had 
j e full benefit of peer facilitators who work with High School students to inake 
[ ir school environment a more comfortable place for all who take part in it. 

lattering "-isms" and teaching everybody 

he R.O.P.E.S," ADL has made their way into 

any an English classroom over the past four 

ars. Hingham ADL is a sponsor of Team 

armony, a program which combats bigotry 

/ uniting students from different schools. 

mgham's own Nora Creahan spoke at the 

'dication of the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker 

dl Bridge, and other senior members 

eluding Jacqui Crowley, joshDiorio, Kimiko 

lata, Leah Marcus, Ellen Tuite, and a number 

others have striven to make a difference. 

▲ lunior )ess Burke and Leah are 
A experienced facilitators! 

Emma and several 
other ADL members 
take a club trip to 
see Bowling for 
Columbine. T 

Nora knoivs her "R.O.P.E.S" 
better than a sailor' T 

A Kimiko keeps her cool while 
facilitating an English class of 
outspoken individuals . 



"Mr. WaucKopc is the best! " is 
the first thing from each band 
member's musical Ups when 
asked about their experience in 
the Hingham High band. Led 
by Jon Chapman and Susie 
Hardy and assisted by Nick 
CoUins and John Daly, the band 
has had a fun and melodic four 
years. All the fruit unloading 
was worth it when the band 
jammed in New York, Canada 
and Maryland. As seniors, the 
band members of 2003 rocked 
the school with their "Beatles 
Medley" and "Tribute to 
Canterbury." All in all, both 
conductor and students worked 
together in beauhful harmony. 

Matt and Ben put the class 
in the brass section. ► 

T Kenny and Shaun Feeley 
harmonize at the fall cotTcert. 

A Nat pipes away at 
His bassoon. 

T Mr. Wauchope plays a solo while 
Susie looks very disinterested. 

■^ Silas remains intent on the music. 

▼ ]umor"girl-clarinet maiiia! ! ! 


One, two, three, four! 

▲ K\ ,m slatids rt'iuK' lo lu'lp out 
with your citrus ueeds. 

T Emily practices scales oti her 

^ jon and John take band very seriously 


Biology Club 

Tlie Hingham High Bio Club Has gone all natural for 
these past four years. Advised by the quirky Mrs. 
Duffy, the group has explored the natural world from 
vernal pool to fresh water tank. This year's additions 
of scales and slithers to the preexisting jungle of 
plants and animals in Mrs. Duffy's room included a 
new two hundredgallon tank, housing Chinese water 
dragons (which are lizards, for those who aren't 
fluent in the Rephlian family lingo), an eight-inch 
long piranha, snakehead fish, and other South 
American Indo-Pacific fish. Leading the way as 
president was the bio-enthusiast Sean Hagan, who 
describedthe lovely piranha as 'plate-sized. " What's 
for snack-hme at bio club, Sean? Whether selling 
pressed flowers for decoration, cleaning up the South 
School nature trails, or breeding praying manh, the 
Bio Club is a fun learning experience for all. 

Dedicated biology club members mix up 
medicine for ailing organisms. 

•^ Constance Baltera and Sean tend to a 
young plant. 


*A Ready for the Chinese Water Dragons! A Here, fishy fishy fishy 
■^ The Biology Chib carefully documents the progress of its charges. 

There are three things that plants need: water, sunlight, and Katy Georges. 

Organization is key A 

M Lucy Rogers has her hands full of Biology Club. 


CKess Club 

This year's senior class was responsible for the founding 
of the first ever Chess Club at Hmgham High. Advised by 
the analytical Mr. Larson and instituted by Steve Fiascone 
and Ben Cox, the club gives interested students the 
opportunity to learn and play the forgotten art that is 

chess. This year an 

unexpectedly large turnout 

popularized the game. 

Whether they were AP Calc 

students or seniors who 

had dropped math, the 

club's participants were 

often found honing their 

strategic skills, developing 

new and more dangerous 

forms of the blitzkrieg maneuver, or just plain having 

fun! Thanks guys for leavingbehind the Chess Dynasty at 

Hingham High for future generations! 

^ ^^mfK/tm^^^^ ^^^ .-— ■■■' ^^&^ 


Dinesh indicates his favorite chess piece. A 

Steve is so cool, he ▲ 
needs to wear mittens! 



The many setiior boys in the Chorus were role rnodels 
tor the underclasstnen. 

"Once is an accident, twice is a tradition, " and the HingHam 
High Mixed Chorus Has fulfilled its tradition of greatness in tkc 
past four years .The Chorus Has Had an internationally melodious 
fouryears, belting out pieces as impressive as Handel's Messiah 
and Mendelsson's Elijahin places as exotic as Prague, Canada 
and Philly. We Have Had fun with such pop classics as "Bohemian 
RHapsody" and Beatles' medleys back in HingHam, and will never 
forget the wacky cHoreography enforced on the Choral Spectrum! 
Conducted by tHe incomparable Dr. Cappers and headed by Meg 
Crowley, MegCHapin, Maureen Gassert, CHris CHan and Justin 
Nestor, the dozens of chorus members will remember often 
following up a rough night of musical intensity with dessert at 

One-e and a bvo-e and a 



Vance Team 

whether at a school 
assembly or a basketball 
halftime show, the Dance 
Team Divas really shook 
their groove thangs. 
Senior tri-captains Leah 
Marcus, Nina Beckhardt, 
and Mallory Brady 
choreographed some 
spectacular and sexy 
numbers to such jams as 
"Dirrty" by Christina 
Aguilera. Along with a 
strong underclassmen 
componenant, seniors 
Haleigh Baxter, Sonya 
Genel, Brianna Brown, 
Laura D'Amico, Candice 
Weatherby, JilRocco, and 
Kaitlyn DuRoss spent 
long, sweaty Monday 
Tuesday and Thursday 
afternoons in the 
auditorium perfecting 
their moves and most of 
all having a good time. 
Though not competitive, 
the dance team really has 
provided a fun, unique 
dimension to Hingham 
High's extracurricular 

They are the Dancing Queens, young and sweet, only seventeen! A T We like to call her "Super -Sonic Sonya. 

Nina jumps for joy, knowing ► 
that her velvet pants are the 
envy of all the other girls. 

As the girls get into 
formahon, we're left to 
wonder: Dance Team, or 
country line dancing? 
You decide! 


Laura stays limber at a Dante Team practice ▲ 

Candace keeps the beat 
while at the same time 
striking a pose. 

Get that groove on, Leah! 

Briaiina struts her stutt, looking 
ready to take off on the fashion 

Mallory shows off 
her funky moves. ▼ 


Drama Club 

The Drama Club is the largest and most 
popular club at Hingham High and 
perhaps has the most devoted members. 
This year the club was led by Justin Nestor 
and Adam Read-Brown and continued 
tradition with a fabulous season of 
theatre. In the past four years students 
have participated in the musicals 42nd 
Street, Damn Yankees, West Side Story, 
a.nd. Les Miserables. Drama club seiaiors 
may also recall making it to the final 
round of the Massachusetts High School 
Drama Guild Festival Freshman year 
with Bang Bang, You re Dead, and have 
had further successes with The Taming of 
the Shrew and Lute Song. Last year also 
saw the instituhon of the spring dramatic 
play Our Town. The 130+ members of 
the club also have opportunities to join 
the National Thespian Society, participate 
in Senior Directed One Acts, and take a 
weekend trip to NewYork City sponsored 
by the club . 

A Geltmg cozy at the Locknn 

▼ Justin demonstrates his late-night cup-stacking 

Hey, bud! Hands off the 
expensive equipment! T 

an stokes his audience. ► 



(j . O ./\ . (Gay-Straight Alliance) 

The legendary GSA, led by Mr. Lalli, the school 
psychologist, has workedfor four years to open 
the minds of gay and straight Hingham High 
students alike. The club's achvihes vary, from 
attending marches and rallies in Boston, to 
getting together on video nights to watch movies 
that deal with the theme of homosexuality, such 
as Philidelphia. This year's presidents, Jen Brady 
and Pat Sullivan, have worked hard to reach 
the minds of students, teaching open- 
mindedness and making Hingham High a more 
open and tolerant place. 

A Movies — Drinks — Food 

Good hmes are had by all at the 
▼ enjoyable GSA movie nights. 

the issues of 

tolerance and 


while Jen Brady 

listens intently. 

Babin stays riveted on the movie. ^ 


Golden Key Society 

\ {ou may have witnessed those brave souls 
f 'vheehng about treacherous trash cans and 

idying up between lunches. Well, those are 
1 he heroic seniors of the Golden Key Society 
I /vho work hard each day in policing tables 
i md providing a service for the school. Wtth 
1 >arah King as president, Krissy Vulgaris as 
ice president, and Stephanie Jones as 

.ecretary, this commendable service-based 

organization has brought about a better and 

leaner cafeteria for us all. 

Andrew patrols 
the cafeteria for 
a stray brown 
paper bag. 

▲ Emma 

makes sure 

everyone is aware 

of the benefits of 

^ cleanliness 

Not only does 
Golden Key help 
keep the school 
clean, but it also 
helps you make 

Lovely da) tor 
recycling, isji'l if' 
Drew provides 
service with a 
smile. A ► 

...but it's not all 
fun and games. 
Stephame looks 
tired alter a 
rather long lunch 

H arb orligkt 

This year, with senior AUson Rand and junior Jen Brady 
as editors-in-chief, sophomore Angela Traficante as 
layout editor, and the supreme guidance of Mrs. 
Fennelly, and three new 
computers, the Hingham 
Harborlight newspaper 
really took off! Because of 
the immense success and 
encouragement of the new 
journalisrn elective course, 
the staff nearly tripled this 
year. An entirely student- 
run newpaper, the 
Harborlight has been a 
reliable outlet m allowing students to express their 
opinions on school affairs as well as current issues... 
from the price of French fries, to war in Iraq... The 
Harborlight has been there. 

en Brady 
cuts out her 
arhcle from 
the latest 
This one's a 

M jay deals with the sticky business... that is, 
labelling the newspapers with address stickers 

Alison's cheery repose will brighten 
the day of any journalist! ▼ 

Angela Traficante 
takes a short break 
froin her layouts. ▼ 

A Alison oversees 
with a watchtul eye. 


History Club 

Wtth the help of Mr. Woolley. the Class of 2003 

lounded Hingharn High's first-ever History 

Club. Don't be fooled by the name, however! 

The history club has very Utile to do ivilh 

actual history. 

Students gather 

at the weekly 

meetings to 

discuss current 

events. All sides 

of the political 

spectrum are 

represented m 

these discussions 

and members 

praise the club as 

an outlet to share their opinions and learn 

about what is going on m the world m a less 

acadeinic setting. 

▼ Pssst... hey, Dinesh, where's Iraq? 

Nick is amused by current events. ► 

Mr. Wooley brings the class up to date 

y Open discussion time! 


Improv Troupe 

The hnprov Troupe's fourth year of providing a home for zany 
spur-of-the-moment comedy was indeed one to remember. Ted 
by the veteran Improv Officer, Justin Nestor, the Troupe was 
augtnented by the talents of seniors Josh Diorio, Maureen 
Gasscrt, Ricky Hawkins, Adam Read-Brown, and NeilTraft, as 
well as inatiy underclassmen. There were quite a few quirky 
parties hosted, excuses for being late to work ran high, and no 
actor escaped without being tortured once or twice. But it's not 
just about portraying the world's worst telethon announcer, 
or even learning to speak only in questions. To its members, 
the Troupe has been four great years of off thc-wall 
comedy that only rarely broke the "Mom Rule." 
Drew Carey would be proud! 

Ricky, as an ► 
umbrella, keeps 
the party dry. 

M Hey! There 
are no pets 
allowed at 
this party, not 
even invisible 

When you're 
here, you're 

M josh may 

like improv. 

but his 

desire has 



been to be 

--^ i' V. 


a ballerina 




Maureen ► 

i M 



i' W 



F m 


Lydon at the 



inere wave 



of a hand. 



"What are 
you doing?" 
Justin is just 
shavitTg his 

Adatn burns 
the house 
down while 
pretending to 
be a fire. 
What a quirk! 


1 ntergener ational Club 

Leading the way for establishing a better link between father, mother, son, and 
daughter, the Intergenerational Club has bridged bridged the age gap on 
more than just a social level. With seniors Garret Daigler, Matt Kiernan, and 
Ben Prime, advised by Mr. Schreider, the club has had four great years. 
Memorable moments include the successful coat drives and visihng speakers 
who gave talks on such topics as the effect of aging on weather predichon. 
Have you ever wondered how accurate your grandfather's sore knee was 
regarding a coming storm? Just ask an Intergenerahonal Club member, and 
they will be sure to know. So whether it is by sparking conversations with our 
elders or providing chances for members to read stories to the young children 
at South School, the Intergenerational 
Club has helped reconnect us to our roots 

The coat drive box bursts with generosity! ► 


A Paul Bottone chats with the 
visihng speaker at a club meeting. 

Matt enjoys some pizza at an ^ 
Intergenerational Club funchon. 

-^ Leone Roell stands 
with four generations 
of her family. 

Liz Brennan gets 
better acquainted 
with her elders. ► 


both young 
T Garret, Ben, and Matt give the "Three Amigos" d run lor their money. j i j 

enjoy the 

festivities !▼ 

* * ■» -f 



bs «f the Road 





Language Clubs 

The Hingham High 
School French Club 
had some new 
opportunities this year with the arrival of the 
pre-schoolers. From the devoted French 
students, the youngest members of our school 
community eagerly learned to say the names 
of shapes and colors in French. Advised by 
Madame Brandt, club members took in the joys 
of a foreign culture . In the past, the French Club 
has taken trips to Quebec and even France. 
Voltaire would be proud of these enlightened 
scholars and their bilingual abilihes ! 

.. '-"'-»-' ' 

m /ii 


p -^9 



BQ ' 

T '^^^^^v^^^l 




4" .^B^ 


^ --4^^^^^ 


^: -#^^^Q 



^^^^^^r ^ 

■4 Siobhan shows off the easiest 
French word to learn: "Violet!" 

▲ Club members recruit preschoolers for their club 
in the years ahead. 1 see a budding French scholar! 

Madame Brandt 
leads the club 
with a certain 
savoir-faire that 
only she could 
provide . 

Hey, they aren't just bilingual 
The Latin Club shows off thei 
Classical Mosaics. ▼ 


This year Latin Club really took off! Senior Maureen Gassert and junior Mary Healy 
served as consuls, senior Lindsay Meek as secretary, junior George Schwartz as treasurer 
and trusty senior Jane Mellors served as historian. The club held its first ever Traditional 
Roman Peacock Fest as well as its Holiday Saturnalia Party. In addition to watching Gladiator, Latin clubbers 
designed their very own T-shirts. This year the club discussed competing with other surrounding high school 
Latin clubs in the Latin Scholastic League Olympiad. Based on the stellar seniors of the club, including Brendan 
Aucoin, Matt Paget, Colleen Lenhart, Jed McDonald, Hilary Lynch, Alex Ramsdell, Katy Perry, and Erin Sylvester, 
Hingham would be unbeatable ! 




Senior presidentes Tammy loanilU and Amy Kulp, 
along with advisor, Senor Mullry, headed the fiesta 
of a club that the 2002-2003 Spanish club proved to 
be! Members spiced things up on those classic 
Mexican restaurant trips, and we're not talking Taco Bell! They visited El Sarape, 
and planned to explore the new Casa del Rey in downtown Hinghain. The club 
raked in quite a profit as they sold fried dough at the homecoming festivities, 
VVhat's next, chicosi' A field trip to Tiajuana, perhaps? 

A Nina, Molly, and Matt consider convening m 
Cancun for the next Spanish Club meeting. 

A "Margarita" (Hilary) and "Lolita" (Katy) eagerly converse m Spanish. A 

Sehora Rielly 
relates to the 
Club one of her 




tT '^ '^^^^^^^^^^^H 


with the 
Spanish culture. 





' ^ rv^0ffBk.<, ^ 


>- ^ 

Maureen points out the direction 
to Rome. "It's that way!" T 

VVlio said Latin was a dead language? Tht 
members pose in front of their banner 
portraying Romulus and Remus. 


Les Miserables 

This year's Drama Club musical was perhaps 
the most profound performance to ever hit the 
Hingham High stage. Les Miserables boasted 
the direction of Mr. Higgins and Mrs. Levy-Sisk, 
a cast and crew of over one hundred students, 
and three sold out houses a week prior to 
opening night. In a tale that rivals Dickens' for 
its strange twists of tate, the tragic story of an 
escaped convict, his adoptive daughter and her 
mother, the evilThenardiers and their children, 
and a group of revolutionary students was 
played out three times over for entranced 
audiences. In peasant dress, the backstage crew, 
headed by Allison Eusden and Tyler Blair, 
maneuvered Mr. Garland's revolving stage and 
sets designed by Claire Karoff with splendid 
effect. This was a show that will not be forgotten 
soon. The cast and crew will always remember, 
"One TTiore dawai, one more day, one day more ! " 



Jean Valjean 

Justin iSlestor 

j avert 

Ricky Hawkins 


Katie Gassert 


Adam Read-Brown 


Matt Dahan 


Elesse Eddy 


Maureen Gassert 

M . TheiTardier 

Ian Stoker-Long 

Mme. T 

Katie Boutilier 

Katelyn Carbone 


Maia Hajj 

Courtney Donahue 


Bobby Battista, 

Elsbeth Clifford, 

Caroline Corbett, 

Josh Diorio, Maia 

Hajj, Emily 

Hamrock, Tony 

Morash, MeilTraft 

There's no ► 
way to go 

Red, the 


about to 






ends at 


of the 
of the 

A I'm gonna scream, l m gonna 
warn him here! ... Ahhhhhh! 


■ ^IB^^I 


1 V'^P^^^I 


^B " v^H ^^^^^^^1 





1 I 

f -IB ^H 


.JM » 

i^^ ^ 

fflf ■ 


A Turning, turning! Round and round 
back where we began... 

\ heart full of love... ▲ There is a castle on a cloud. ► 

Ah, yes, the \irUious Fantine! ATA little fall ol'rain 

down, look down. _\ou"ie standing in your grave. 
▼ At the end of the day! 

A Let no one sleep tonight! 

Little people know, and little people see... T 



Math TeaTTi... do you have what 
it takes!" It's no piece ot cake, but 
rather a sUce of "pi. " Under the 
great leadership of Coach 
Baisden and Coach Healey, the 
team, especially its fierce seniors 
Steve Fiascone, Ben Cox, Neil 
Traft, Kristen Garrity, Jaqui 
Crowley, and Scott Owen had a 
great year, one of intense 
competition. On long bus rides, 
these calculating kids could be 
heard chanhng: "Math Team is 
really good, what YEAH, what 
YEAH!!' The team motto, 
essentially the glue that held the 
team together, was: "Sin, sin, 
cosin, sin, 3.14159! " Props to Ben 
and Steve for memorizing all 1 1 2 
of those digits of pi! Oh, and don't 
forget calling phone number 781- 



A Oh, the tangent of theta is 
opposite OVER adjacent... 

T Hey Ben, how much would you 
take for that Tl-83? Hmmm... 

Adam Traina calculates A 
the circumference of the 
soda can. 


Inside math joke: It's 
funny, trust me. y 

Steve Jantzen and Matt display the joy that you 
only feel after successfully finding a derivative. T 

Neil gets up-close and 
personal with math. ► 


Model UN 

The Model United Nations is an 
international organization, and 
the Harvard MUN convention in 
which Hingham participates is 
one of the biggest conventions 
internationally. Joining the 
Hingham representatives were 
2,200 high school students from 
all over the U.S. , Turkey, Scotland, 
and China. Each school is 
assigned either one country or 
two. This year, Hingham got two: 
Micronesia and the Solomon 
Islands. While half of the Hingham 
delegation represented the 
Solomon Islands, the other half 
took on Micronesia. Out of that 
half, each went to a different 
convention. Mr. Kirkaldy led the 
group to the Harvard Convention 
where the students stayed from 
Thursday to Sunday at the Park 
Plaza Hotel. The presidents of this 
year's Model UN were Amy Long, 
Cadence Willse, and Liz Brennan. 
Thanks, girl's for representing 

With bags 
packed full of 
diplomacy, the 
girls are ready 
to head out 
into Boston! ^ 

At the Harvard 
the club 
prepare their 
arguments . 

T Life in the big city. . . 

we could get used to this ! 

M My, what intersting foreign affairs 


National Honor Society 

No, NHS is not just a "smart-kids club, " it is more so 
a selection of students who devote their time to 
various services and charities. This year, under the 
strong and helpful advisement of Ms. Perelman, 
seniors Kristen Garrity as president, Tony Morash 
as Vice President, Ben Cox as treasurer, and Susie 
Hardy as Secretary led NHS through a wonderful 
and charitable year. Potluck planning meetings, such 
as those at the Garrity's and the William's, brought 
members together, often over lasagna and Caesar 
salad, to plan these community service events. NHS 
naembers organized and prepared a beautiful 
Librarian luncheon, took a joint "Stand in the Sand " 
with ADL, volunteered many Monday afternoons 
at the Hingham Food Pantry, raised money with 
candy sales, and sparked some healthy school-wide 
competition with the point-awarded dry-goods 
drive. How could we forget the magnificent 
adverhsement for the drive put out by Susie and 
Kristen on the Friday show? This year the seniors 
did a spectacular job of keeping alive the flames of 
scholarship, leadership, service, and character. 

jacqui, and 
Molly beam 
after their 
last spring. 

A Club members 
gather around 
Tony as he tells 
them about the 
next NHS event. 

"4 Pete and Nina 
listen intently at 
the ceremony. 

The officers hold a 
meeting, with Ms. 
Perelman at the 
helm. ► 


▲ jay signs himself up for 
some civil service work. Food 
Pantry, Here we come! 



The HinghaTTi High Orchestra is one of the largest organizations 
at the school. This year's enthusiastic senior officers included 
Kimiko Ebata as president, Tony Morash as Vice President, 
Treasurer Adam Read-BrowTi, and Secretary Leah Marcus. The 
group, which meets 5 days B Period has a busy concert schedule, 
performing in the winter, spring, at an All-Town Concert and at 
a Pops Concert. Conducted by Ms. Sassano the orchestra has 
traveled in the past four years and performed in New York City, 
Virginia, Baltimore, and Montreal, representing the musical 
best Hingham has to offer. 

T Alicia and Ellen make beautiful music together 

A Tony plucks the notes ▲ Kimiko leads the Leah and Lincoln 

out of his cello like a violin section through are intent on the 

magician out of his hat. a classic piece. music. ▼ 


— 7^ ^^^^^^^ ^^____ 


IPiikTii '''^^^V^'I'ir^^l^^^ 



1^" " ik,^ 

Orchestra: IMo strings attatched. ■^ 

A Heather and Leah weUd iheir boivs ivith more 
dexterity than an archer. 

■^ Matt B. looks dapper as 
usual \n concert allire 


Oceanograpky Club 

Dissecting sharks and feeding fish, the 
Oceanography Club has had four great years of 
aquatic exploration! With Mr. Gauthier as their 
leader, the club members "submerged" themselves 
into the world of Jacques Cousteau and learned all 
they ever wanted to know about their friends with 
gills. With help from Mrs. Duffy's Biology Club, the 
Oceanography Club succeeded in mastering the 
science of the sea. Seniors Sean Hagan, Molly 
MacDonald, Emma Ross, Tia Vaickus, and jnany 
others had a great time getting up close and personal 
with baby sharks, snakehead fish, and other (more 
legal) forms of marine life , and will never forget what 
a shark's eye looks like in the palm of your hand. 

Aw, isn't it cute? A club member cradles 
a baby shark in their hands. ▼ 

Tammy documents the life 
of a single-cell algae ! ▼ 

Tia, Lucy Rogers and 
Suzanne Connelly open 
up afresli sliark y 

▲ EnTma and Molly take a break from 
the action for some snacks. 


Outer Limits Literary Magazine 

Remember those bright happy boxes throughout Enghsh 
classes that say "The Outer Limits " on them? Well, each year, 
staff members ofHmgham High's literary magazine, "The Outer 
Limits, " wait for students to fill them up with heartfelt poetry, 
fiction, artistic doodles, college essays, maybe even some haiku. 
This year the editors were: Nina Beckhardt, Maia Hajj, and 
Leah Lundberg. This year they worked hard together, with the 
lielping hand of Mrs. Fennelly, to put together a beautiful 
collection of student artwork and writing. 

•4 What are the 

of not 
The Outer 
Limits team 



▲ My, whal an mterestmg collection ot student art at\d poetry 

Leah Lundburg shows oft her A 
stunning coUechon of bracelets 
and literary magazines. 

M If there's anything that 
Nina is more excited for than 
"Sesame Street Fever", it's the 

Literary Magazine! 

A Maia 

finds her muse m 

an inspirational 

Outer Limits 


The ^ 



new creative 




»,^f -m 



^ ' ^1 



m ~~^^^ ^^ 

1 -^^ ^^tpr 

Senior Video 

This year's senior video staff is working hard, 
scouring the school for clips for our video 
yearbook! Led by Tyler Blair, Kip Doble and David 
Cartier, with the assistance of Mr. Thaxter and a 
competent staff including jacqui Crowley, Caroline 
Corbett, Ellen Tuite, Kristen Garrity, Sonya Genel, 
and Laura D'Amico, these boys and girls are 
working hard to give you a complete portrait of 
our lives at Hingham High, including sports 
shoots, drama shows, volleyball tournaments, and 
special events such as the Lip Sync Contest, Mr. 
Hingham High, and the Hypnotist. Not to menhon 
the everyday life of the seniors of Hingham High 
School and the whole community. In short, the 
Senior video is a moving, audio yearbook - a 
yearbook that reads itself to you. So 1 hope you 
smiled when they shoved that camera in your face 
during lunch - despite the fact that they always 
seem to catch you at your most embarrassing 
moment, seeing the Senior Video is like reliving 
the best moments of our four years at high school! 

Ellen, Caroline and Jacqui understand ► 
the true mirth of Senior Video. 

▼ The Average Dave. 

Dave and Sain are Senior Video moguls. ► 
▼ Tyler and Carohne think intently about what to include m the Senior Video. ▼ 



Senior Class Officers 

^-'Wf 1101 iJ^I 


Snellwhat ^ 


^^ . cmm? 

'"^■"'•'i-'^r jf*- 

Colleen Lenhart 

Molly Williams 



Jjtlu:« frW'nfru ny ,, 

M»;» tr-tf I.-?.' Ji i,^.:^. 


]Mu|.4l-|ttr|.m} iH^t^) 

JW'**'ft'H"itrit^yi ±} 

Ssrf ^4 ^-^n^F ?' 

'.'nSklbn tttii:^^K 1 1: 


Matt Koelsch 

Ben Marshall 


Snowb oar ding Club 

Members of the SnowboardingClub, often spotted tearing up various 
slopes such as Sunday River, Gunstock, Waterville, and Loon, are just 
a bunch of kids who hke to get together and have a good time. ]uUa 
ColUns provided the necessary Senior leadership and organized the 
club's numerous trips. These trips, coordinated through the school, 
allowed students to take advantage of reduced group rates, top of 
the line transportation buses (with TV's on them!), and to wake up 
mighty early on numerous Saturday mornings. But overall, despite 
long bus rides and chapped lips, Hingham High's Snowboard clubbers 
had a fantashc winter! 

Fly away! The Snowb oar ding 
Club grapples with gravity. Y 

You want to see 
some extreme 
Try doing it 
upside-down! ► 

A Jason Blair 
slides across the 
railing like a 
surfer in water. 

beware! Here 
come the 


^' . ■ ' - 
T ' 


Student Council 

Advised, by Ms. Moore, the Student 
Council is an action-oriented 
organization comprised of student 
leaders empowered to give voice to 
the student body. Its primary 
objectives are fostering school pride 
and spirit, creating a positive 
environment, developing strong 
leadership skills, appreciating and 
recognizing faculty, working 
cooperatively with other school 
organizations, and giving back to 
and supporting the community. You 
can spot Student Council members' 
peppy smiles from miles down the 
hall These are the people 
responsible for Mr. Hingham High, 
Homecotning, the Lip-Synch Contest 
and the Hypnotist Show. They also 
participate in a plethora of 
community services in the name of 
our school including Christmas in 
the City and the Walk for Hunger. 

The members of Student Council show 
off their radiant smiles while tending 
the Homecoming food stand. ^ 

•4 Leah and Lindsay 
present their sign for 
the "Stepping Stones" 
program in Boston. 

Ben and Lindsay keep 
score at the Lip Sync 
competition. ^ 

A The Juniors 
take a few 
pointers from 
the Seniors of 
Student Council 


Caitlin, Lauren 
and Hilary 
enjoy the 
festivities of 
Christmas in 
the City. ► 


A The Lip Sync was a great success, with Kyle Toomey 
in first place and Pat Campbell in second. 

▲ Ben, Rachel, and Leah ride the T" 
on their way to "Chrisltnas in the City. " 

■^ And the teacher of the 
TTionthis... Mr. Higsins! 

The girls "put their heads 

together " to plan for the 

next Student Council event. ► 

Nora addresses the strudent 
body at a monthly asseinbly. ▼ 



Students Against Destructive Decisions 

Acting as the moral conscience 
of Hingham High, the Students 
Against Destructive Decisions 
continued their campaign 
against the bad choices that 
could possibly be made, and their 
resulting consequences. In 
previous years, S.A.D.D. has 
sponsored such events as a 
reenacted car crash taking place 
at the school, "Grim Reaper Day" 
in which students would leave 
their classes and return as shades 
of themselves, sytnbolizing lives 
lost to drunken driving, and 
many other such events. Under 
the guidance of Mrs. Marvel 
and Senior members Cynthia 
Balunas and Sean Hagan, the 
club is also responsible for the 
colorfully-painted reminders 
posted around the school, 
especially at dances, to ensure the 
safety of all students. Thanks, 
S.A.D.D, for being so 

Sean displays the club's custom- 
made balloons. High tech! ▼ 

Hey, great idea! Club members 
brainstorm sotne eye-catching 
poster phrases. ► 

Cynthia and Rachel Litvack discuss 
their newest poster designs. ▼ 

Mrs. Marvel oversees production, y 


^>. L./\. 

Students for Environmental Action 

The Hingham High chapter of Students for Environmental Action 
definitely does the dirtiest work of any other club at the school, all in 
the name of love for the planet. Advised by Mr. Garland, members 
meet Tuesdays and Thursdays after school in the cafeteria to dig bare- 
handed through the recycling bins to recycle any cans or bottles possible . 
With Susie Hardy as a dedicated leader and Katy Georges, Emily 
Hamrock, Hannah Rogers, and Meredith Kelly among S.E.A.'s corps of 
seniors, the club is working hard to keep your planet clean. These 
ecologically-sensitive kids sometimes seemed to be fighting a losing 
battle when they found a half-eaten ham sandwich in the recycling bin, 
but they keep up the good work with an admirably optimistic spirit! 

Ready to "dig in?" ▼ 

Susie for 
Action! ► 

Hannah and Meredith recycle some paper, save 
a few trees, and have a few good laughs . T 

Nicole Earned perfects her 
free-throw with a Sobe can. ▼ 



Traces is a vocational school program 
through which Hingham High 
students have the opportunity to 
learn skills that are not taught in a 
typical classroom. The participants 
spend the morning in school taking 
classes to fulfill academic 
requirements, and after lunch move 
to the Traces building. There, resources 
are available to students interested in 
learning woodworking and 
metalworking, among other things. 
The program is available to all HHS 
students and is taught by Dr. Polowski 
and Brad Cooley. Senior members of 
the Traces program this year are Ken 
Lipsett, Bill McKim, Bill Morin, and 
Justin Osborne. Underclassmen 
members include Jeff Gill, Brian 
Mclntyre, and Chris Wilcox. 

Jeff Gill observes all official safety 
rules as he cuts a board for his 
next project. ► 

Ken consults his book for 
design ideas. ▼ 

With a design 
in mind. Ken 
picks out the 
materials he 
will use. ► 


Brian Mclntyre expertly drills a hole. ^ 
The boys and their instructors assemble lor a picture. T 


Volunteer Club 

Under the leadership of co-presidents Ahsha Leahy 
and Molly WilUams, the Volunteer Club worked 
selflessly this year to bring smiles to the faces of 
local seniors at the Cohasset Knoll Nursing Home. 
From singing Christmas carols, to joining weekly 
games of Bingo, these volunteers, through their 
youth and vitality, truly reaped the benefits of their 
time well spent when they saw the joy that they 
brought the senior citizens . Additionally, the 
Volunteer Club worked around the school to 
beautify our surroundings and simply make 
Hingham High School a more pleasant place to 
spend six hours of our day. The joyful spring 
flowers we see coming up are the results of the 
hard work of the Volunteer Club members 
contributed early in the fall of 2002. The group 
also put in welcome hours at the Mary Martha 
Learning Center. Buoyed by the benevolent smiles 
of senior members Tracy Devine, Colleen Lenhart, 
Lindsay Meek, and Lauren Murphy, as well as the 
two hardworking presidents and a strong corps of 
underclassmen, the good works of this club did not go 
unappreciated. With Ms. Roth serving as able advisor, the 
newly-founded club got off to a good start early in the year, 
and their continuing success with "random acts of kindness " 
practiced periodically for various members of our high school 
community ensure that the Volunteer Club, though it may 
miss its big-hearted seniors of 2003, will be an mshtution in 
Hingham for many years to come. Thanks, Volunteer Club! 

Alicia braves the windy weather to help 
volunteer and plant bulbs for the school T 

Ms. Roth oversees the project as 
students beauhfy the school y 

▲ Molly volunteers her 
time with the elderly. 



WHHS TV staff is responsible for bringing 
you the Friday Show and producing the 
skits that promote HHS events, keep the 
school updated on what's happening, and 
just simply make you laugh. While Mr. 
Thaxter and his TV Production classes do 
much of the work, the show is brought to 
you by Hingham High's beloved media 
icons, including ]eannette Pollara, Josh 
Diorio, Chris Cheu, Brandon Gay, Sonya 
Genel, Laura D ' Amico and Kaitlin DuRoss . 
The studio schedule is rigorous as people 
meet on Mondays to discuss the week's 
show, and then work all week, editing 
movies and interviewing people about 
sports, drama, and upcoming events. The 
anchors are finally filmed on Thursday 
to bring you the stunning broadcast in 
your homeroom every Friday! 

■^ Lights, camera... 
Dave prepares to 
capture it all on film. 

Chris Cheu ► 
documents the 
Snowball dance. 

Kyle Toomey edits a parhcularly shocking segment. 

Frank and 
Laura edit 
a segment 
together. ▼ 

The boys watch their creation prou 
We have a show! ▼ 


Ah, yearbook... where do 

we begiU'' Producing the 

Yearbook is a Iremetidoiis 

ellort which, through the 

course ol tlie year, 

in\'oK'es every student in 

the school (at least we 

hope we didn t iniss p. 

anyone). Speaking ol 

missing people, there are 

editors on this page which 

are not pictured! They are ^ 

Adam Read-Brown the 

Business Editor; Maia 

llajj, the Layout Editor; 

and Nma Beckhardt, the 

Copy Editor. There are 

countless people to thank, 

but we detinitely couldn I 

have done it without the help ol every person on this page, and e\en more importantly, without 

the support ot our wonderful advisors, Mrs. SilvaandMs. Audet. Yearbook had its ups and downs, 

lun times and excruciatingly-pamlullybusy times, but, m the end, we came out of it with a book Ic 

be ' 

\o I \1 LtkiiigYOlll^pulure' A 

Sur\ u mg tlie Great Yearbook Flood ot 2003. ▲ 

Claire shous ott her 
astoundmgl)' large 
zoom. Til bet she can 
see the Hubble 
Telescope with that 




Nicole looks soPMvli^ijjfifidous.ySfhat 
else does she want to paint 'twulMlt blue?' 






▲ So exactly how many photographers 
were there at the Homecoming game? , 

A Dennis the Menace? 
Great cowlick, Ricky! 

American flags and water 

bottles. That's Tony in a nutshell! T 

The Day the Microwave Had Enough Popcorn. 
Peekaboo! Hey, Emily, we see you! ▼ 

Chris Chan, the Money-Man. T .j^-. 

Matt on a Hoi I m Kcml 

1"^ c-n 

P ^Ur-^ Molly figures out how to deal 

with more crops than a farmer. ▼ 






Volleyball Tournaments 



juniors class of 2004 

DaTiiel Allen 

Lura Allen 

Emily Amrhein 

Louis Arnos 

Michael Babin 

Constance Baltera 

Ashley Bargende 

Suzanne Barker 

Michael Barra 

Brian Bashanelh 

Christin Belmore 

Emily Belyea 

Christopher Bierbaum 

Jennifer Brady 

Julie Cadigan 

Patrick Campbell 

Shane Campbell 

Katelyn Carbone 

Elizabeth Carey 

Julie Carey 

Jacqueline Cartier 

Caitlin Childs 
Christie Clarke 
Nichole Coady 

Brian Collins 
Lucas Craig 

John Creahan 
Thomas Curtis 

Matthew Dahaii 

Paul Deane 

Matthew Delane)' 

Kristin Demontigny 

Amanda Dodge 

Michelle Doherty 

Courtney Donahue 

James Donovan 

Kaitlin DonovaTi 

James Drew 

Caroline Duval 

Jacob Elhott 

Katherine Ells 

Stacy Epstein 

Wesley Eawcett 


Michael Finneran 

Stephen Fiske 

Justin Flanagan 

Cheryl Flynn 

Melissa Ford 

Joseph Gabriel 

Kimberly Gallagher 

Kathleen Gassert 

Mitchell Gianoni 

Rachael Gilbert 

Courtney Glasheen 

Kimberly Grant 






^Hk mM 



^^KL ' 

> , 



\, ■- 


.^ Jw 

M^^%x'^ t 




r ' 

^R ■^^ " li 




Liesl Grebenstcin 
Mallhew Griffui 
)ulit' Guerra 
Allison Unas 
Lauren Hamel 
Jennifer Hanlon 
James Hare 

Matthew Hasletl 
Michael Hebert 
lared Henley 
Matthew Higgms 
Alyssa Hopkins 
Stephen Jantzen 
Christopher Johnson 

Robert Johnson 
Lauren Kaye 
Natalie Kimborovvicz 
Jamie Landers 
Erin Lear)' 
Caitlin Leblanc 
Jenna Lemonias 

Racliel i-incoln 
MicJiael MacCune 
Craig MacDonald 
Slieena Marquis 
Bradford Matton 
Kyle McAlpine 
Kelly McGreevy 

Brian Mclntyre 
Jeffrey McLean 
Claire Merrill 
Caitlin Mmnock 
Timothy Morse 
Micholas Nickfee 

Christine Nims 
Caroline Nutter 
Russell O'Connell 
Francesca O'DohertyPopp 
Kathleen O'Donnell 
Allison O'Leary 
Alexander Olson 

Francisco Ossa 
John Paget 
Nicholas Parker 
Danielle Pastuszak 
Alex Pence 
Daniel Perrault 
Caitlin Peterson 

Erica Pizzelli 
jasmin Plouffe 
Michael Pungilore 
Jessica Purcell 
Sarah Ralhnam 
Ahsa Rile\' 
Patrick Robbms 

Lucy Rogers 
Annie Rosen 
Elizabeth Schaefer 
Erich Schutz 
George Schwartz 
Nathaniel Seelen 
Gregory Settmo 


Da\ad Sheehan, Jr. 

Jason Skinner 

Erin Smith 

Emily Snyder 

Tiffany Spedden 

Patrick Sullivan 

Alexandra Tartol 

Diana Trcbino 

Nicholas Trinchera 

Justin Tsoi 

Ryan Vickers 

Matthew Vrecland 

Margaret Ward 

Justin Weinstem 





OTTLOreS Class of 2005 

Lauren Alcarez 

Julia Amrhein 

Stefanie Andrews 

Steven Anliot 

Jenna Babson 

Lianna Baimas-George 

Andrew Barbieri 

Michael Beal 

Thomas Beauregard 

Rebecca Bellew 

Marianne Black 

Jason Blair 

Samuel Blakey 

Lauren Blanchard 

Joanna Borr 

Stephanie Bowler 

John Bowman 

Elizabeth Brennan 

Brian Buckley 

Kyle Burden 

Margaret Buttkus 

Douglas Bycoff 

Andrew Cabucxo 

William Calhoun 

Gregory Campbell 

Timothy Carr 

Nathan Cassiani 

Alexander Chan 

Christopher Cheu 

Paul Cho 

Meredith Clark 

Daniel Clarke 

Taylor Collins 

Rory Condron 

Thomas Coughlin 

Thomas Cushmg 

Alexis Dale 

Tara Daniels 

Wesley Daughenbaugh 

Antonio De Las Morenas 

Emily Doble 

Scott Dresser 

Sarah Eaton 

Jennifer Eberle 

Megan Eberle 

Amanda Eddy 

Elesse Eddy 

David Esons 

Patrick Fagundus 

Kristin Fahy 

Susan Fallon 

Jessica Farrell 

Michelle Fiske 

MacKenzie Flynn 

Jacqueline Fraher 

Chrishne French 


Hunter Freyer 
Jennifer Galvm 
Cassandra Gendron 
Michael Gervasi 
)acl)ai Giacchetti 
Sara Giberson 
Samuel Gillespie 

Andrew Glavin 
Jennifer Gomez 
Michael Goulet 
Jacob Hagslrom 
William Hanson 
Cailin Harris 
Marisa Harris 

Jessica Hatlield 
Anna Healey 
Alexandra Herman 
Madeline Hobbs 
Hannah Hogan 
Sarah Hope 
Amanda Horrigan 

Alexandra Hosea 
Richard Hovsepian 
Alix Howie 
Catherine Hurley 
Angela Hwang 
Jennifer Ingersoll 
Carla Irazuzta 

Lindsey Itzkowitz 
Carolyn Jeffries 
Sarah Johnson 
Jaime Kalman 
Nicholas Katz 
Brett Kaye 
Keith Kehrmeyer 

Molly Keif 
Theresa Kelliher 
Travis Knudson 
Tyler Knudson 
Patricl< Kracunas 
Andra Kubulms 
Christopher Leahy 

Shaun Lentz 
Rachel Litvack 
Amy Long 
Leah Lundberg 
Tara Lundie 
Andriy Luts 
Emma Lydon 

Brittany Mac Bean 
Siobhan MacElhiney 
Keith MacKenzie 
Daniel MacV'arish 
Kevin Magner 
Tlieresa Mancuso 
Heather Manning 

Monica Marchione 
Kristen Marino 
Emily Marshall 
Allison Mayer 
Caroline McCluskey 
Bernard McCormack 
Garrett McCready 


Shane McDonough 

Caitlin McGovern 

Patrick McGrath 

Patrick McGuirk 

Stephanie Mclntyre 

Elizabeth Mellors 

Jennifer Messina 

Ahssa Mezzetti 

Kevin Miller 

Ashley Mills 


Micaela Mirabassi 

Lindsey Mitchell 

Caroline Monahan 

Jamie Morris 

Alexandra Mo shier 

Kari Mruz 

Katlyn Murray 

Jennifer Nielsen 

Thomas O'DoTinell 

Leslie Osborn 

Megan Perry 

Brock Pilgrim 

Nicholc Pinkus 

Jade Plouffc 

Joseph Prezioso 

Matthew Quadros 

Bryan Quinlan 

Michael Quinn 

Ryan Railton 

Gregory Rando 

Laura Reese 

Gizclle Robinson 

Eleonore Roell 

Mario Romania 

Lia Roth 

Kena Roxas 

MolUe Ruben 

Danielle Russell 

Kayne Ryan 

Edward Schwartz 

Stephanie Sheedy 

Stcfanie Sheehan 

Amanda Shore 

Colleen Soltys 

Leigh-Anne Souther 

Christine Sowyrda 

Margot Spatola 

Dillon St. Leger 

Robert Stearns 

Mary Sullivan 

Hope Sullivant 

Ariel Thibault 

Kyle Toomcy 

Douglas Tremblay 

Caitlin Tully 

Adam Ulchak 

Danielle Vanstrien 

Kathleen Verceglio 

Andrew Vickers 

Courtney Wasson 

Megan Watson 

Aaron Weiscr-Woodward 




Danielle VVheeler 
Elizabeth Whitney 
Wliitney Williams 
C adence Willse 
Kirsten Wilson 
Michelle Wilson 


Freshrrien class of 2006 

Luke Aker 

Joseph Albert 

Kimberlee Allegra 

Casey Amster 

Abigail Andrus 

George Arnos 

Joseph Baglione 

Thomas Barbieri 

Caitlin Bardsley 

Michael Battaglia 

Johnna Beebe 

Jennifer Berger 

Molly Bittrolff 

Caitlin Bixby 

Ian Black 

Patricia Blake 

Claire Boland 

Ryan Boney 

Amy Bongiorno 

James Brady 

Emily Brown 

Sarah Brown 

Emily Bulman 

Christopher Burke 

Kelly Burke 

Chrishne Burkholder 

Robert Burns 

Arthur Butler 

Patrick Cadigan 

Kayla Calhoun 

Caitlin Campbell 

Michael Campbell 

Meghan Carbone 

Nick Cerilli 

Rashad Charles 

Rono Chatterjee 

Tyler Clinton 

Ted Cochran 

Alison Collins 

Hilary Collins 

Sean Collins 

John Connelly 

Elizabeth Conner 

Nicole Connors 

Katelyn Conte 

Alex Corey 

Caitlin Corey 

Cornelius Creahan 

Jaclyn Criscuolo 

Jenna Cristello 

John Cullen 

Allison Curley 

Tara Daniels 

Jacob Danker 

Allyson Dasilva 

Brian Devme 





s ' ^ 
K... u 


\ ' ^ 

jUU^IJIJ II u— .- -—u^ 



^ i^W 

^ , 



Patrick Donovan 
Nikkia Dorzin 
Ferns Draouil 
Wesley Drew 
Alana DriscoU 
John Duff 
Maltheiv Dykes 

Robert Ebala 
)ocel)Ti Edens 
Caroline Edrnundson 
Zack Eicoff 
Cameron Ferrante 
James Ferrucci 
Peter Fiascone 

Krista Fiore 
Daland Fithian 
Sean Filzmaurice 
Tliomas Flanagan 
Chad Fletcher 
Courtney Foley 
Conor Forbes 

Jeffrey Gabriel 
l.enora Gallo 
Sara Gassert 
Alexandra Gast 
Michael Gaughen 
Joseph Gianoni 
Daniel Gifford 

Martha Gillespie 
Caitlyn Glasheen 
Joseph Glennon 
Emily Grebenstem 
Christopher Grosse 
Jillian Guihan 
Jenny Flail 

Brendan Hamel 
Maren Handorl 
Joanne H anion 
Jonathan Harlow 
Darren Flazeltine 
Daniel Flebert 
Matthew Fiession 

Meghan Hibbard 
Kevin Higgms 
Henry Hobbs 
Andrew Hodgkins 
David Hoelschen 
Stephanie Hoelschen 
Nathan Homan 

Charles Hovsepian 
Patricia Ingoldsby 
Meaghan Jetmings 
Philip Johnson 
Ryan Johnson 
Emily Johnston 
Nicholas Jones 

Jentiiler Kahane 
Maggie Karoff 
Ryan Kennedy 
Daniel Kenyon 
Kyla Kessener 
George Kimball 
Charles King 


Edward King 

Courtney Kingston 

Emily Knox 

Emily Lapann 

Brian Leahy 

Meghan Leary 

Robert Lee 

James Lemonias 

Aaron Levin 

Hannah Lincoln 

Erica Lmdberg 

Christiana Lumbert 

Samantha Lussier 

Brandon Luttinger 

Douglas MacCallum 

Kimberly MacCune 

Cori MacDonald 

Jason MacDonald 

Caitlin Marquis 

Shannon Martin 

Ashley Matton 

Caitryn McCallum 

Maura McCormack 

Michelle McCourt 

Tyler McDonald 

Brian McEachen 

Katherine McGrath 

Sterling McLean 

Erin McNichols 

Erin McNiff 

Connor McWhorter 

Hillary Meahl 

Amanda Melia 

Francis Messina 

Marc Meyer 

Jessica Mezzetti 

Ashley Mirabassi 

Michael Monaco 

William Monahan 

J ohnna M ontillio 


James Mucci 

Brian Muldoon 

Alexandra Murphy 

Jessica Murphy 

Anne Newman 

Mary Newman 

Ellen O'Dea 

Walter O'Donnell 

Amanda O'Neil 

Catherine O'Neill 

David Oronte 

Brendan Paget 

Jonathan Pappalardo 


Lindscy Paul 

Michael Perkins 

Dylan Perry 

Michael Petrucci 

Gerald Phelan 

Jessica Pugliesi 

Anne Pungitore 

Peter Ramsdell 


m^ m 

■ ^ ^ 











Hope Rathnam 
Alison Reeves 
Lucas Ricarl 
Gillian Riggs 
Carson Riley 
Michael Riley 
Colleen Rirketls 

Rebecca Risko 
Matthew Rocco 
Andrew Ryan 
Christopher Ryan 
Howard Sanborn 
Elizabeth Sanderson 
Peter Scanlon 

Michael Scott 
Tyler ScuUen 
Christopher Sewall 
Ha;vle)' Shea 
Natalie Sheehan 
Andrew Sherman 
Kimberly Shorey 

Sandra Sica 
Anna Slocum 
Max Slygh 
Benjamin Smith 
Breda Smith 
Michael Smith 
Rachael Spiess 

Margaret Starsiak 
Amanda Stearns 
Patrick Sullivan 
Shannon Sweeney 
Elizabeth Szyman 
Ashley Thomas 
Brian Thompson 

Joseph Tomasulo 
Carolyn Trogele 
Adam Ulchak 
Douglas Uretsky 
Erin Vardaro 
Daniel Ventresca 

Karen Verceglio 
Jason Waite 
Molly Walker 
Andrea Ward 
Kirk Weller 
Hay ley Wells 
Casey Weston 

Katherine White 
Kelly Whitehead 
Alexandra Williams 
James Wilson 

Steven Wojtasinski 
Lisette Worsler 
Justin Wulf 





.. ^ 

r ^ 


' 1 J 

£ . il ■ 

A"* T S vis( 



Jackie Marvel 

Deanne Moore 

Family a^j 

Corxsomer Science 

French Latin Spanish 

Gerald Bliss 

(Department Chair) 

Mary Andrews 

Kara Roth 

Suzanne Lincoln 

J anis Brandt 

Michael Doherty 

Lisa Audet 

H elaine Silva 

Gale Nutter 

(Department Chair) 

Emily Camp ell 



Cathleen Walsh 


Elizabeth. Char if 

Annmarie Fennelly 

Brad Cooley 

InJustrid Arts 

Charles Geary 

Barbara Finnegan 

(Department Chair) 

Paul O'Brien 

Steven George 

Fred J ewe tt 

Brian Faherty 


Paul Pawlowski 

Diana Sides 
(Department Chair) 

Susan l_uce 

Joseph R\ati 

Cathy Eddlem 

J ennifer FH enr ik s en 

Linda Mazzella 

Michael Mulr 


Leo Pianles 







Judith Rielly 

(Department Chair) 

Douglas Ryan 

Eileen Hunt 

William Larson 

Phaedra Sassano 

Douglas Wauchope 


Shari Laprise 

Peter Lincoln 

(Department Chair) 

Patricia Tomecek 

Claudia Leone 

Thomas Melanson 



Barbara Berlucchi 

Andrew Binkiwitz 

Anne Marcks 


Steveti Olson 

William Barges 

Department Chair 

Darnel Clune 




Stephen Baisden 

Christopher Burke 


iVleredith Gordon 

Paul Canniff 

Paul Cappers 
Department Chair, Chorus 

Jonathan Rice 

Peter Mealy 

Douglas Holley 
{DeparlmtMit Chair) 

Theodore Haines 

Linda Hanle\' 

Janet Duffy 

Paula Flanagan 

Russell Garland 

David Gauthier 

Elizabeth Katt 


Mary Elizabeth 

Ann Carroll 

ris Gillard 

James Kirkcald) 
(Deparfmenl Chair) 




Da\'id Lacatell 


Elizabeth Ruggiero 

Paula Girouard McCami 

Roger Bo ddie 

Asst. Prmcipal 



Christina O'Connor Tamara Perelman 

Adjustment Counselor 

Michael Donnell 

Asst. Principal 

Maria Aiello 

Lawrence Babcock 
Building Manager 


Edward Schreider 

Stephen Swett 

/\o m i n j stra tio n 

Kathleen Carnpbell 

Adniinistratu e Asst. 

Candida Barbuto 

John Callahan 

Deborah ] ohnson 
Administrative Asst. 

Donna Casagrande 

Cafeteria Manager 

Don Campbell 


Speciii Neeis 



>\ 6> 

Paul Donovan 

Brian Heffertnan 

Pamela King 

dministrative Asst. 

I andida Eckland 

Judy Mitchell 

Principal's Secretary 

Sue Gentile 
Asst. Cafe Manager 

Jayrie Skinner 
Administrative Asst. 

Eleanor Goldsmith 

Ms. Ellen Keane 

Assistant Superintendent 



Rose Stratford 

Administrative Asst. 


Lewis Clark 


Daniel J. Nicolosi 

Ernest Olson 

rancis QuiU 


Robert Regan 



Shiela Atwater 
Career Center 

Gregory N evader 

Martha Robinson 

Administrative Assist. 

Eileen Walsh 

Administrative Assist. 



- ^fl 





- ▲ 

X ,^^Hf^ 

Cynthia Rogers 



VIcreditH Eastman 

Allison Case 

Barbara J oKnson 



Marion Rubbo 


Carole O'Connell 

Erin Krall 


Schuyler Thaxter 


Lisa Paul 



Patricia J ohnson 


Patricia Muldoon 

Computer Specialist 

Kevin Lally 



Joseph AndiL'us 

( iiinputer Dude 

Kris Phdlips 
Police Resource Officer 

H eather Lewellen 

Virginia Roche 


f ^ «^1W 

^■^^ '^ 


^Hk 1 


^E "~ M^ 



Caterina lannino 

Hall Monitor 

Camilla Roundtree 
Metco Coordinator 


MmTTi... cream cheese. T 

■^ Ben and Kip model 
for a Pepsi Cola ad. 

A Core\' sliovvs us his long-lost twin. 

Neil shows 
us one of 
the many 
moods of a 


I'm just a little 'ol Homecoming King. ► 
Chillin' like a villain. T 

Mclver prepares to Hght ott the orcish 
hordes of Saruman the White. ▼ 



ift N"^' 







odd, you don't look like a football player... A 
The two Allisons enjoy lunch together. T 

]enn will just have to cope with Sophie's newly-grown cat ears. ▲ 


Christina entices others to help her take pictures A 
•^ Hilary enjoys some quiet time. Smxle! T 



of all, tkank you Mom and Dad ^^ 

Brendan Aucoin: First 

for everything. Also, Brian, Megan and Ali, you guys Have 
always looked out for me, and made sure 1 did the right 
thing. It was always a challenge and a privilege to live up 
to the examples that you all set for me. Thank you to all 
my friends. John, we have been best friends since 1 can 
remember, there are so many funny memories that we 
have shared, thank you for being not only a great friend, 
but also a partner in crime. Anna, you have always been 
there to talk to me about anything, and 1 appreciate 
everything that you have done for me. Good luck to 
everyone, 1 hope we all keep in touch. Thank you to all the 
great teachers 1 had over the years; Mrs. Charif, Mr. Swett, 
and Mr. Kirkaldy. Thank you HHS, 1 had a blast! 

Sarah Barnes: As the year has come to an end 1 would 
like to thank everyone who has been apart of it. Mom, 
Dad, and Laura, your my family and have been there 
every step of the way and 1 am very grateful for all that 
you have done for me . Brad, 1 am so happy that you have 
came into my life, 1 love you so much. As for my friends, 
we have all grown up since Foster and 1 am glad we have 
remained friends for so long, each and everyone of you 
have taught me so much. 

Nina Beckhardt: Thank you to everyone who has helped 
me to become who 1 am... first and foremost. Mom and 

me the most perfect lunches everyday to every morning ^ 
you wake me up with coffee and drove me to school so i "^^^ 
didn't have to walk from far... thank you for taking sue! "'' 
good care of me. Dad, thank you for every one of my essays i^s 
you spent hours editing, every Thursday-night dinner w« if* 
shared together and every college road trip we ever tool i^' 
together. Without both of you high school would havt K< 
been impossible. Whether mL^ing me or praising mei 
you both are my fuel, my inspiration, and my motivation) ls» 
Matthew, 1 cannot describe how much of my heart yot ^ 
hold, 1 honestly do not want to imagine my world if yoii I*' 
weren't in it. . . 1 love you. Mulligan, from fifth-grade Adida; 
sambas andtoothpick-marshmallow structures up to fielc 
hockey seasons and AP English, you have been my truesi 
friend. Tammy, 1 love you because you are "real. ' Teei 

Dad: 1 love you more than anythmg. Mom- for makmg ^om boy-advice-schpiels to dance team, you have beet 

there for me. Lindsay, together we know how to party, 
you are my other half. Sonya, thank you for being you, 
love you for it. Mallory, 1 love you because you make mi 
look back and laugh. Chris, you have been a great frien 
to me. All my friends, you have made high school what r 
has been... a really good time. Ms. Lewallen, you are m: 
guardian angel and the reason 1 ever survived the firs 
semester of my senior year, thank you. Gillespie, in you 
have found a friend for life, you have been my emotiona 
coach and have given me some of the best and mos 
genuine advice Lve ever received. Mr. Bliss, thanks foi 
being such a "P.O.W.," you are an incredible teacher. TcF 
everyone, for all you have done for me, 1 love you an 
thank you. 

Matt Brouillard: Mom, I'll never be able to thank yo 
enough. Everything you do for me— it means the world t 
me. 1 m sorry that 1 never seem as grateful as 1 should be 
I'm sorry for the attitude. 1 hope you can find it in you 
heart to forgive me for all the times that I've done wrong 


liank you for everything, for the ski trips to Vermont, for 
our vegetable stew, for having pahence during my never- 
nding doctor's appointments, for the magnificently 
eautiful sunsets. Thank you for being my mom. 1 love 
o u . Always and forever. ? Additionally, many thanks go 
ut to Mrs. Silva (from Patrick, of course), and Ms. 
ewellen. Without y' alls' encouragement, 1 never would 
ave made it through. When 1 told you that time that the 
A'o best people in the school were congregated in the same 
oom, 1 was kidding by no means whatsoever. The 
iughter, the tears, the frustration... (even the deadlines!), 
ou two were always there for me. A thousand hugs and 
isses to you both :o) 

leg Chapin: Thanks to everyone I've been able to laugh 
/ith during these four years, all the people who've 
^minded me not to take high school too seriously- 1 hope 
ve been able to do the same for you. Thanks to my parents 
)r their unwavering support, jacqui: FH buddies from 
le start- your presence was unfailing, evenif it was behind 
le scenes. Liz and Kahe- what we've shared is some of 
le craziest stuff no one else will ever understand. . . ever 
nee the Janine/MB/MP days - it's been a "treat. " 

IsbetK Clifford : Thank you Mom and Dad, high school 
'ould have been impossible without you! Thank you, Mr 
effernan for believing in me! Thanks to my girls: Jenn, 

Krissy, Caroline, Krista, and Christin. Special thanks to 
jenn S. for quality summers and many mall trips! Good 
luck to everyone! 

Beth Crenier: High School just wouldn't have been the 
same without you. Dad and Linda, thank you for 
everything. 1 really appreciate everything and anything 
that you have done for me . 1 couldn't have done it without 
you. Kate, you'll always be my little sister. Thank you for 
being there for me. I'm really going to miss you. John 
and Paige, I'll miss you guys too. Thanks for always 
making me smile. Thanks to the rest of my family: Lisa, 
Patty, Bob, Kirk, Matt, John M., Grandma and Grandpa 
Crenier, and Grandma Fleischman. Krissy, 1 don t know 
where I'd be right now without you. Thanks for all the 
memories, and memories to come, jenn, thanks (or 
always being you. I'm so happy that 1 have reall)' good 
friends that 1 could share my high school experience with, 
jane and Lleni thanks for everything. Mom thaiiks for 
being so strong, thanks for shckingwith me. Brian thanks 
for everything, I'll always 
love you. I'll miss all of 
you, 1 love you guys. 
Thank you. 

Jacqui Crowley: To my 

fainily: Dad, thanks for 

making me laugh until my 

sides hurt, and reading 

me Curious George 

stories. Mom, you are my 

best friend and 1 don't 

know what 1 would do 

without you. Ratty, thanks 

for being a great sister. 

Thanks to my friends for 

all of our adventures and always being there for me. 1 

love youguys. A bigthank-you to Ms. Lewallen, Mr. Swett, 

Mr. Kirkaldy, and Senor McAuliffe. We did it '03! 

Laura D'Am.ico: Thanks Mom, Dad, Dj, and jack lor 
always supporhng me in everything 1 have done. 1 love 
you. Thank you to Becky, Courtney, Dee, Deuce, 
Marce, Sarah, Scruff, Sonya, Steph, youguys are my best 
friends. Thank God for allowing us to come together like 
we did, 1 know we will never lose our friendships. Kev, 
thank you so much, for everything. Don't give up on me. 
ILY. Everyone, thanks for the memories that we've shared, 
I've had the time of my life, andl owe it all to you, so ihaiik 

Tracy Devine: Thanks Mom and Dad for all of your help! 


Thanks Erin and Kerry for leading the way! Rats (you 
know who you are) you guys gave me the best times ever, 
and 1 will never forget it! Good Luck Class of 2003, have 

josh Diorio: Thanks to my Mom and Dad for always 

being there no matter what happened and for providing 

me with everything 1 ve ever needed. 1 love you both. 

To all my college friends: AS, MW, AS, JA, JE, BC, RB, RM, 


To Drama: EH, EB, ER, LM, CK, JN, ARB, ISL, RH, KC, LH, 

CV, MK, JM, EE, WH, NK, KG, DP, CD, KD, MB, MD, NS, 

LS, KSW, Mr. Higgins, Ms. Sisk, and Lacatell. 

To Track: AT, LM, SE, BA, AT, Tl, KG, SH, 

GK, PB, Mr. jewett and Mr. Ryan. 

To others: MM, HH, SH, MC, jC, ER, MK, 


and anyone else who has been a friend. 

To the Leonards, Grants, Boutiliers, 

Karoffs, O'Learys, Thibaults, Lydons and 

Gasserts, for being my second families and 

my homes away from home. 

And finally, to Amanda and James. 1 

couldn't ask for better siblings to look up 

to for 17 years. 1 would not be the person 

1 am today if it wasn't for you two. 1 love 

you both. 

Good luck, class of 03! 

Liz Dunne: Thanks so much to all my 

friends (esp. Katie and Meg- love you guys), my parents 
my little bro (good luck Michael), my teachers, Ms 
Lewallen, and the class of 03- awesome luck in the future ! ! 

Laura Dykes: There are so many people that deserve 
thanks for helping me get through aaall four years oi 
highschool. But mainly 1 wanna say thanks to the fam! 
Mum, Dad, Stu, Matt...l could NOT have done it withoul 
ya! Biiiig big thanks to all my friends... you were m.) 
mohvatton. Especially my closest friends. Gem, Claire 
Sher, you have always been there, and always will be 
there. "Life brings tears, smiles, and memories... the tears 
dry... the smiles fade... but the memories last forever... " 
Good luck Class of 03, it's been an awesome ride, and 1 
will miss you all! 

Kristen Garrity: Thank you Mom and Dad for yout 
amazing love and support. Kevin, thanks for helping me 
with impossible homework problems. Brendan, thanks 
for being my crazy little brother. To my friends, thanks for 
the great memories. Ld also like to thank all of m)- 
teachers, especially Ms. Leone, Senor McAuliffe, and Dr. 
Morin. Mrs. Krall, you are the greatest! 

Maureen Gassert: Eve been blessed with the mosi 
wonderful high school experience 1 could ever wish for. 
So, 1 want to express an emphatic thank you to: my parents, j; 
for all their support in gethng me this far; my wonderful i 
sisters, Katie and Sara (no one could ask for better friends, 
but you just happened to be my siblings); my chauffeur 
and loyal big brother, Tony; my loyal acting buddy Chuck;| i 
the witty and kind Rickster; Justin, jester and king of Sarkan;] [ 
Silly Josh, for making me laugh; Mat, for being the nicest^ ti 
guy 1 know; Neil, for falling out of windows; Rusty, for 
wrihng great books; Matty B, for teaching me to dance; , 
Jenny, Molly and Leesie, my girltalk pals; Lovable Willi. 



.nd crazy George, my lil bros; Dahan, sweet pianoman; 
lithe chorus boys, especially Bobby and Greg, for singing 
ontests and good stories; Corey, my Latin buddy; Alii O, 
or knowing how to be crazy; Lucy and Danielle, for fun 
imcs; all of my teachers for inspiring me to reach for the 
tars and love learning, especially Dr. Cappers and Mr. 
Vauchope , for raising my spirits through the gift of music, 
tnd Mr. Higgins, for the opportunity and guidance to live 

my dreams; and 

especially to the 

underground club 

known as the Kullt, that 

gave me not only an 

awesome group of 

friends, but many crazy 

adventures, relaxing 

movie nights, compehhve 

bowling, and heartfelt 

singing around the 

piano. Thank you so 

much to everyone who 

has been a part of my 

high school life, and 1 

wish everyone the best of 

ick in whatever direction life takes them! 

onya Gencl: To all my friends who took the hme to get 
) know me when 1 was new and really show me what 
•ue friendship is, 1 want to give my greatest appreciation 
nd love and thanks. 1 will never forget you guys, no one 
nderstands how important you are to me. Mom and 
•ad, how can 1 thank you enough? You have always given 
le truly unconditional love and support. 1 love you so 
luch. To my sister, even though you are faraway 1 always 
eep you close. Despite what you may think your advice 
as always been heeded. There are a million other people 
'ho 1 want to thank but they know who they are. Now 1 
uess its time to go... Good luck Hingham High! 

ean Hagan: Thank you 
lorn. Dad, and Ross for 
ae continual support and 
Totivation (thanks for 
etting me up every morn, 
/lom). Thanks to all my 
eachers, coaches, and 
riends for making high 
chool both challenging 
.ndfun. Dad, Mom, & Ross 
couldn't have done it 
without you, thanks again. 

Ashley Haley: Motn, 1 love you so much! Thank you (or 
being my best friend. Don't worry -1 promise you'll never 
lose your little girl. Dad, 1 owe everything to you and so 
much more. You took me under your wing, though you 
didn't have to. You're my hero daddy - 1 love you. Kelsey, 
thanks for being my little sister. 1 admit it...l asked mom 
and dad for you. Stephen, thank you for coming into my 
life. 1 truly love you with all my heart. Lm still falling. 
Kevin, my big brother, my friend. Thanks for being there 
for me. Ahma & Ahmpa thank you for taking care of me 
and helping to raise me with values and beliefs. The stars 
at night are big and bright. Gramma, you embraced me 
and loved me. Thank you for everything. Caitlin, Krista 
& Sarah, thanks for just being there for me girls! We've 

all had our ups and downs 
together but 1 couldn t ask 
for better friends. You have 
given me memories to last a 
lifetime. 1 love you guys. 
And of course thank you to 
Amy, Uncle Chuck, Chucky, 
Christy, Uncle Tommy & 
Aunt Judy, Uncle David & 
Aunt Jan, Aunt Susan & 
Uncle Tommy, Colleen & 
Matt, Mrs. Smith. And 
thank you to every teacher 
who has ever impacted my 
life from Dolly's nursery 


scHool to HinghaiTi High School. 1 couldn't have done it 
without you. 

Emily Hamrock: Thank-you to my whole family, 
especially Mom, Dad, Nana, Mo, and (sometimes) Greg. 
To the 0-6: Meg, Em, Heather, Susie, Claire: you are all 
responsible for me associating high school with fun 
instead of stress. Lauren, for singing along with me, to 
new friends senior year, and those with whom 1 have finally 
reconnected, thanks for making the smoking section of 
Ground Round a very exciting place: George, Greg, Matt 
B, Steve, Preston (ifyou read this) and especially IAN, who 
rocks my world. To the drama girls who held my hand at 
audihons: Elizabeth, Kahe D. The Modest Proposal Crowd: 
Adam (before 10:30) jushn, Ricky, Courtney and Caitie P. 
And also an honorable menhon to Josh: 1 am always your 
number one fan! Thanks to ninety percent of my teachers 
for really inspiring me, especially Mr. Higgins, Mr. 
Lackatell, Mr. Baisden and Mr. Garland and Mrs. Silva, 
and to the other ten percent who really tried. Einally, to 
everyone 1 don't necessarily see outside of school but 1 
smile at in the hall - thanks for smiling back! 

Susie Hardy: Mom, Dad, Mike and Ben, thank you for 
always loving me and being the best family 1 could ask 
for. Thanks to all my friends for being awsome. We had 
some great hmes and 1 will miss you all, especially the 
o6(sf s), you guys took me in as one of your own and gave 
me the best senior year 1 could have asked for. 1 wish all 
in the class of 2003 the best of luck wherever you end up, 
have fun. 

Heather Harmon: To my parents: You both are my 
inspiration. Dad, thank you for always making me laugh 

and seeing the best in me, even when 1 couldn't. Momi fjl 
thanks for always being there and listening — you're m\ 0. 
best friend. Both of you have shaped me into the person 1 jjt 
am today and 1 never could have made it through withoul 
your ceaseless guidance, support, and constant love. Tc 
my friends, old and new — we've had a BLAST and I'll" 
never forget all the laughs and incredible memories we'vei g 
shared — you are all such beauhful people . 06 & Company i 
forever! 1 can't thank you guys enough for all the support, 
advice, and honesty. You've all affected my life in some 
way, no matter how big or small, and 1 want to thank you 
for giving me a reason to get up in the morning. To the 
class of 2003 - Appreciate every moment and take from i1 
everything that you possibly can, for you may never be 
able to experience it again. 

Ricky Hawkins: Ld like to thank my Mom and Dad for ,, 

always being there to provide the help that 1 needed to get 

through the rough 

parts, as well as for 

feeding me from 

time to time. My 

brother and sisters, 

thank you for giving 

me rides when 1 

needed them and 

helping me get into 

college. As for my 

friends... 1 can't 

thank you enough. 

Whether 1 ve known 

you for 11 years 

now or I've just 

started talking to 

you late at night 

online, every single 

one of you is a part 

of me. 1 especially 

thank members of 

that infamous 

"Kullt," which 

started over something so simple as an invitahon to go 

bowling. 1 thank all of those crazy people in the classes 

above that taught me how to have fun, and all the 

awesome people in the classes below that make me 

confidant in the fact that the fun will never stop. 1 thank 

Mr. Higgins, Mr. Garland, Mrs. Luce, and Mrs. Silva, for 

not just being my teachers, but for being my friends as 

well. Finally, 1 thank everyone else at Hingham High 

School for all being a part of the experience. It truly would 

not have been the same without every single one of you. 


'amTTiy loanilU: Thank you to my family, frieTids, 
Izachers, and. coaches who have been awesome over the four years. 1 love you all, thanks so much! 

!aitUn Jeffries: Mom and Dad, thank you for all your 

we and support over the years. Kell, Court, & Carolyn— 
„ ou are and will always be my best friends. Rat 

ack~ Thank you for giving me the best times all through 
I igh school. Bri~ thanks for bein agreat friend.. good luck 
ij ext year! Ellen & Laura-thank you for always being there 
' arough thick and thin-luv u guys! Julia & jr. thanks for 
[ laking this year an unforgettable amo voces! To 

II my friends and family— luv you and miss you all! ! Good 
lick 2003! 

I . 
rista Kozlowski: First and foremost. Thank you. Mom, 

n the mohvation to succeed. 1 can't thank you enough 

)r all the effort you've put into my college search, and ot 

jl )p of that, raising me to be the person 1 am today. You've 

Ij Iways been there for me. Thank you. Chip for everything 

i ou've done to help me out. 1 love you both. Daddy, Thank 

ou for helping me out when 1 needed it. Despite the 

J istance, you've always been just a phone call away. 1 

)ve you. Susie, Thank you for all the advice you have 

iven to me. It has helped me out and 1 am sure it will 

onhnue to help me out in the future. Robert and Ryan, 

ly little brothers, thank you for being the best little bros 1 

could ever have. Even if you grow to be taller than me. Til 
still be your big sis. And Robert... make sure you still lea\'e 
room for me to sleep when 1 come home to visit you! Thank 
you, Mike for supporting me wherever 1 decide to go to 
college. It's awesome to know that you'll be behind me 
even if 1 go 1000 miles away. Love you. 1 also want to 
thank all of my true friends. (You know who you are). 
Throughout the good times and the bad you still are there 
to talk to me when 1 need you. Elsbeth-never forget 27. 
Jennand Jenn-Elvis, Daniel, Carla..the list goes on. Sarah- 
just thank you! Ashley, Caitlin, Alex, Julia, Steve, Rob, 
Caroline. Also, Good Luck at the high school, David! ! As 
much as 1 cherish the hmes 1 have spent there, you'll need 
the luck getting through the next 3 years! Anyways, I'll 
miss every single one of you. Thank you for being here 
for me since kindergarten and 1 hope every single one of 
you leaves high school and remembers all of the good 
hmes we have spent together. Good luck guys. Lll miss 

Dincsh Kurian: Dinesh Kurian would like to thank his 

Alicia Leahy: It's hard to believe that four years have 
gone by as fast as they did. 1 just want to say thank you to 
my Mom, Dad, jack, Lizzy and Julia, for all that you've 
done for me and the amount of support and love through 
all that Lve done. 1 will miss you and ILU good luck with 
all that you do. KG, KE, JC.ET, and ES thanks for everything 
that you've done and 1 am so fortunate to have you guys 
as friends. With all that we've been through it just shows 
that we will stay together no inatter what. KM you're the 
best! RC 1 can't thank you enough for every memory we've 
shared together, 1 don't know what 1 could have done 
without you! (ILLl) thanks for always being there, you don't 
know how much 1 appreciate it! To the Cadigan's, God 
bless, you've been a big impact on my life, thank you! 


Lastly to J, M, & E and my family it's been a lot of fun 
growing up together and the best times are just beginning! 

Colleen Lenhart: Thanks so much to my family-1 love 
you all! Mom and Dad, thanks for always inspiring me 
to do my best and always supporting me . 1 truly appreciate 
and cannot thank you enough for all you have done for 
me. Kerrie and Patrick, 1 honestly do not know if 1 could 
have done it with out you-thanks for always being there 
for me no matter what. Jed, thank you so much for all of 
the unbelievable meinories-l will never forget the fun times 
we had. Great thanks to all of my amazing teachers, 
especially Mr. Garland, Mr. Holley, Ms. Chodes, Mrs. 
Rielly, and Mrs. Luce-your unending consideration and 
thoughtfulness definitely did not go unnohced. To all of 
my friends, thanks for the awesome times we spent 
together sharing the laughs, smiles, and tears. 1 will never 
forget any of it. Finally, thanks and good luck to the class 
of 2003! 

Hilary Lynch: Thank you Mom and Dad for all your 
love and support, you are the best parents in the world! 

Thanks Ryan, Kevin and Justin-1 can't imagine what 1 
would do without you guys, your love and advice are 
irreplaceable. To all my friends-Col, Lauren, Trac, Ems, 
Katy P, Molly M, Molly W, Cait, Lynds, and Caroline- I'll 

never forget the laughs we've shared and the memories 
we've made. Matt, Ben, and Jed-you guys are like three 
extra brothers, thanks for everything. To Mrs. Rielly, 
Mr. Garland and Ms. Leone-thank you for all your 
mspirahon, you have taught me so much. Thanks again 
to my family and friends-1 love you! Good luck to all the 
members of the Class of 2003-it's been awesome! 

Ben Marshall: Thanks Mom, Dad, Emily and Katherine, 
and all the rest of my family that has helped and supported 
me over the years. Thanks to all of my teachers that have 
helped me learn. A special thanks to my friends for all of 
the good hmes. Hingham High Football Rules. 


Lindsay Meek: To my family, thanks for all your love, 
support, and inspiration. 1 hope to make you proud! 
Thanks to all my teachers throughout the years. My 
friends , thanks for all the great memories . 1 love you guys ! 
Finally, thanks to the class of 2003- it's been an amazing 
4 years. Good Luck! 

Kraig Moore: To my parents: To both of my parents— j 
your support and limitless love is what has molded me 
into the person 1 am today, and 1 hope you are pleased 
since 1 am. As 1 continue to grow 1 hope your presence 
will always be as important and significant as it has 
always been. Thank you for the learning experiences and 
the opportunities in life that not all people get to go through. 
Finally thank you for being there when 1 needed you. 1 
love you and 1 hope to make you both proud. To my 


)rother: Thank you Kameron for being what a httle brother 
,hould be. You are very kind and loving, and you possess 
he quaUties of a person who has experienced so much, 
'our selfless attitude towards me will be remembered. As 
picture what your high school graduation and what it 
vill be like, 1 can only see you surpassing me on many 
lifferent levels. 1 love you and all the best. To my teachers: 
^hank you for the patience, guidance, and above all 
nfluence you have given me. Each year throughout High 
ichool there was a struggle at some point or another, and 
hanks to you guys 1 was able to rise above the struggles 
md overcome them (or at least get by with a C-). Special 
hank you to my language teachers; Mr. Ryan, Mrs. 
Rhodes, Mrs. Henrikson, and Mrs. Tomecek who are well 
iware of my lacking performances, but thankfully never 

■ ;ave up faith in me. Also special thanks to Mrs. Sides for 
' idirectly giving me direchon on who 1 want to be m the 

cheme of life. Finally to Mr. Melanson for sacrificing 
ours upon hours of helping me make some sense of the 
kill that is math. To my friends old and new. Every single 
leeting and introduction has had some bearing on how 
grew and who 1 will become. The support, and kindness 

■ have received will remain a significant part of my life, 
i 'pecial thanks to The 4, The group, Gdoof, and Joanna. 

lood luck to all of you and may you live a full and 
uccessful life. Finally thank you to the class of 2003, you 
vere an awesome class to be a member of. 

\ntHony MorasK: To Mom, Dad, Jenn, Elizabeth, the 
nost supportive aunts and uncles and grandparents, 
hank you for 18 years of backing, encouragement, and 
'• he like . To Bill, Senor, and Frank for teaching me the skills 
t took to win. And to all my friends, the world is ours, 1 
:ouldn't have gotten here without y'all. Thank you for 
lelping me learn what's important in life. 

Kristin Mulligan: Thank you Mom for your selflessness 
and support. Dad, thanks for believing in me even when 
1 don't always believe in myself. Sean, my first best friend: 
thanks for laughing with me . Kathleen, thanks for making 
me proud of my "mini-me." Thanks to all of my friends 
for being there, laughing, and making high school (un. 
Special thanks to Nina for knowing what I'm thinking and 
understanding. Tammy for being like my second sister, 
Ellen for listening and being so genuine, Leah for laughing 
at my jokes. Thanks to all of my teachers and coaches 
that have taught me and helped me through high school. 
Thanks everyone, I'm lucky to have all of you in my life. 

Justin Nestor: It is 6:15 three days after the deadline 
and 1 still can't figure out how 1 rn going to thank everyone 
who contributed to my High School Experience." As 
someone who values nothing more than a good 
conversation, it is safe to assume that if we've ever spoken, 
this thank-you is to you. To all those who have graduated, 
and to all those who are still here, 1 love you like family. 
You are my family. To all those who have been a part of 
the "Epic" (AK) of High School, the smiles, the laughs, the 
tears, the fun, the fun, and the fun 1 thank you. V\Tiat would 
high school have been without "the human embodiments 
of fun," a little known "Kullt," and the newly discovered 
members of my family of friends. "1 want to thank you for 
everything you've done, 1 want to thank you for every smile 
and laugh, 1 want to thank you for everything you said to 
me, but most of all, just for being there, and for being 
you." - ACR-B 

Emily Panetsos: Thank you mom, dad and auntie for 
all of the love and support that 1 needed to get through 
high school, it has paid off! Thanks to the 11 crew (M.L, 
G.S, E.D, K.M, K.R, M.M, B.O, C.S, M.C, V.D), the 
Columbian, and gdoof for all of the great times and 
support, it was a blast. We did it! 


Marcey Powers: Thanks Mom, Dad, Mitch, Tammy, 
Becky, Kristy, Donnie, and the rest of the fam for always 
being there forme, 1 love you. Thanks Laura, Dee, DuRoss, 
Sonya, Scruff, Sarah, Katy, Colleen and Stephanie, you 
guys are the best things that ever happened to me. Matt, 
thanks for everything. Everyone else, thank you for the 
memories, it's been fun. 

Alison Rand: Thanks Ma— for being a typical Jewish 
mother. You poked and you prodded, but it pushed me to 
do my best. 1 don't show it but I'm thrilled that you care. 
Dad, thanks BAl-BUH for hanging around the house and 
farhng when schoolwork kept me there. PYE, you are my 
most FAVORlTE-ist one in the whole world and 1 am so 
proud of you that you don't even know. Thanks for being 
the best sister, and the best friend, ever. Yahtz, thanks for 
the encouragement; 1 promise 1 won't be a lawyer. Mama 
and Papa, thanks for the never-ending encouragement, 
the food, and for thinking my wrihng is good. Mammy 
and Up, thanks for inspiring me to venture north for my 
college applications. Thanks to all my friends, old and 
new, for being them. Thanks Jen, my hard-working partner 
in editorship. Thanks to my teachers, from South up, and 
to both Ms. Eastman and Mr. Nevader, for doing their 
jobs so wonderfully. Thank you Hingham, for being so 
pretty and safe. Thanks to the class of 2003 for being such 
a colorful, talented bunch. 

Emily Randall: Thank you Mom, Dad, Julia, Eric, and 
Fran for all your love and support. Thanks to all of my 
friends: Emily, Claire, Meg, Susie, and Heather 06. To 
George, Ashley, Kip, Andrea, Rachael, Adam, Jackie, Eddie, 
the 420 MC, the whole sailing team, and all my other 
sailing friends. To Douggie for always being there. To 
Lindsey for being my other sister. To Ian, Greg, Steve, 

Matt, Meredith, Lauren, and Josh for making my senior 
year awesome. And finally to all my teachers, Ms. 
Eastman, and everyone else who has helped me over the 
past four years. 

Adam Read-Brown: Thank you to everyone for making 
these four years such a good time. Thanks to my family. 
Mom, Dad, Sandra and Eliza for all of your help and 
encouragement. 1 couldn't have done it without you. Thank 
you Mr. Higgins for you never-ending commitment to 
acceptance and fun and for all the opportunihes you have 
given me. To all of my friends, Ricky, Tony, Justin, 
Maureen, Katie, Nat, Russell, Josh, Ian, Emily, Claire, 
Drama, Cross Country, all of you kept me sane and having 
fun. Thanks to Kullt, especially Pam, for making 
Sophomore and Junior year special. You are all wonderful 
people. Thank you. 

Jil Rocco: There are too many people to single out and 
thank. 1 just want to express EXTREME gratitude to 
everyone who has helped along the way, especially my 
family and friends . Without you, 1 wouldn't be the person 
that 1 am today, 1 wouldn't have made it this far, and 1 
wouldn't have all of these newly discovered hopes and 




[elleyR oche: Thank you Mom, Dad, JR, Chris, and 
Irianfoiyourioveandsupport.Thankstoallmyfr lends 
ou- its been a blast ! Love you all and good luck next 

[ristina R oss: Deepest thanks go out to Mom, Dad, 
withoutyou.Inconclusion, thanks, thanksawholelot. 

jinaT omasulo: Mom, Dad, Joe & Sam: Thankyou so 

luch for always being there for me. I appreciate 


hank you to all of my friends for the good times and 


ou to my teachers for encouraging me and helping me 



im:endlesslaughter and wilddancepartiesthatl will 

ever forget :o) youre the best. 


(annah and Nora:sex and the 

ity, ice cream, and great 

lemories. You guys are 

wesome.I luv you. Nen & 

ow: sweet dreams! Thankyou 

3r everything :o) Congrats & 

ood luck to the class of 03! 


lien T uite: Thanks to my Mom, 
'ad, Nora, Jane, Liz, andCookie 
)ve you ! Thanks also to Ms. 
udet, Mr. Garland, Mr. Jewett, 
[evader for all of your help and 
uidance. To my friends: I 
ouldnthavemadeitwithoutyou ! 
11. GoodluckclassofOS ! 

Lfistina V uigaris: Thank you to my family for always 
inything, you showed me that I could . Dad , I will never 

Alexandra, for helping me when you knew I needed a 
thereforme.Idontknowwhatlwouldhavedone. Thank 

Molly W illiams: First of all, I would like to thank my 
Mom and Dad for being the best 
parents ever ! I appreciate all ofyour 
love and support. Secondly, I would 
notbetheend. Trace, Ems, Molls ,Laur, 
kindergarten to high school , we have 
we stay together forever. I love you 
for; lamso lucky to havefoundyou. 
And to the Class of 2003, thanks for 

Yearbook S taff : Thank you class of 

2003. Thank you Mrs. Silva, Ms. 

Audet,andour YearbookCheerleaders 

forkeepingus. . .well, sane. Thankyou 



We'd also like to thank the Academy. You love us, you 

really,reallyloveus ! 


Best Wishes to the 
Class of 2003 ! ! ! 

The Bittrolff Family 

The Blair Family 

Kim &Ben Chan 

Jay & Dinah Collins 

Conner Family 

Family of Meg Crowley 

The Doble Family 

Frank Dunne 

Myra Dunne 

Dunlap Family 

Steve Dyment & Marcia Feeley-Dyment 

The Fiascone Family 

Mike and Sue Giacchetti 

To a very classy class! From Lou and Flaine loanilli 

Steve, Nlyki & Fric Kahn 

The Lenhart Family 

Craig and Cori MacDonald Family 

Holly & Zack Matisis 

Melissa and John McDonald 

Read-Brown Family 

To the Rat Pack! From the Ross Family 

Ms. Audet & Mrs. Silva 



Congratulations, Brian, and 
Good Luck at the 

Next Stop! 

We Love You!!! 
Mom, Dad, Ellen and Kevin 

itfiirevii, Airs 

on the past four years, (Brian! Looking 

forward to tHe next four! Love, OHom, 

(Dad, and Trevor 


and Best Wishes, 


Love, Dad, Mom, Jack, 

Lizzy and Julia 

Good Luck! 

Brian Z. 



>f Susanna! fei 
Njk Take it 4k 
g to the A 

Love, t^ 
Mom, n 
Ben! ^i 



Congratulations ,Tonv ! 

~ We lo\e vou ~ 

Mom, Dad, Jenn & Lizzv 

Life is a journeu towards attaining 
uour dreams. 

We look forward to regular updates 
in Ljour travelogue! 

MorOj Oaa, Jamie, /-\nna and | inner 



^iobhan and ^ulfaf 

^ove, Of)om S<^ ^ad 

^o a oerc/ or/'^n/, swee/ 

person w/'/n eoeru/A/n^ 

/o or/er, l£J//n /nucA 

Jooe oen/na i/oa 


^ ^ocrr ^Mio/n, ^ay/e 

^. Cjren/er ana i/oar 

s/'s/er Jia/e 

Congratulations to 


We love you and 
we are so proud of 

you. Best of luck! 

Mom, Dad, & Molly 


Congratulations, Rachel! 

Your journey has just begun 
Love, Mom, Dad, J.P. & Jeff 

Holct ftsttotbe Great Image, 

And the wof-14 will cokd^. 


We love you Clai>e ^ POP, MOM + MAGGIE 





TEL: (781 ) 878-2347 FAX: (781 ) 982-0575 




Dear Ellen, 

Every day of your life Has been a celebration! On 
your graduation, we wish you all the best and you 
know we love you so very much! 


Dad, Mom, Nora, jane and Cookie 


From Wilder Nursery g'chooi to HHS*, 
Congratulations Ki^isten 4^ peter 


};^ou /naae /'// l^e are 
so proua o/ yot/. c^^ooo 

Juc^ /n ni/rs/na 

scnooj. iHJe jooe you / 

^oae, yTCo/n, Jjao, 

d3 ^e/see^ 


House of 


286 MaInSt. 


We will always be 
very proud of you! 

On you go. . . We 

love you. Mom, Dad, 

Kiki and Ty 

'May aCC 

dr earns 




Love yUy 

Mom, VacC, 

LincCsey and 



Best wishes Class of 2003! 

Walsh "Pagliccia 


Janice LeClair MacDonald 


P.O. Box 471 • Hingham, Massachusetts 02043 
781) 749-8881 * Direct (781) 526-7015 * Fax: (781) 875-1458 

P: \^9 love you &n^ 4re prou^ of you. 

AA: 6oo^ lucK a.t BucKnell. 

A: Tm going to miss you, Llargenf 

JB: Chirp, 

We hope all your days are as 

wonderful as you have made ours 

C ongratulations ! 

Love, Mom, Dad, and Gee 


Three Locations To Serve You 


PHONE (781) 749-1277 


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HINGHAM, MA 02043 



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Photography by John Lewiedd 

Senior Portraits 

Events/Weddings Ardweaurr 
Landscapes Ftioto Retouching 

Phone 781-741-6050 



Congra tula tions! 
We are very proud of you. 
Mom, Dad, Terrence, 

Liz, & Matt 



With your 




^nd ofcoui-se, 

fashion sense, 

you will go 

f^i-^nd we^f'e 

bebinci you 



D^d, Mom, 


Andy 9nd 


"IVe been smiling lately thinking about 

the good things to come." 

Continue to make the most of them. 


WLY - Mom, Dad, Brendan, Matt, 
Elizabeth, Kathleen, Patrick 

Ccn6ratulaticn$« rim! 

May ycu always find iaufihter and 


We icye yen, Sw^eet Pea! 
Mem. Dad and Chris 


C ongratulations 

* Ver a* 

'1fl could reach 
up and Hold a 
star every time 
youVe made me 
smile, the entire 
evening's sky 
would b e mine . ' 

We wish you much Love, 
Luck, Success, and 
Wisdom in all your Future 


WeVe So Proud of You! 
God Bless, 
Mom, Dad, & Monique 



From your loving family 

G4mgHaiidaUen& , JVeil! 

Qa fefoitwid and moAe 
yxuvi dHeanw came Vtue! 


^ad, Mom, (H Chnh 



We are all so very 

proud of you! 


Nomt Dad^ Palrichf 

Brendan and Elle 


Bci^ Ve are ft 
proqd o-f yo«! /oq 
are a vonder-f q) 
per^on^ ^on^ and 
bro+Kef; ve 
love yoa! 

Mom; Dad; Br»ar»; 

"'! «> " ■■■■■«in p >'i'. n I i | iili .i i w|HBijj| | 

Congratulations Nora! 

May your future be 
full of 

We are so proud 
of you. 

Love, Mom, 
Dad, Jack, Neil 

and Patrick 



Light Up The World 
Love, Your Mom, Your Dad 

YouVe come a long 

way, Caitlin]. 


Mom, Dad, Kdl, 

Court & Carolyn 


We are so proud of you, M ay you always stay as curious and 
creative as you have always been. Congratulations.! 
Love you. Mom, Dad and Darbi. 


Congratulations Mattbew! 

We are so proud of >(ou. Keep singing and dancing! 

Love, Mom, Dad and 6aro\>fn 

1 'i' "wHi 







Love, Mom, Dad and Jack 


^ongratubtione hC\i U\M. ^ith \ove from all the "rents' 

\Jn your successful 

araduation jtotti 

jiinj/tam Tliqti^clioof! ! 

We are affveryproucfof 

you ! ! 

uvtoTTi, Jofin ancC laqueline 


We are so proud of youii! 
Congratulations, graduate ! ! • 

Love xoxo. 
Mom, DaD; Keirsten and Erich 




This Is your day. 

You 're off to great Places! 

You 're off and away! | j 

You have brains In your head. 

You have feet In your shoes. 

You can steer yourself 
\ Any direction you choose. 

Fame! You 'II be famous 
j As famous can be, 

With the whole wide worlcT] 

Watching you win on TV. 

Today Is your day! r-i 
! So... .get on your wayT 
-Theodor Gelsel (Dr. Suess) 
iXOxoMom, Dad, Kerrle & Patrick 

')^j •/rnlgDihj' 

Comratumiom %el(\jl 

IVe are sohromofour 

little cjirlt 

and 'Brian 

//ev Bo<i - 

^^^^^^^^^^^^v "T^J^^^^^^^I 

Way to ^o/ 

^^^^^^^K^r '^ *^^^^^^^l 

A« t^e ^eyt 

^^^p\' ^^^1 

for next ^^arll 

^^^^ ^^( 

totj of (o\^e) 

^ff 1 

fAoiv^5 t>a4^ 


SaD4ra ^ Uze^ 

■ M 

%eet? c^fK'Sina r(\in)pQWs, 

Witfi M our to-^t, 
P(^({, Mom, %fi^te- (in({Hi^x 


you macfe ourcfreams come true. 

Wow we Hope aCC yours do too. 


' J^B ^ ^''^SIE\ 





^v / 

CongratuCationsfor aCCtHatyou 
are and afC tHat you wdfSe. 




Maureen Connolly 



Fax 781-749-0177 

Aislins QAlleuy & pRAmmg 

Art of Ireland 

229 Lincoln St (Rt. 3A) Hingham, MA 02043 

Mon-Sat. lOam-Gprn Sunday Noon-5pm 



CCNiJR3[Tia^TlCN$, ITltaLRYf 

With much 

love and great 


The Turkey 

Hill Gang 

Wherever you 

go...our love 

goes with you. 

M, D, R, K 
and J 



We love you tons - 
Mom, Dad, Joe, and Sam ^ 

€rew, Tfie ^orfdAwaib! 
Commtufaiiom — ^e Hove you! 

Ivtom, Uad, Qrea 3^ Ckristim 

Congratulations and Best of Luck at 
Mass Maritime next year! 

Dad, Mom, Colleen, Tim and Caroline 



in the direction of 

your dreams. 

Live the llie you Iiave 


-Henry David Thoreau 

Our very best wishes to the 
Hingham High Class of 2003 




The South Shore's Hometown Bank 









Dad, Mom, 

Emily, Katherine, 

and Phoebe 

Best wishes 

to aLL the 






HlNGHAM, MASS. 02043 

781 -749-0194 



I X 



I am so proud of 

you. May you 

always be "walking 

tall, head high up, 

and singing." 

Love you! Mom 

George Loring 

64 South Street 



ADVENTUROUS ufei we love youii 

Mom, vad 8, Lexa 

We love 3n4 

believe in you 



Mom, Dad, 


Chelsea and Zac 




QuaCity 3-Ceating OiC- TfieseC JueC 




Congratulations Krista 

and the 

Class of 



Love, Mom, Chip, 
Robert, and Ryan 

Congratulations Stephen! 

May the music of life always be with you. 

With much love, 

Mom, Dad, Peter and Thomas 


(^<MC^ruxt(d<xtcoH^, THAttf 

Continue to look at 
the world in your 
own unique way. 

Never forget "It's a 
magical world, 

Hobbes 'ol buddy... 
Let's go exploring!" - 
Bill Watterson, 1995 

Always keep a little 
ta-DAH in your life. 

Watching you 

become your own 

special person has 

been a great joy. 

Rick. We are all so 

proud and happy for 


Love, Mom, Dad, 

Amy, John, Lisa, Brad; 

Grammie, and Syrus. 



Best of luck throughout 
your lifelong Odyssey! 

Mom, Dad, Katie and Sara 

% * 

Dear Matthew, 

As Bubba would say, "You gruesome-I 

mean grew some" since the Wizard of 

Oz. May your future be fearless with 

many blessings of wisdom and 


Mom and Nana 

Congratulations Jennifer, 
we're so proud of you! 


Congratulations to Emily 


Class of 

2003! I 

Mom, Dad, 

Eric, and 

H0I4 on, 

Soon vou 11 be in 
Sufiny Arizona! 

We love VOL! 3n4 2\rc so 
pi'ouj of you, 

Mom & Pad, Rory, Concur anc] Cr^mpici 


Congi-gtulgtions Deirit-c ^nd G^J-i^et! 
We'i-e very proud of you. The future is yours! 

With Love, 

Mom, D34 & Remy 

Mom, P34, P^ve & Pevon 

C ongr atulations , 
Class of 2003 ! 

...we made it! 


Where in HHS...? 

Looking back on our time at Hingham High, it's easy to see 
that there are people we met, places we went, and tests 
that we took that we will never forget. Shown here are a 
few snippets of our High School life. Some you might have 
seen every day, yet passed them by without a second glance. 
Can you identify and locate these school-related objects!' 




» i f :.; 

T" — r 




Answers : 

Xqqo| }uojLj d\j^} ui uiv^unoj id^VAX y :>{ 

/(^M|j^i{ vuiViQ di[} ui pa-Boq||'B3 2l[J^ : ( 

Xqqoj \uojij di\\ m auoijdX^d ^^^ :[ 

viid^djvj aq; ui auii[3Btu >iuijp d\\x [\ 

mms^uiuXr) aq; ui pa^oqaaoDS y :j 
uiooii[}vq .saaijDBa; „llS[V3VAu V 3 

X^Mq^q ^uv ui sja>[30| JO moj V (1 
Xqqoj }uojij aq; ui dsvoiiv^s }uodj aijjL ) 
lunisBuiuXc) aq; ui dooi{ |pq;a>[s^q y :q 
^uiM aauaia^ aq; ui paniu 3-^uni anj[ :\' 





(r* nffL_ 

^ .rj^f^ 

i-^^H^ '^3it>y ^^^H^^^ \ 




^ "^ ^iKyN^^^t ^M^ 






j fp ^ 









■*»> »r*« 


"O*- -^B^ 

11/11/01 I 










'he Columbian 








"'' '•^'^3 


f^- I^^^H 











Ou I 




'yr- ■qy} 








rg« t- a. ' 



,^Ks^M^y '-^ 


i^^L ^ 





^^HBbI^h^ '"^ 

HB/ '''^^^^^^^l 


"^ Ji^^^^^^^^k^^^H 

^^ Jf 

\ ^^ 




^ I 



pPB^^ _^ 

1 \J 



' A^ ■ b*^-". 'J^i. 


Br 1®^ 



R^^^^Br^f ■ ^^^ 


^ 1 

W ^^^^^1 "^ '^'^ 

^^^^^k ''-VI 

^^ "^ 















( X 





W\ 'J 

'' i@S 


"^■^1^ 'fcpPp 

^m ^"^ Jil^S^I 

|^Lif.iviiti,l mJ/tJ ' L...^ 









LU ^ 

N <> 

m ^ 

cC >- ^ UJ 

p g g ^ X 


2: ^ 

12: Cii 

<) LH j- 






f ^ 

^^T I> 


^^ ^^ 




ffl ^ 






-> ^ 


i i 







































Upon re-entry into Earth's atmosphere, NASA's space shuttle Columbia loses contact 
with Mission Control in Houston and breaks apart in the skies over Texas. A crew of 
seven astronauts, including the first Israeli in space, perished. 



Bahamian oil tanker "Prestige," carrying 20 
million gallons of oil, sinks off the coast of Spain. 
Nearly 2.6 million gallons of oil polluted the coast. 

-'Sim' w mi 

Because of improper accounting and a debt load 
of $41 billion, WorldCom files for Chapter 11 
bankruptcy protection, the largest in U.S. history. 

Police Chief Charles Moose arrests two snipers 
that terrorized the Washington, D.C. area. 

Rep. Nancy Pelosi becomes the 
first woman party leader in 
\ House or Senate. 

FBI agent Robert Hanssen 
receives life without parole 
for selling secrets to Russia. 

Minnesota's Democratic 
Sen. Paul Wellstone is 
killed in a plane crash. 

An earthquake measuring 7.8 magnitude rocks 
Colima, Mexico. Iran and Italy experienced major 
quakes measuring 6.3 and 5.9. 

Nine miners are rescued from a flooded Pennsylvania coal mine after being trapped for 
more than three days. The entrapment occurred after the miners accidentally broke 
through to an adjacent, abandoned mine containing more than 50 million gallons of water. 

UCLA doctors separate Guatemalan conjoined twins 
in a landmark surgery that lasts more than 24 hours 
The twins returned home after a five^onth recovery. 


Chechen rebels hold 800 people hostage in a Moscow 
theater. More than 100 died after inhaling gas used 
to end the siege. 

^The new architectural design for the World Trade Center site features a memorial to Longtime Forest Service employee Terry Barton is 
the Sept. 1 1 victims and a 1,776 foot tower, making it the world's tallest building, charged with setting the largest fire in Colorado's history. 

Athina Onassis Roussel Actor Robert Blake is 
inherits $1 billion on arrested for the murder 
18th birthday, of his wife. 

Elizabeth Smart is 
nabbed at gunpoint from 
her Salt Lake City home. 

Bill Gates testifies for the 
first time in Microsoft's 
four-year antitrust trial. 

The remains of intern 
Chandra Levy are found in 
a Washington, D.C. park. 


McDonald's posts the 
first-ever quarterly loss in 
its 47-year history. 

Germany's unemployment England celebrates Queen Elizabeth's 50 year reign with an 

rate rises to a five-year unprecedented Golden Jubilee. The month-long festivities included 

high of 4.623 million. parades, parties, concerts, exhibits and more. 

ih., % 


if ■ 

A four-winged Microraptor 
fossil is found in China. 



More than 120 people The credibility of the Catholic Church is severely threatened by 
perish in a South Korean allegations that church officials covered up molestations by 
subway fire. current and former priests. 


• FBI Lawyer Coleen Rowley 
disclosed to Congress that the 
FBI disregarded information that 
could have prevented the Sept. 11 
attacks on the United States. 

• A Chicago nightclub stampede 
left 21 people dead. 

• A piece of the World Trade 
Center was buried at the U.S. 
Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 
honor of the Sept. 11 anniversary. 

• Fifty-six beached pilot whales 
died at Chapin Beach, MA. 

• Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel 
was convicted of the 1975 
murder of Martha Moxley. 

• A band's pyrotechnics ignited a 
Rhode Island nightclub fire that 
killed more than 90 people. 

• R.J. Reynolds was fined $20 
million for targeting cigarette 
ads at teens. 

• U.S. wildfires burned more 
than 1.5 million acres in 2002. 

• Former Klansman Bobby Frank 
Cherry was convicted of the 
1963 Alabama church bombing 
that killed four girls. 

• Florida's Pembroke Pines 
Charter Middle School was 
the only middle school in the 
world to have an experiment 

aboard Shuttle Columbia. 

i> Th 

Hundreds of suspected and known terrorists are arrested 
worldwide. The Guantanamo Bay U.S. Naval Station in 
Cuba held more than 500 al-Qaeda and Taliban prisoners. 

President Bush names Tom Ridge the Department of Homeland Security Adviser. The Transportation Security Administration coordinates 
The new department is intended to analyze threats and guard U.S. borders, airports, airport security measures including checked baggage 
and infrastructure. It will also coordinate responses to national emergencies. screening, strict security checkpoints and random searches. 



Over the course of the year, the world's attention focused on a 
chain of tumultuous terrorist events. In Afghanistan, the Taliban 
regime fell from power as U.S. troops crippled the al-Qaeda network 
and cleared caves in search of Osama bin Laden. World-wide, 
civilians and military personnel fell victim to terrorist bombs and 
acts of hatred. On the home front, "bioterrorism" became a 
common term after it was revealed that Iraqi leader Saddam 
Hussein was producing biological weapons. Hussein's defiance of 
United Nation's imposed sanctions prompted the United States to 

seek world support of military action against 
Iraq. Members of the North Atlantic Treaty 
Organization wrestled over conflicting opinions 
on the issue, while North Korean leader Kim 
Jong II threatened to deploy nuclear weapons if 
Iraq was attacked. As tensions rose among 
political leaders, the world watched and waited 
to see what the next chapter in "The War on 
Terrorism" would bring. 

One million emergency and 
military personnel receive 
Smallpox vaccinations. 

World-wide, terrorist 
linked bank accounts are 
frozen indefinitely. 

In Afghanistan, troops overtake the Taliban regime and 
dismantle the al-Qaeda network. More than 156,000 U.S. 
troops are deployed to Kuwait in case of a war with Iraq. 

World economies cringe 
as oil prices rise because 
of threats of war. 

Al-Qaeda leader Osama 
bin Laden evades U.S. 
troops in Afghanistan. 

Iraq's Saddam Hussein is 
uncooperative with U.N. 
weapons inspectors. 

In response to a barrage of suicide bombings, Israeli troops 
invade Palestinian Yasser Arafat's Ramallah compound. 
Arafat is thought to have supported terrorist groups. 

North Korea's Kim Jong II 
threatens deployment of 
Korea's nuclear weapons. 

Anti-war marches across America and around the 
world are attended by thousands hoping for peace. 

U.S. President George W Bush urges the United Nations to impose military action on Iraq 
in response to Saddam Hussein's defiance of U.N. imposed disarmament resolutions. 

• Top al-Qaeda operative Qaed Salim 
Sinan al-Harethi was killed during a 
U.S. missile strike in Yemen. 

• AkQaeda military leader and alleged 
Sept. 11 mastermind, Khalili Shaikh 
Mohammed, was arrested in Pakistan. 

Richard Reid pled guilty to charges that accused him of trying to 
smuggle explosives concealed in his shoes aboard an airplane. 

"Dirty Bomber" Abdullah al Muhajir was detained after evidence 
indicated he was plotting to detonate a radiological weapon. 

Malaysia, Kenya and the Philippines were hit by terrorist bombs. 

Denzel Washington and Halle Berry win Oscars for Best Actor and Best Actress in 
2002. Washington made his directorial debut with "Antwon Fisher" while Berry 
followed up as a "Die Another Day" Bond Girl. 



B ^^. fs 

"Friends" wins its first Emmy for Best Comedy Series. 
Star Jennifer Aniston collects Golden Globe, Emmy and 
People's Choice awards for her role as Rachel. 

Reality shows such as "The Bachelorette," " The 
Bachelor," "Joe Millionaire," "Survivor" and 
"Fear Factor" sweep the nation. 


Kelly Clarkson beats out Justin Guarini to win her own 
record deal and become the first "American Idol." 

"Harry Potter and the Leonardo DiCaprio shines Actor Tom Hanks receives the George Lucas's "Star Wars: Episode Two - Attack 

Chamber of Secrets" earns in "Gangs of New York" Lifetime Achievement Award at of the Clones" earns $310 million, making it 
more than $240 million. and "Catch Me if You Can." the Golden Globe Awards. 2002's No. 2 box off ice hit. 



The Dixie Chicks win Favorite Album and Favorite Band, Group or 
Duo, Country, at the American Music Awards. They also won three 
Grammys including Best Country Album for "Home." 

No Doubt wins the MTV Best Pop Video Award for "Hey Baby" and a 
Grammy for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal. 
They also performed at the Superbowl XXXVII halftime show. 


Michelle Branch records "The Spirit Room" featuring "Everywhere." 
She also won a Grammy for "The Game of Love" with Carlos Santana. 


'" lL 

"Where Were You (When The World Run DMC's "Jam Master Creed wins Favorite Band, Pop/Rock and Favorite Artist, 

Stopped Turning)" by Alan Jackson pays Jay" dies after being Alternative at the American Music Awards. Their album 

tribute to September 11, 2001. gunned down in October. "Weathered" went platinum six times and featured "My Sacrifice." 

Trey Anastasio reunites 
with Phish after an 
extended hiatus. 

Favorite IMew Artist is Nelly releases "Nellyville" 

awarded to Ashanti at the featuring songs "Dilemma" 
American Music Awards, and "Hot In Herre." 

Avril Lavigne debuts "Let 
Go" featuring "SkSer 
Boi" and "Complicated." 

Eminem stars in "8 Mile" 
and releases a new album 
"The Eminem Show." 

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez, 
member of R&B trio TLC, 
dies in a car accident. 

Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band tour the United 
States and Europe following the release of their album 
"The Rising" which wins Best Rock Album at the Grammys. 

Norah Jones is Best New Artist and wins two Grammys for her album "Come Away 
With Me." She also took home two Grammys for the song "Don't Know Why." 

John Mayer wins the Best Male Pop Vocal Performance 
Grammy for "Your Body Is A Wonderland." 

Digital camcorders, 
DVDs and digital media 
receivers are hot buys. 

The technology industry 
introduces the handheld 

Cell phones connect to 
the internet, send e-mails 
and take pictures. 

Honda designs a four-foot robot, Asimo, that knows how to walk, climb stairs, recognize voices and 
understand human gestures and movement. The robot operated within the human living environment, 
connected to the internet and provided news and weather updates. 



^Yoga is a popular exercise Honda and Toyota introduce hybrid cars. Gas engines Pepsi Twist, Vanilla Coke, European-style sneakers 
for the mind, body and electric motors powered these environmentally Jakada Coffee Latte and and shoes are a popular 
and soul, advanced and fuel-efficient vehicles. Red Bull are trendy drinks, look this year. 

Credit cards take on a 
new look with the 
Discover 2G0 Card. 

Nokia introduces "N-Gage," a video game console combined 
with a mobile phone. I\l-Gage played MPS files, had 
multiplayer capabilities and could send e-mail and text messages. 

GPS (Global Positioning 
System) is a satellite- 
aided tracking system. 

Actors from the film "LA. D.J." model fashion fads. Low-rise jeans, tank tops, wide belts, 
cargo pants, rugby shirts, 70's style clothing and terry cloth sweat suits were also popular. 



Kelly Rowland is stylin' 
with extreme color 
highlights in her hair. 

Advancements in laser technology give surgeons the ability 
to reshape the eye to reduce or eliminate the need for 
contact lenses and glasses. 

in TRENDS & 

• TiVo, a digital video recorder, 
allowed viewers to record their 
favorite shows without tapes or 
timers. It also had the ability to 
pause, rewind or replay live TV. 

• The price of a 42-inch 
plasma television dropped 
to $6,000. The gas-based 
displays were as thin as 
four inches. 

• Nintendo released the 
limited edition Platinum 
Game Boy Advance priced 
at $79.95. They also 
unveiled a new video game 
console, GameCube, 
which sold for $199.95. 

• Scientists turned to desktop 
printers in an effort to produce 
three-dimensional tubes of 
living tissue. Many laboratories 
were printing arrays of DNA, 
proteins and cells. 

• Segway introduced the first 
"Human Transporter." The 
upright, personal transportation 
device was designed to operate 
in any pedestrian environment 
and retailed at $4,950. 

• The Packbot was recruited 
by the U.S. Army to help fight 
the war against terrorism. 
The robot transmitted 
images from inside caves, 
letting troops know if it 
was safe to proceed. 


Andre Agassi wins his Michael Waltrip takes the flag at a rain-shortened 
fourth Australian Open. Daytona 500. This was his second Daytona victory. 

Brazil defeats Germany 2-0 in the first FIFA 
World Cup to be held in Asia. 


Serena Williams becomes the fifth 
woman in history to hold all four Grand 
Slam tennis titles at once. 

The University of Connecticut wins its 39th 
consecutive game and the NCAA Women's Basketball 
Championship by defeating Duke. 


Lance Armstrong is the first The PGA's money leaders for 2002 

American to win four are Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and 

consecutive Tour de France titles. Vijay Singh. 

Boston Red Sox baseball Baltimore Colts football 
legend Ted Williams dies great Johnny Unitas 
at 83. dies at 69. 

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Ohio State stunned Miami in double overtime to win 
college football's national championship. 

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers claim their first Super Bowl Championship The Detroit Red Wings capture the Stanley 
with a 48-21 victory over the Oakland Raiders. Cup by defeating the Carolina Hurricanes. 

War Emblem races 
to victory at the 
Kentucky Derby. 

Tasha Schwikert wins the 2002 
International Women's All-Around 
Gymnastics Championship. 

Winter X Gamers Shaun White and 
Gretchen Bleiler claim the gold in the 
Men's and Women's Superpipe. 

Gary Kasparov beats a 
super computer after a 
four-hour chess match. 

Michael Jordan announces 
his retirement at the 
NBA All Star game. 


Annika Sorenstam isth 
first woman to play on 
the PGA tour in 58 years, 

Kobe Bryant, Shaquille G'IMeal and the LA. Lakers defeat the New Jersey Nets in a Patrick Tillman leaves hi 
4-0 sweep of the 2002 NBA Championship series. The win was the Lakers' third $3.6 million NFL contrac 

consecutive title. to enlist in the Army. 

The University of Texas men and Auburn University 
women won the 2002 NCAA Swimming and 
Diving Championships. 

• Minnesota Timberwolves' Kevin Garnett 
was named the NBA All Star MVP. Garnett led the 
West to victory in double overtime. 

credited, all photos war 

St. Louis Cardinals' Pitcher Darryl Kile died of a 
heart attack at 33. Roone Arledge, creator of 
"Wide World of Sports " and "Monday Night 
Football," died at 71. 

The University of Texas defeated the University 
of South Carolina to win the College World Series. 

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